Dear Donald Trump


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Dear Donald Trump

 Ok. So the other day there was a school shooting in Florida. A school Shooting. In Florida. 17 people lost their lives. Did you not know that? You are the president after all! But you didn’t seem to do much about it except say a few words. Instead of saying some petty words Donald, take some action. Do something that will prevent school shootings. Something that will benefit young people like me. Because right now, not many people like you. And definitely not after this shooting because you are the president. You are the only person on the planet that can prevent these shootings. You are the only person that can help your country, but you don’t. You don’t benefit the US at all. You only benefit yourself. You only care about making money not actually making America great again. Now, if you didn’t know, the rate of terrorists and active shooters has gone up a lot since 2016. Since the year you were elected president. Maybe we shouldn’t have let all the people who watch your stupid show decide who was going to be president. That was the US’s only falt. #PrayForFloridaAndTakeSomeAction




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