Boy meets girl


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Chapter 1

`When I was fifteen years old I had binder and inside that binder I had a list of all my hopes and dreams. On the cover was Zach from ‘Saved by the Bell’ whom I thought I would marry one day. I spent my days picking out wedding dresses, cakes, flowers, all the things every little girl dreams of about her big day. I knew it would have to be a winter wedding to accommodate his shooting schedule but that was something I would work around. The point is I had everything planned out perfectly with the exception of the groom not knowing who I was.

`Flash forward to college, I was a pre-med sorority girl, I was still with my high school boy friend and I was sure we were going to be that one couple who made it through four years of high school and four years of college, and yes even four more years of medical school. I was absolutely certain of this up until winter break of the first semester when he decided being apart was just too difficult, and we should see other people.

I saw a lot of other people after that, all through college. My longest relationship lasted only three weeks. I was having fun, but really I wasn’t. I always ran when it got hard, I once left a guy two weeks into a relationship when he refused to take the thimble in Monopoly at a friend’s house. I was the prom queen in high school, but when you get to college there are prom queens everywhere. I also found out that nobody takes the prom queen seriously. I played hard but I managed to keep my grades up for all four years.

    I went to medical school and I knew I wanted a change so right away I stopped being Doctor Barbie, and just became Doctor. I dyed my blond hair brown, wore glasses I didn’t need, never wore makeup, and studied all the time. I never went home, never went on spring break I just worked to become a doctor. It was working perfectly until I met Robbie. He was driven and successful, he understood hard work and sacrifice, and most of all he liked me, boring predictable me.

We dated through my residency, and when I was pulling down eighty hours a week at the hospital, he was doing the same thing at his firm. Robbie was working to become the youngest junior partner the firm had ever had. There were weeks we didn’t even talk to one another because work was our lives. Eventually when we got time we picked up like it was perfectly normal. It seemed that way for a long time.

When Robbie made junior partner he proposed to me that night. I said yes; it wasn’t because I wanted to get married to him, or because I felt I should spend the rest of my life with him, it was because that’s where I thought I should be.

Me entire family loved Robbie, he took my Dad to baseball games in the company box. He sent my mother on lavish spa holidays for mother’s day he was just perfect…on paper. Robbie was the all American overachiever. Captain of his high school swim team, president of his fraternity, the man was perfect.

He was tall, six three and a face like prince charming, he had all of this going for him, but I wasn’t excited. The prospect of marrying him was no more exciting to me than going to see the new Johnny Depp Pirates movie.

One day we were having breakfast in his apartment. As usual he was reading the paper while I was filling out some paperwork and he said, “How many kids do you want to have?”

We had never talked about kids, which seemed important so I gave it some thought, and I said “Two, a little boy, and a little girl.”

“Good, there are some big tax credits for two. If we have them at the same time the college burden will be pretty heavy. Although you’ll be in private practice by then, so I’m sure we’ll be fine there,” He said.

He had laid out my life, and even though it had been my exact plan since I started school, when laid out in front of me I cringed at the thought. Discussing the tax implications of children, and college, it all seemed soul crushing.

I had begun to question my entire life. I couldn’t figure out if I actually wanted this to be my life or if I had just stuck with it because I was too hard headed to know when things had changed. I had my moment of self actualization at the breakfast table. I knew if nothing else I needed to sit down and figure out what I wanted from life, to see if the plans I had made as a teenager still made sense.

He looked up at me and said, “Big bachelorette party tonight, are you going to have a wild party somewhere?”

“What would a wild party be to you?” I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe a few bottles of chardonnay some dancing at a club, something along those lines,” He answered.

“April planned it, I know there is a dive bar involved and lots and lots of penises,” I answered.

“I can’t understand why you still hang around with her. Sure she was a friend in college but you’ve grown and moved on, and she hasn’t. She’s still the same self important snob who likes to get attention by flashing her goodies to anyone who will watch. Brian from the office showed me a screen grab on Red Tube the other day and I was able to identify her from her tattoo. No, not the rose on her shoulder, but the one of the stick figure man pushing a lawn mower. “

I smiled; I was there when she got that. It was spring break 99, we were in Mexico and she was really drunk and just insisted on getting it. Her little Mexican mower man kept her bush trimmed. “I’ve seen that before, you can’t be sure that was her,” I said sticking up for my best friend.

“Sadly I’ve seen her vagina enough to pick it out of a lineup,” He replied.

