The Ying to My Yang.


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For the past hour, she sat in the cold, blue hospital chair thinking of multiple ways on how to break the tragic news to her only child, her son. To think the news she received from her husband a couple of years ago was bad - this definitely topped that. This was extremely heart wrenching. Honestly, she had no idea how she was managing to keep herself together in this moment. It's been exactly two hours since the doctor came up to her, relaying the heartbreaking news. And in that moment, the only person that crossed her mind was her son, Isaiah. Giving him this news was probably one of the most difficult things she’d ever had to do.

Sighing, her dainty red manicured fingers raked through her bone straight hair trying to get herself together the best way she can. This was some shit she didn’t want to do, but in actuality, she had to. Finding the strength to rise from the seat, her hazel eyes scanned the hospital waiting room as a bunch of nerves filled her being. Pursing her lips together, she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before her feet slowly moved across the white tile floor. Time seemed to slow down as she moved down the hallway towards her son’s designated room during his stay.

Sadé rose her knuckle to the wooden door, knocking lightly. 

“Come in.” His baritone voice sounded on the other side, allowing her entry as she pushed the door open revealing her handsome son.

He looked exactly like his father and that thought alone created a pain within her chest.

She cringed from the oxygen tubes resting within his nostrils as he offered her a weak smile. She returned it while moving further into the cold room, rubbing her arms in an attempt to calm the goosebumps. Coming to a stop at his bedside, she rested her hand on his chocolate forearm preparing herself for the news she had to bring his way. 

Isaiah’s brows met in the middle of his head, sensing the tension radiating from his mother’s body. Despite the horrible circumstance at hand, his mother always found a way to turn a negative moment into a positive one. But this time was different. He could feel her pain, and he wanted to know where this pain was coming from.

He focused on their entangled hands as she squeezed his. “What’s wrong Ma?” He questioned, voice laced with concern.

The only person he was worried about was in the same hospital as him.

“Where’s Ali?” Using his other hand, he pushed his heavily built body up in the bed noticing the water beginning to well in his mother’s eyes.

The silence was killing him.

“Ma… the fuck is going on?!” His voice escalated, unable to keep his emotions at bay.

The tears she fought so hard to hold back slowly rolled down her caramel cheeks as she sniffed. She knew this was going to be hard but now that the moment was here, she was stuck. Taking a big breath, she coached herself mentally.

“Baby…” Her voice trailed off as Isaiah’s brows rose, ready for what she was about to say.

“Ali is gone, baby.”

Her heart damn near broke when those words left her lips. The expression on her child’s face was one any mother wouldn’t want to be the reason behind. He was heartbroken, and his face said it all. She watched as his bottom lip began to tremble, eyes shooting towards the ceiling before welling with tears. She stood in silence, not wanting to aggravate him any further as the thick tears cascaded down his face. 

“Wh… Wh--” He attempted to speak, getting choked up. “You’re fuckin’ lying.” He seethed, intense gaze falling on his mother.

She shook her head frantically, crying as well. “No baby. I’m not.”

His shoulders rose and dropped heavily before shaking uncontrollably. His palms found his face as he began bawling, screaming obscenities. Never did he once imagine crossing paths with someone like Ali but once he did, he never imagined his life without her. And in this moment, reality was hitting him hard, he had to live without the only other female other than his mother who truly understood him.

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Chapter 1.

5 Years Ago June 2011
Looking down, she wiped her hand against her flat stomach before her gaze fixed on the chocolate male she had the honor of calling her best friend. She remembered the first day they’d met, three years ago, during freshman year - they shared the same lunch. She was new to the area and in no way was she at the new school to make “new friends.” Instead, she preferred for those four years to fly quickly so she could graduate and just do her own thing. Her plan was to get away, far away, from the hell hole she was supposed to consider her “home.”

“Sup little baby.” She rolled her eyes at his greeting as he jogged in her direction, 6’1” frame towering over her 5’6” one.

Twisting her lips, she took a seat on the bench as her brown hues scanned over his shirtless, perfectly structured abdomen. On a daily basis, there were females practically throwing themselves at Isaiah but he didn’t pay them any mind. The only thing that mattered was his money, mama, and best friend, Ali. Due to Ali knowing him for years now, she knew how much of a great catch he was but ever since his father left his mother, he looked at life differently. It was as if he was scared to love beyond her and his mother - Ali just wanted him to be happy.

“Ew…” She pushed him away earning a laugh from him. “Don’t touch me with yo sweaty ass!” She fussed.

Ever since meeting Ali, Isaiah hated being without her. So any chance he got, he pulled her along with him including the daily workouts he’d have at the nearby park. Due to her not having much of a life outside of him, she didn’t mind. Her daily routine consumed of going to work and Isaiah. He was the only one she had. Her parents could give two shits about her well-being. 

Wiping the towel down his face, he sat beside Ali while sighing. “So what we getting into tonight?”

Ali shrugged, not really caring what they did. The two could sit in silence, talk here and there, and still have the best time of their lives. 

