words hurt


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words hurt

we’re all the same,

aren’t we

how is it that in a country of peace?

that we are still at war with ourselves

why don’t we stop fighting?

let’s strive for gulbalanha or peace

not gudyarra or war.

I am a proud indigenous man

Now, I may look white

But black runs through my veins

But because of my history I

I am haunted

Because I didn’t come on a boat,

Because I wasn’t white

Because I was different

I was thrown away

Like a piece of stale bread

Or a burnt one.

But the words are what hurts

No white man knows the pain

The guy that says coon

The guy that says we are violent

Or the guy that says were drunks

He doesn’t understand

He just knows the labels

He’s been taught.

To be racist is how he was raised

He wasn’t raised in pain

Or vein he wasn’t raised the same.

He doesn’t hear the stereotypes

Every day

Look at the stereotypes

Tell me they are right

White people have welfare

White people get drunk

White people kill others

But as soon and a black does

Every black feels the pain

The petrol

The drugs

The poison

The thugs

Its not me

It’s not us,

As we say

Today is the day

We strive for peace

Today is the day

We could win the fight

But guess what its not tonight

Because our generations are stolen

The words keep Rollin

Were all on a mission

we gotta keep resisting

this war we call a society

can bring the sadness,

but also brings hope.


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