“Only you can say vagina and make it sound like a dirty word,” I replied.

“Talking like that makes me uncomfortable, you know that.”

“I love my April, and that will never change, so you need to accept her,” I said.

“What will you do when you have to explain to your son or daughter why auntie April is on the computer without any clothes on? Or how the little mower man has done such a good job there isn’t anything left to cut, because there isn’t.”

“You are such a prude, you didn’t mind it when I got a Brazilian,” I said.

“I minded, I’m not attracted to twelve year old girls, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to start a fight,” He said.

“If the hair on my cootch is how you are telling my age, we’ve got other problems,” I said.

He cringed at the word cootch. “Hair grooming aside, your friend is your business and I won’t say another word about it.”

I left the table and went to sit on the couch, this wasn’t a new argument. It had been the same one since he met April and she had sex with his eighteen year old brother because she thought he looked like Ashton Kutcher. She was fun, spontaneous, and adventurous; everything I had come to realize I wasn’t.

I left his apartment that evening without a word. He never chased me down to tell me he loved me, never called, or texted or anything. I just walked out. I wanted to scream at him, but then I realized what he said was absolutely right. We spend most of our time avoiding arguments so we didn’t have to have a fight. That’s not love it’s the absence of conflict, it’s complacency.

April came to get me; she insisted she had to dress me up. She let me wear her painted on jeans that were so tight you could see the crease of my thong. Then she gave me a white wife beater tank top to wear and some small heels that she called her drinkin heels. Finally she pulled my hair back in a pony tail and attached the penis elastic around the hair.

“There, your look is complete,” April said.

I knew April enjoyed a good joke, and I was also aware that she had made several forays into the amateur adult film industry, but I also knew one important fact. I knew if I asked her to go to hell and back with me she would already have the sunscreen packed.

We went to a dive bar she was familiar with way down on the south side, it was this little place where we used to go when we were flat broke. Back when the two of us were living on Ramen and free drinks bought for us by anonymous men.

“Alright, so this Is the first stop, and we have a game for you to play. Here is the big book of debauchery. In order to win the bachelorette evening you must sign off on each of these items on your scavenger list,” April announced.

“Lets see, Item one see six different penises of various lengths. Make out with a stranger, flash my breasts at a cop? I’m not doing any of this,“ I protested.

“Come on let’s have a few shots and see if you’re up to it then,” April said.

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Chapter 2

I was twenty four, fresh out of college, working full time as a waiter at a bar I couldn’t afford to drink in; and I had no direction in my life. I’d had a few relationships but either one or both of us had no real feelings for the other. In short my life was a mess and I had no good way to fix it.

I was never big on socializing and my sense of adventure and interests in other cultures had fallen flat since college. Some people go to a bar after work to be with friends, or to meet new people. I was there because nothing depressed me more than the thought of going home alone to my one room apartment on the south end of the city. I had good neighbors, but no close friends. I was there in that bar just so I could feel something, anything at all.

I had just come from work and because of the fake holiday I was required to wear a costume. I had a patch on one eye and a fake parrot on my shoulder.

The bartender threw his dish rag over his shoulder and said, “Hey buddy, happy Halloween, what can I get for you?”

“I’ll take a pale ale, anything you’ve got,” I said.

“Sure thing, coming up.”

The bartender placed the tall sweating glass of frothy goodness on a coaster in front of me and nodded to my appreciation. I took a long drink and accidently sucked up some of the head when I took a breath and began coughing.

A woman’s voice drunkenly called out from behind me, “Hey Pirate Pete, you gonna be okay? Was that your first beer?”

I summoned up all my will to fight my gag reflex and looked over at her and said, “Yeah, of the night. Can I buy you…” before I could say anymore I lost the battle and began coughing again. About a minute later I finished the sentence, “…one?”

“A pale, uh no. You could buy me something a little more manly, like a fuzzy navel or an appletini,” She joked.

She wasn’t alone she had a whole group of girlfriends around her but she got up out of her chair and staggered the short distance between her chair and the bar, slipping when she tried to climb up on the bar stool next to me.

“woops, easy there drunkie mcdrunkerson,” I said.

“Hey I’m not drunk, I just didn’t eat much today,” She replied.

“Lightweightsayswhat?” I spit out as fast as I could.

“Wha… ohhh you, that was so funny. I think I fell into a time machine and woke up back in 1992. If I did, buy shares in Apple and you can thank me later.”

