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Chapter 1

Therma Trim weight loss turned out that food and properly selected activities create miracles , and most importantly - in this mode, you can not force yourself with diets or sports, but just live and enjoy the process!

You start to feel your body, to own it, as if by magic new possibilities open up. I celebrated my last birthday with the guys in training. In the new beautiful sports form and with the result of minus 10 kg - despite the fact that my daily diet consists of 5-6 meals. So everything is real, the main thing is to act! The weight began to increase like an avalanche during puberty, but I didn’t see any problems. Parents tried to somehow influence, persuaded, forbidden, but I did everything in defiance and continued to eat . When I took the final exams at school, every day I ate a chocolate bar after dinner: I also need glucose for the brain to work!

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