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The peculiar story of a little girl and her pet orangutan, Mookah. A DD/lg serial fiction that can be counted as children's fiction, this piece is totally SFW; great story for littles with long-distance-Daddies or children with parents who are separated.

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a new friend

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived with her Daddy and they were best friends! They had tea parties and made blanket forts and he painted her nails to make them extra pretty. One day, the time came for her Daddy to go away for a while. The little girl was very sad, but her Daddy told her not to cry. He told her it was all going to be OK. He wiped off her tears and told her to close her eyes--he had a special surprise for her. 

He took her hand and led her into the back yard, saying "I got you someone to keep you company while I am away."

"Is it a puppy?" She asked.

The Daddy chuckled. "Not quite... Reach out your hand, little girl."

She carefully reached out, Daddy guiding her hand. Her fingertips grazed a course, thick, hair-like fur. It was long and funny feeling, like nothing she'd ever touched before. She pressed her hand into the hair, feeling the warm body underneath. "It feels big," she said in wonder. The animal shifted and she pulled her hand back nervously. Her heart raced as she felt its breath on her face and it sniffed her. She squealed with excitement!

Daddy was standing right beside her, with his hand on her shoulder. He chuckled."Go ahead, little girl, open your eyes."

She opened her eyes at his command and saw in front of her a behemoth of a creature! It towered over her and was covered in orange-red hair! She looked into its eyes and  saw curiosity and a strange wise-ness, and love.

"This," said Daddy, "is Mookah. He is an orangutan."

"Wow!" The little little girl gawked, running up to Mookah and giving him a big hug. Mookah hugged her back in the most human way and her Daddy was happy that his little girl would have someone to watch over her while he was away. He showed her how to take care of Mookah and he taught her what kinds of foods to give him. At the end of the night, they tucked Mookah in together. 

"Tomorrow," Daddy said, "I will be going away. It will just be you and Mookah for a while. But I don't want you to be sad or scared, OK little girl?"

The little girl nodded yes and he kissed her forehead. He let her stay up extra late just to cuddle with him and lay in his lap. She started to fall asleep so he carried her to her room and tucked her in to her little, pink, fluffy bed. He turned out the light and as he was leaving the room he heard her tiny, sleepy voice. "Daddy?"

"Yes, little girl?" He stood in the doorway, casting a large silhouette in between the sides of the doorjamb. 

"I love you..."

He smiled, and though she couldn't see it through the dark, it translated into his voice. "I love you too, sweetheart."

When the little girl woke up the next morning, the sun was still down and her Daddy had left. He had made her lunch and left her mickey mouse waffles with strawberries for breakfast, and next to the plate, on the kitchen table, was a list of chores for her and Mookah to complete each day. Stuck to the fridge was a loving note from him to her.

It read: "Read this note every day, Little Girl.  Remember that I love you. Remember that I'll be back soon. You are such a good girl, and you are so brave! You are so beautiful, too! Remember that I am thinking of you always. Have a wonderful day, baby girl. I love you."

When she read the note, she started to cry. There were footsteps behind her and a quiet grunt, and two big hairy arms picked her up and cradled her. It was Mookah. He rocked her back and forth as she cried into his chest. She cried and cried and cried until she couldn't cry anymore. "I really miss him, Mookah," said the little girl. Mookah gave a little grunt and lifted the sniffly girl onto his back. He handed her a tissue and she blew her nose, wiping her tears.

She held on tight as he walked around the house, helping her complete each morning task on the list of chores. Then, she made him his orangutan breakfast and they ate together at the table. Finally, after she brushed her teeth, he helped her pick out an outfit to wear to school. 

By now, the sun was up and it was time for the little girl to go to school. She was very nervous to be going all by herself. There was a very mean teacher who wasn't nice to anyone. He always said a lot of mean things to the children and the little girl was scared of him. Just thinking about him made her want to cry. She was riding on Mookah's back when he noticed she was starting to sniffle again. Soon, tears were streaming down her face. He stopped and lifted her from his back, placing her gently in front of him with a concerned grunt.

"I don't want to go, Mookah... school is scary and I don't have any friends! And the teacher is so mean! Can't I just stay home with you?" Mookah wiped a tear from her cheek. He shook his head. She had to go to school. She needed to learn so she could be whatever she wanted to be when she grew up. She pouted a little as he took her hand and they continued to walk. After a few moments, an idea came to her. "Well..." she reasoned, "if I can't stay home with you, could you come to school with me?"