People talk about love at first sight but that’s all bullshit, with her attitude and quick wit, it wasn’t until two or three looks that I fell for her. I couldn’t stop staring at her; she had eyes a bluish grey like an afternoon winter sky. She had a twinkle in her smile that I couldn’t help but stare. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that was held in place by a tiny elasticized penis and balls. She was out at a bachelorette party with all of her friends and stopped having fun just to talk to me. She was so hot in her little white tank top and blue jeans.

“Quit staring and buy me a drink,” She replied.

The girls at her table laughed and cheered at her right before tiny gummy penises rained from the sky over both of us. The bartender just yelled at them and then shook his head.

I smiled then said, “What can I get you?”

“I’ll have sex on the beach,” She replied.

I couldn’t resist, “You don’t worry about getting sand in your crevices?”

“oooh, I like you,” She cooed.

“Bartender, the lady will have a sex on the beach,” I called out. This caused the rowdy group of women to cheer louder and for more gummy penises to rain down from above. This was instantly followed by another stern warning from the bartender.

She picked up one of the candies and placed it on her tongue then without swallowing she said, “What’s your name?”

“Lance, you?” I asked flashing my best smile.

“Oh we don’t need names, just call me Penny,” She replied then swallowed the gummy down before adding, “See I swallow.”

The girls erupted into laughter again, while Penny’s drink arrived. She took a long pull on the straw without ever breaking eye contact.

“I see that. Who’s party is it?” I replied.

The girl thought a moment before turning around and drunkenly pointed around the table before saying, “Hers.”

“Oh well that narrows it down,” I replied with an eye roll.

I remember thinking to myself she was out of my league, but she was also very drunk. My mind flooded with thoughts of everything from the ethical dilemma of sleeping with a drunk woman, to what our kids would look like. I couldn’t stop thinking; luckily I had developed a skill where I could do all the small talk without really thinking about it. When my thoughts finally left and I realized I was still talking she had a very bored look on her face.

When I stopped myself from talking she looked at me and said, “Wanna make out?”

I was confused, and a little annoyed something deep down inside told me I shouldn’t and I listened. I took out my wallet and put some cash on the bar before giving the man eyeing the table of women a wave.

“Thanks for the chat, but I’m going to pass,” I replied.

The table erupted again to a chorus of boos and yet more gummy penises. I got up from the table and walked out the door back into the cool autumnal evening air in New England. I lifted then fussed with collar on my jacket until it blocked the breeze from my neck. I began walking toward the corner when the door swung open.

“Hey, Lance. Come back,” Penny called out.

I waved over my shoulder and didn’t break stride, that is up until I heard the slapping of flesh on the cement. Penny appeared in front of me, heels in hand.

“Ahem, I said Lance, come back,” She repeated.

“You’re going to catch cold out here like that. You’re beautiful and I heard what you said, but I’m not in the mood to be a part of your game tonight so I’m going home, “ I explained.

“You think I’m beautiful? No games, I promise. I’m not interested in being in that scene anymore tonight. I’ve had it and I need a break,“ She confessed.

“Good night Penny,” I replied.

She completely ignored me and said, “Do you know what I love about the city? The people, they all have different stories, different backgrounds. Don’t you think it makes life interesting?”

“I can’t disagree there, you meet strange people here,” I replied. I looked at Penny with a raised eyebrow, but she kept talking and walking. When we rounded the corner I said, “Are you stalking me?”

“No, I’m walking with you. If I were stalking you I would have to be out of sight, see you can see me,” She said with that amazing drunk logic.

“Penny I forgot to mention this earlier, but I’m a registered sex offender,” I said.

She looked at me for a minute and then said, “No you’re not. You would have jumped me already unless you’re a pedophile, but you don’t really have pedophile face…” She rambled.

“That’s true but were almost at my place and I don’t want the crazy girl who followed me home knowing where I live,” I replied. Secretly I hoped she would stay, she was so different than any girl I’d ever known. I was actively trying to get rid of her but she wasn’t having any of it.

Her arms wrapped around her body as the chill had finally sunken in to her bare skin. I sighed and removed my coat to place it over her shoulders. We finally reached the stairs that lead to my walk up.

“This is me,” I offered.

“Oh, okay,” She replied and slowly removed the coat I had placed on her moments before.