“It doesn't matter to me. You know I love kicking it with you.” She expressed with a smile. 

Isaiah cut his eyes at her, a small smirk tugging at his lips. “You better…” His voice trailed off as she smacked her lips.

“Nigga. Don’t flatter yourself.” She spat back, crossing her eyes.

He laughed, “you hungry, though?” He asked, leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees. 

Ali began bouncing, happy that he was finally speaking on something she cared about: food. Isaiah laughed while throwing the towel over his shoulder, standing to his feet.

“Your fat ass.” He joked, knowing damn well she was nowhere near to being fat.


She kissed her teeth, fanning him off dismissively. “Whatever Zay. What are you treating me to?” She asked with a big smile, clasping her hands together giving off an innocent look.

He scoffed, pointing to himself. “Me… treating you? HA!” He exaggerated, beginning his walk towards the parking lot not too far from them.

Ali’s brows contorted into confusion as she jogged after him, falling in tow with his steady pace. “Seriously. What are you treating me to best friend?” She cooed.

“Shit.” He spat back, kissing his teeth while catching her rolling her eyes once again. That was one of her favorite things to do when it came to him. 

Leaving a wet sheen on his bottom lip from his tongue sweeping over it, he scrutinized the beauty sitting across from him. Out of all the females he’d come across out of his 19 years of living, Ali Viktor was the most beautiful one he’d laid his eyes on. Three years ago, he didn’t know what exactly drew him to her but he was thankful for whatever it was. Everything happens for a reason. Right? Being of Brazilian descent, her soft texture hair fell loosely upon her shoulders. Her thick eyebrows were perfectly arched that any female would die for. Her almond shaped eyes held green irises that Isaiah basically fell in love with when he first laid eyes on her. A medium-sized pink set of lips rested above the small dent sitting in her chin. One thing that was Isaiah’s weakness was a woman with a butt chin - it was so attractive.

“The hell you staring at fool?” 

Her harsh tone brought him out of his head, snickering. If anyone could bring him out of a bad mood other than his mother, it was the woman sitting across from him. 

“You, nigga. You pretty as shit.”

His random compliment had her eyes shooting up towards him as her chopsticks rested not too far from her mouth. She gave him a funny look before stuffing the noodles and chicken in her mouth. Despite the bullshit he was talking about not feeding her, she knew otherwise. To make matters better, he took her to one of her favorite pho places, Pho Viet. It’d been numerous people talking about pho and Ali always been pretty versatile when it came down to food; she was open to trying anything. Earlier in the year, she convinced Isaiah to accompany her on a pho lunch date and since then, she’d been in love.

“And you ugly.” She joked, giggling, picking up the sriracha bottle squirting a good amount into her soup.

“Says the one who had a crush on me when we first met.” He teased, raising his brows, bringing tucked away feelings to the forefront for her.

Ali scoffed, rolling her eyes. “No, I didn’t.”

“That’s not what Ma said.” He said with a devious smirk spreading across his lips.

October 4, 2008

16-year-old, Isaiah, yelled out in pain once receiving the blow to his back from 15-year-old, Ali. He’d been teasing her ever since they left school grounds up till they reached her front porch. 

“I hate you, nigga.” She seethed, rolling her eyes.

“See…” He started, plopping into the plastic chair next to her, resting his book bag between his legs. “First, stop touching me. Next, you’re never going to get a nigga keep dressing like that.” His brows rose, looking over the attire she chose to wear for the day.

Ali was a tomboy and it didn’t bother her that guys weren’t looking her way. She hated attention. She didn’t have a body like most girls at her age but still, her face was one you could look at forever. Isaiah thought she was one of the most beautiful girls in the school, but she didn’t think that. He hated how she pushed his compliments to the side because he truly meant them. Any other time, he’d tell bitches what they wanted to hear but Ali was special - she deserved the truth.

“I don’t need a nigga, Zay.” The idea of even talking to somebody was furthest from on her priority list. She could do without.

“So. You don’t need m--” His words were cut short once Ali’s mother made herself known, walking up the steps.

Isaiah’s brown orbs ran over Ali’s mother slim figure - she was a sight to see. This was the first time after school that Ali had allowed him over. Any other time, they would be at his house, which he didn’t mind. But he always wondered what her house was like, so being invited today was like a check off his bucket list. Ali’s mother short frame stopped just in front of them, hand propped on her tiny hip with her weight shifted to the left side. She stood at about 5’2” with a slender shape. Her short, black hair was cut into a cute style showing off her beautiful mien. She didn’t look over the age 30. Her full, perky breasts were on display from the deep v-cut white crop top adorning her upper half. The leather black mini skirt fitting her bottom half like a second skin surprised Isaiah. Her outfit choice was inappropriate but his wandering eyes and 16-year-old hormones had his lips sealed shut, appreciating the sight of his friend’s mother close to naked.

“Hey, baby.” She cooed, looking to her only child. “Who’s this?” 