Mookah stopped walking and thought for a moment. What would be the best choice? He imagined himself sitting with her in those tiny desks and chairs, among her equally tiny classmates. In his mind's eye, it looked kind of funny! But her Daddy had told him to watch over her. If he was going to do that, then he needed to be with her. What would happen if the teacher said something mean to the little girl and Mookah wasn't there to make her feel better? He looked down and saw her cute little pouty face with those baby puppy dog eyes. His decision was made. He nodded yes and lifted her onto his back. The little girl cheered! Mookah was going to school with her! Mookah hurried along the sidewalk; he didn't want to be late for his first day of school with the little girl!

When they arrived at the class, the teacher was shocked! Mookah was huge compared to the other children! He had to sit in the back so all the little kids could see the board. His little girl sat beside him. At recess, Mookah showed the kids his skills on the monkey bars and gave them rides as he swung through the low-sitting trees in the field. Some of the teachers came out to watch and they applauded his strength and skill. At lunch, everyone gave him their banana breads and banana halves and he pushed them super high on the swings!

At the end of the day, the little girl got to show him off in show-and-tell as her second best friend in the whole wide world. The teacher was reluctant to let Mookah back the next day--so the principal made him an honorary student! He was welcome back any time he wanted, and he didn't even have to do his homework! The little girl was very happy. Even though her Daddy was gone, she had a friend who would spend as much time with her as he could, who would take care of her, and who she could help take care of, too.

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chores, chores, chores

chapter two: chores, chores, chores

Each and every day there was a list of chores for the little girl and Mookah to do. First, Mookah would wake the little girl up for school. She would make his breakfast and make her bed. Mookah would make her breakfast and pack her lunch while she washed up and packed her school bag.


Then, after she ate what he made her--usually fried plantains or banana pancakes!--Mookah would help her pick her outfit for the day. And then they would tidy up the house. They would dust and sweep and wipe all the glass of her little girl smudges! And if there was time, she would clean up her room. Before she left for school they would put her dirty clothes and his dirty blankets in the washing machine and Mookah would help her start the dishwasher. They made sure to put the soap packet in the right compartment!


He would walk her to school and go with her--but sometimes he would come back home and tidy up his own room in the back yard. He liked all of his toys in one spot and he liked to read science fiction in his hammock! After school they would put the dishes away--the little girl would always do the silverware, and Mookah would do the plates and cups because he could reach the tall cupboards! Then, they would fold up the laundry and put it away. They would take breaks in between chores to play a game, drink some lemonade, or color in the little girl’s bedroom!  Mookah would vacuum the house while the little girl did her homework. Sometimes he would check on her. Usually she was focused on her work, but sometimes she would be playing tea party with her stuffies instead!


Mookah would sometimes leave the house to be alone in the back yard. He always left the back door open, so little girl could find him if she needed to. He would play around on his tall, tall trees and his long ropes and giant swings in the back yard! He liked it much better than vacuuming. When the little girl was finished with all her chores and all her homework, she would join him out there in the nice warm sun! And if it was not sunny outside, they would still play--but sometimes when it was super rainy, they would stay inside and watch a movie.


Finally, when the sun starts to set, she and Mookah would go inside and start making dinner. The little girl was in charge of making the veggies and Mookah was in charge of everything else. He was a certified chef! If it was warm enough outside, they would eat dinner on the back patio, under the stars. And if it was just a little too chilly, they would stay inside and watch a show or play a board game! After dinner, the little girl would take a bubble bath and get ready for bed. Mookah would tidy the kitchen and lay out her pajamas for her on her bed. He made sure she had a towel and a rubber ducky to keep her company in the bathtub. Sometimes, he would make her a little dessert! But desserts are meant to be special and sweet, so he would only make them on special occasions, like Tuesdays!

The little girl would never want to go to bed right away. Sometimes she would write or color or play with her stuffies! But sometimes she would be so sad that she could not sleep. She would cry from missing her Daddy. Mookah would always hold her and rock her until she stopped crying. She would fall asleep in his arms. He would tuck her into bed with all her stuffies around her and give her a snuggle and a smooch before lumbering off to go to sleep in his hammock under the stars, waiting for the start of the next day.

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