I couldn’t be sure why I said it, or what I expected her answer to be, but before I had a chance to complete a thought the words escaped my lips, “Would you like to come up for some coffee?”

She hesitated for a moment; it was an awkward pause as if she were weighing the meaning behind coffee. Then a decisive look washed over her face and she replied, “Sure.”

I lived on the third floor of a small one bedroom overlooking the park. My neighbors were exhibitionists and they never used curtains or shades. With the buildings so close to one another there were no secrets between us. As I walked in and turned on the light the body of a young blond yoga instructor walked by both of the windows we shared. The light startled her for a moment and when she saw it was me she smiled and wave; then gave penny a thumbs up.

“She approves,” Penny said and waved somewhat cautiously.

Moments later Ed, her other half arrived in a similar state of undress. He was not as pleasant to look at, twenty years the yoga instructors senior he had over tanned skin hanging all over his body and a pot belly.

He knocked on the glass rapidly which had been our signal to open the window so we could talk. I walked over leaving Penny looking confused. I slid the window open and the man said, “Lance, nice work she looks like a keeper. Hey before you get down to bid-nas, you think you could reset the wireless router. I just popped a Viagra and the wife and I like to watch porn and try to keep up with the story line If you know what I…”

“I know Ed, I know, sure I’ll try resetting it, have a good one,” I interrupted.

The yoga instructor put her head into the opening and said, “Remember to stretch before you start.”

I closed the window as they both waved before walking away. I turned back to look at Penny, “So coffee?”

“Don’t forget to reset that router, you don’t want to spoil their evening,” She replied.

We both burst into a fit of laughter, and I went to put the coffee on. When I returned I found penny sitting on the couch waiting.

“You have a lovely place here, great views, and I’m of course talking about Ed’s sexy body,” She said and smiled once more.

I chuckled before sitting down next her. She shivered slightly then leaned in close to me. I put my arm around her and then our eyes met. We each moved in closer until our lips met. I could feel her need with every press of her lips on mine. As we kissed and I began to caress her she squirmed under my touch. Our passion grew and she grabbed me by the collar and pulled me into the room.

There was something in her eyes as she pulled back from our kiss. Fear, doubt, I wasn’t sure but I moved back in before she could express them and as I nibbled on her neck I felt it all slip away. We had impassioned sex and collapsed afterwards, It was something special. When I awoke in the early morning she was dressing by the door clumsily pulling up her skin tight jeans.

“Where are you going? Want me to make some breakfast?” I asked and instantly realized why she was fleeing. I had been a one night stand.

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Chapter 3

I was pissed, he woke up because I wore those stupid tight jeans and tripped trying to pull them up. I buttoned them and put my shoes on before answering his simple question.

“No; that’s alright, I’ve got to get going. I’ve got a lot to do today Lance. I had fun though, I’ll call you,” I said.

Lance looked at me with those sad puppy dog eyes, so I had to give him a kiss before I left. As I walked out I knew I had just made a huge mistake. The door hadn’t even closed yet and I was already telling myself what an idiot I was. I needed to get uptown so I hailed a cab and went back to my building and headed up to change. There were a dozen messages on my home line.

Beep, ‘Jess, it’s April, where did you go… Call me’

Beep, ‘Jess, you left your phone at the bar’

A knock came at the door a minute later and I walked over and looked through the peep hole to see April standing there.

I opened the door and instantly knew she knew what had happened. “Hmm, same clothes, your hair is a mess, someone’s doing the walk of shame,” April said with a smile. I nodded slowly and smiled. She continued, “Look I hope Robbie didn’t keep you up too late, we’ve got a lot of work to do today.”

“April sit down, I’ve got to tell you something but you can’t breathe a word of this to anyone,” I said.

She followed me over to the futon and sat down, “Jess you’re scaring me.”

“I wasn’t with Robbie last night,” I began.

“Who? Was it Chris?” She asked excitedly.

“Chris, my ex from college? How would I even see him? He lives in Florida now with his cousin.”

“I don’t know, sometimes exes get together to figure out where they went wrong,” She said.

“You watched Ghost of Girlfriends past again didn’t you?”

She slowly nodded her answer and then a quizzical look came over her face, “Then who were you out with all night?”

“Swear you won’t tell anyone,” I demanded.

“I swear.”

“His name was Lance, the guy from the bar last night,” I explained.

“From the make out challenge? You were only supposed to kiss him, not go home with him; you’re getting married in three days …”

“I know, I know, remember you swore,” I said.