“Ma, this is m--” Ali was cut short by her mother pointing her finger at Isaiah, looking to her daughter with a tipped brow. 

“Is this… is this the young man you were telling me you had a crush on?” She questioned as Ali’s cheeks turned a red hue, blushing from embarrassment.

Ali smacked her lips. “You had to bring my mother up, huh?”

Isaiah chuckled, shaking his head while twirling his fork into his pho. “Your mother just as fine as you slim. She has the potential to always be something to talk about.”

Ali pursed her lips together, trying her best to keep her laugh contained. Before she knew it, she burst out into a fit of giggles. Isaiah claimed he had the biggest crush on her mother since the first time they’d met each other; she thought it was pretty annoying.

Shaking her head, she used her chopsticks to grab some more noodles and chicken stuffing it into her mouth. “You’re annoying man.” She said between chews.

His face turned up, “you’re being unladylike right now.”

He laughed once receiving a middle finger from her. There was no way he could see his life without Ali. He was grateful for his persistence on being her friend. Isaiah never thought he’d see the day where he could find it in him to trust the opposite sex but Ali proved him wrong.

Isaiah closed his eyes once Ali emerged from his bathroom into his room in nothing but her bra and panties. He didn’t mind how comfortable she was being half naked in his presence. He just hated how turned on she made him, even if she was fully clothed. Once catching a glimpse of him grabbing himself, her nose turned up.

“Ugh. You over there thinking about me, nigga?” She teased, looking over her shoulder while looking through his closet.

Peeling one eye open, he smacked his lips once noticing that she was in his closet. “Naw man. You aren't wearing none of my shit.” He quickly said, throwing his legs over the side of the bed.

Ali giggled while holding tightly onto one of his oversized jerseys, jumping to the side as he reached for her. 

“Stop!” She yelled as he shot her a dead glare, silently telling her to shut up due to it being the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

His mother worked crazy shifts as a nurse with today being one of her long days. In no way was he trying to get a rise out of his mother. Growing up, he was accustomed to her being the “nice” one meanwhile his father was the one enforcing discipline. 

“Nigga. You gon’ wake up Ma.” He spoke through clenched teeth as she threw the shirt over her head.

Crossing his eyes, he waved her off, giving up as a whole. The main reason he didn't want her wearing his shit is because she never gave it back. That irritated him the most especially since she had a habit of gravitating towards his favorite clothing.

Grabbing the bottom of his white wife beater, he pulled it over his head throwing it into the hamper near his closet. His eyes landed on Ali who was comfortably in his bed, back against the headboard with her legs crossed at the ankles focusing on her phone. Shaking his head, he rounded his fingers around the brim of his basketball shorts out of habit before climbing towards her from the foot of the bed.

Ali’s green hues shifted to him from her phone due to the mattress moving beneath her. A blanket of warmth covered her once feeling Isaiah’s warm cheek connect with her exposed thigh. Within seconds, his right hand rested on her left hip, getting comfortable in his usual position. 

This was routine for them. Whenever she spent nights at his house, they would cuddle one another. Someone on the outside looking in would believe they were a couple. No one could ever fathom what they meant to each other. They never saw themselves connecting on such a deep level. It might sound crazy but they truly believed they were each other’s soulmate. 

She was his safe haven just as much he was hers.

Isaiah lifted his head shifting his heavy lids towards her phone as her fingers typed insanely on her touch screen. She twisted her face, moving her phone out of his view earning a chuckle from him.

“Girl. Nobody tryna read your dry ass text. I'm pretty sure it's Austyn’s ass anyways.” His raspy voice entered the air, referring to her cousin.

He returned his head back to her thigh, smacking his lips. “But can you tell her goodnight so you can get to rubbing a nigga's head.”

Ali softly pushed his head, “nigga. Shut up. You can wait.” She voiced, typing a response before putting her phone next to her on the bed.

Isaiah smiled with closed eyes, satisfied with getting his way once feeling her hands beginning to run through his waves. Besides working out, this was possibly one of the most relaxing things for him. Wiggling her toes, she rested her head on the headboard thinking about earlier. While watching him during work-outs, she could sense that something was heavily on his mind. 

“So… what's wrong?” She softly asked, playing with the tip of his ear.

“Why you ask that?” His voice came out groggy and murmured due to his lips being pressed against her thigh. 

“Cause I know you.”

Silence fell over them which Ali didn't mind. She wanted him to take as much time as needed to get whatever off his chest. There was no rush. Even if he didn't vent tonight, her ears and arms were always open.

“Huh?” She questioned, unable to hear exactly what Isaiah had just said.

He cleared his throat, chest filling with pain. “He wants me to meet him.”

After hearing that sentence alone, Ali could feel the pain running through his body latching onto hers. That's how connected they were. After two years of his family becoming a broken one, Isaiah was finally working on having a relationship with his father again. The situation alone was still a hard pill to swallow. The furthest thing from his mind was meeting the man his father was in love with. 

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