Lexi And Max's Adventure


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A mad beginning

 It was seven thirty in the morning and Lexi was busy on her 3D s whilst her brother Max was still asleep. "Today is going to be a great day"whispered Lexi to herself.Suddenly,Lexi heard an enormous snore coming from her parents bedroom.Without thinking,she opened her bedroom door and creeped out. It was in the middle of a cold winter so it was usually dark in the early mornings.Tiptoeing carefully,she crawled into her parents bedroom.But,nobody was there.She thought that she had heard a snore but maybe it was just her brother.Lexi crawled carefully back into her bedroom to find Max awake and sitting up on the lower bunk of their shared bunk bed."Did you hear that?"asked Max a frightened look on his pale face."Hear what?"murmured Lexi.Just then,Max grabbed Lexi's hand and pulled her half way down the  spirle staircase."Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!",yelled both Lexi and her brother together.The rest of the stairs were completely gone.Lexi's house was flying."Wait,I think I saw the other half of our house",said Max and pointed towards a small square in the distance."Mum!!!Dad!!!",cried Lexi,"Come back!"

"Goodbye darlings don't worry!"answered their parents as their half of the house disappeared out of sight.Max hugged Lexi and wept."We're never going to see them again."

"Don't worry,I'll try to figure something out,"whispered the confused Lexi.

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Lexi has an idea

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Lexi has an idea

 Quickly as possible,Lexi ran to her bedroom.Hands shaking with terror,she logged onto her computer and went onto her tracing app.Now,when both Max and Lexi were babies,their parents had given them secret tracking devices.Their parents had had them as well so Lexi wondered if she and her brother could try to track them down.All Lexi had to do,was to type in her code,(12334455)and type in her mums and dads code as well.Lexi thought hard until Max came over.He snatched the computer and started typing."Here you go,I know dads but not mums.Hopefully,they will still be together if we find them."

Lexi looked at the code.It was 87654321.Then,she waited until the system had loaded.In the end,an orange tick appeared and Max gave a squeal of delight.Next,an image came up.Lexi zoomed in so she could scan the persons face."IT IS DAD!"she screeched happily.

Then,Max zoomed out and swiped along the screen."There we are.We're miles away from where dad and mum are."

"I think I could try and control our part of the house so we can travel much quicker."she explained.As quick as she could,Lexi grabbed pairs of pyjamas and tied the tightly together until it was about 11m long."We can throw this to them if they are close enough and they can pull and we can pull until our houses bump into one another."she said before handing it to Max.Next,she went into the bathroom and turned on th taps."Look,the water is coming out of the house!"said Lexi happily.Then,she ran around upstairs and grabbed a rope and swung it round and round.She laughed but Max didn't."WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!"he yelled,but it was too late.Lexi fell off the house.What should he do ???

The end

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