“I know, but what are you going to do, are you going to tell Robbie?”

“What? No, of course not. Oh Robbie remember that thing I went to last night, oh yeah I hooked up with some random dude because he wouldn’t kiss me. Anyway I’ve got to move your aunt and uncle to another table because my Uncle can’t stand the smell of seafood,” I ranted.

“Jess, you’re freaking a bit. Do you need something to drink?”

I folded my legs in and sat cross legged on the futon, “No, I’m fine.”

“So…” She exaggerated in the way that only means tell me more.

“So what?”

“How was he?” She probed further.

“Alright I guess,” I lied.

“You guess? What you weren’t there?”

“No it was freakin awesome alright, I made noises like a dolphin okay? I don’t know what I was thinking and then his naked neighbors walked by and he smelled so good, I..I..”

April began rubbing my back and said, “Jess, Jess relax, breathe honey breathe,” I took a few deep breaths and began to feel better. “Like a dolphin?” She added.

“Shut up,” I said followed by a smile.

April and I had met as freshmen in college. We dormed together and had become sisters; literally, we joined the same sorority and always stayed close. When we got out of school we found apartments in the same building, and Jobs in the same hospital. We were inseparable. She had been my best friend since she held my hair back after a bad night of drinking.

We spent the rest of the day making wedding related calls. There were so many problems that popped up at the last minute but April was on top of everything. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about Lance. He certainly wasn’t my type. Robbie was tall, athletic, he was serious about his job, all around he was the perfect man. Lance was average height, had a gym body, and was drinking alone at a bar in a sad pirate costume. If I hadn’t seen the parrot on the floor that morning I would have thought I had hallucinated that part.

“Hey yoohoo, over here, earth to Jess. Can you call the florist and tell them to use the lace ribbon instead of the straight ribbon,” April said snapping her fingers to get my attention.

“Yeah sure, I’ll do that right now,” I said.

While I made the calls my mind kept drifting back to Lance. I thought about the way he put his coat on me when I was cold, and how he helped his weird neighbors out. I thought about chasing after him and going to a stranger’s house in the middle of the night. I’d never done anything like that before. I even wondered what he was doing right then.

The door bell sounded and I walked over and checked the peep hole. I had been thinking about Lance so much I hoped it was him, then I had moment of panic worried that it was. When I checked the peep hole those feelings flooded back.

I opened the door and said, “Robbie, hi.”

“Hi, that’s all you have to say to me?” He demanded.

“Come in,” I added sheepishly followed by a shrug.

The fear built inside until I was ready to drop to my knees and beg his forgiveness.

“I called you three times last night, and you didn’t return any of them, I was getting worried,” Robbie said, before he barged in through the door.

April stood up and walked toward me, “That was my fault Robbie, we made her leave her cell at home last night. We had one more night of her being single with no one checking up. You know how it goes.”

“Hi April. Anyway I was calling you about the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Should I wear my Versace, or That Ralph Lauren that you like?”

April just waved at the half hearted greeting and said, “The Versace, definitely.”

I looked at April and said, “What she said.”

“Ok, good. Do you two want to get some drinks tonight? I’ve got to run a bunch of errands but when I’m done I want to go out,” Robbie said.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you later baby,” I replied.

When Robbie was walking out the door I remembered I hadn’t had a chance to shower or brush my teeth, or really anything. So when he leaned in to kiss me I said the only thing I could think of, “Oh no honey, I just had a Garlic Poppy seed bagel and I haven’t brushed.”

“Alright, hey I’ll see you tonight. You too April,” He replied and then he kissed his hand and pressed it to my forehead.

I closed and locked the door behind him when he left and sighed as I sat down in the futon again. My head fell against Aprils shoulder and she rubbed my arm lovingly. I looked at her and said, “What do I do?”

“I’ve got half a tank of gas, we can be in another state before we have to fill up. I say pick up as much cash as we can and head to Venezuela, I’ve got family there. We can change our names, you can dye your hair red, I’ll cut mine short and we’ll start over. What do you think about Lupe for me, and Miss Franchesca Applebottom for you?”

“I can’t, the invitations have already gone out,” I replied.

“That and the cake will be ready tomorrow. I want you to get married just so I can eat that cake,” April replied.

“So it’s settled, married then cake. April…”

“I know, I’ll fill up tonight when we go out,” She answered.

“I love you.”

“I know, you know you’d look cute as a red head,” April said, continuing to stroke my hair.

A few hours passed and we got dressed, there wouldn’t be any jeans that night. Robbie only went to upscale places. He was a partner in a law firm, and wouldn’t be seen in a bar downtown watching a ball game. April borrowed one of my dresses and I wore the Michael Kors that Robbie had bought for me when he missed our anniversary. I was always certain his assistant had picked it out, that man had fantastic fashion sense.

The phone rang and when I answered it there was a man’s voice on the other end of the line. He said, “Ms Jessica Golden?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Ma’am this is Bradly, from Prestige car service. I’m here to take you to see Mister Babbit,” He said.

I walked over to the window and saw a town car waiting out front. “April, he sent a town car, “ I called out while cupping the phone receiver to mute it. I put the phone back to my ear and said,” Thank you Bradly, we’ll be right down.”

As I hung up the phone April walked out and threw her head back to raise her raise her chin and in a pompous old woman’s voice she said, “Muffy, we simply must go, the car is waiting to take us to the cotillion.”

“Shut up,” I said defensively.

She looked at me and shrugged, “Aren’t you the same Jessica who made me stop fifteen times on the way home from Poison because you had to wretch on the side of the road?”

“No, she’s dead. Oh, and one of those times was to pee,” I answered.

We both laughed and then picked up our things and went down to the car. The long black car snaked through the city until we got to the bar. It was a club called Charlie’s and it was the last cigar bar in the city. “Members” paid a fee and could sit in the back of this very exclusive bar and smoke cigars and drink. I never liked the smell of cigar smoke and I hated going there but every time he had something big to celebrate we would go there.

“Now I know why he sent the car,” April said under her breath.

“Be nice, it’s not that bad. We’ll stay out of the back, have some drinks it will be fun,” I said as much for my own benefit as for hers.

The car stopped at the front door and the doorman walked over and opened the car door for me. I stepped out and stood up on the red carpet lined sidewalk. There were a lot of eyes on me, or it possibly could have been on April scooting across the back seat until her dress was a belt and then grunting as she erected herself onto my four inch heels.

Under my breath I said, “The doorman was walking around to get your door.”

“I know but you know how impatient I get,” She lied through a smile.

April had always had this thing for being different, but it was never more important to her than when she was in the company of the ‘beautiful people.’ She liked to say farting in a silk thong. As sweet and caring as she was, in a situation like that night she would always try to prove just how classless she could be, or as I would call it the full Walmart.

She smoothed the dress back down and followed me inside bumping into people as she did. Robbie was sitting at a table in the middle of the room with someone. There was a small stage where a man with a upright bass and a woman playing piano played experimental jazz. I pulled April with me until we got to the seats. Robbie and the other man stood up immediately.

“I missed you today,” Robbie said and followed it with a kiss. I missed you today was this thing Robbie always said. In the beginning it was sweet, and a little unusual, but after a year and a half it had lost its luster.

I kissed him back and he helped me with my seat. April pulled the opposite chair out and was in the process of sitting when the other man grasped the back of the chair. “What are you doing?” She demanded. When he didn’t answer she raised her voice louder, “I said what are you doing, are you going to pull that out so I sit back and look like a fool?” She shouted.

“April!” I exclaimed.

“No, miss; I’m just holding the chair for you,” The man insisted. There was a strong accent when he spoke, French, or French Canadian I couldn’t be sure, but April wasn’t letting up. “If you want to see me fall on my ass, you can see it on YouTube, or RedTube, once I wasn’t wearing any panties. “

“April, enough,” I demanded.

“Oh I’m just having fun,” She replied. She took her seat and moved in with the man’s help.

Robbie shook his head with a disapproving smirk and then said, “Jessica, April, this is Jean. He works with me down at the office.”

I smiled and said, “It is lovely to meet you Jean.”

“It is a pleasure to meet both of you, I have heard so much about you,” Jean said.

April asked, “Oh like what?” Then split her gaze between Robbie, and Jean.

“That the word beautiful did not do you justice,” He replied.

“Isn’t that sweet,” She replied. Her hard shell showed just the tiniest hints of cracking.

The waiter came over and his voice was instantly recognizable, “Good evening my name is Lance I’ll be your waiter for this evening. May I bring you a bottle of wine for the table…” He wasn’t finished when he got his first glimpse of me as he paused.

He pulled his mouth shut, but not before asking, “Penny?”

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