Never Grow Up


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    Everyone knows the story on how the popular girl in school, Selena Gomez, and the nerd of the school, Justin Bieber, fell in love. It all started with a math packet and the rest was history. Everyone also knows the story how Justin was offered a great opportunity to leave high school early and attend a special program in college. Selena had something special to tell him the night before he left but saw the happiness in his eyes. Selena Gomez was pregnant with Justin Bieber's child. Not telling him, Selena moved to New York to go to college where she raised her daughter, Kaylie.

     Years after college, Selena returned to Florida and both she and Justin reunited, with Justin not knowing he had a child, and Justin in a relationship with a girl name Sasha. Selena and Justin had a lot of hardships once Selena returned. A lot of arguments happened: over Sasha, whether Selena was jealous of her or not, then there was the argument when Justin found out Kaylie was his. But even after all of this, Justin and Selena found themselves together once again. And this time married with more kids. Everyone knows Selena and Justin's story, now it's time for Kaylie Bieber to share her story.

     Kaylie Bieber is the soon to be sixteen-year-old daughter of Selena and Justin. Kaylie is a somewhat typical teenager. As all teenagers, she's dealing with mean girl drama, boy drama, best friend drama, and crush drama. Kaylie is smart, just like her dad was, which so happens to get her in a lot of trouble with the popular group, but that doesn't stop her. Not only is Kaylie dealing with the drama at school, but also drama at home. The thing Kaylie just wants to know, is if her family will ever get back to the way they were. If not, will she survive through all the pain?

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Chapter I: Tequila Morning

Kaylie, I am so, so sorry. I was a jerk and wrong for dumping you like that. I should have never forgotten about you, or abandoned you just because I got a girl friend. Kaylie, could you ever forgive me?”

            My heart was pumping with excitement, my smile on my face wide from the words that just came out of George’s mouth.

            “Do you really mean that?” I asked.

            “I do, Kaylie.” George answered. “Kaylie Elizabeth Bieber, you will forever and always be my best friend.”

            I placed a hand over my heart. “I love you George.”

            “I love you too, Kaylie.” George muttered.

            Suddenly, George was leaning in towards me, and I found myself leaning towards him as well. His left hand moved to place a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

            Was this really happening right now?

            George’s soft lips were placed upon mine and I smiled into the kiss, my arms wrapping around his neck and his arms wrapping around my waist.

            “Kaylie wake up!” Someone yelled, having George and I pull away from each other and look at each other with confused looks.

            “What was that?” George asked in confusion looking around

            “Oh nothing.” I shrugged off. I leaned back in to him as well as he, but the voice yelled again.

            “KAYLIE, I SAID WAKE UP!” The voiced yelled again.


            Feeling tiny feet jump up and down on my bed, my eyes shot open, and I groaned realizing it was my four-year-old sister, Esther. Pulling my covers further over my head, I grumbled, telling Esther to go away and bother Jaden.

            Esther stopped jumping, landing on my body. Since I was laying on my side, she was hoisted on my hip and she started hitting my back with her tiny hands. When the hands stopped hitting my back, I relaxed, happy Esther had stopped. Or so I thought. A big, well small slap, went across my cheek and I shot up, making Esther fall off of my hip. Esther sat on her knees on my bed, staring at me with her dark brown eyes. Her curly brown hair was all over her head, as if she just woke up.

            “Esther, what was that for?” I asked. She continued to look at me, while she played with the sleeve on her Frozen pajamas.

            “Mommy is still sleeping.” She uttered.

            “Okay?” I groaned and lied back down to pull the covers over my head. “Just go back to sleep, she’ll be up in a minute, Esther.”

            “But it’s Monday!” Esther pointed out. “Jaden said he has to be at school in 20 minutes.”

            That woke me up. I sat straight up in bed, my own brown hair probably all over my head as well.

    “WHAT!” I exclaimed. Throwing my comforter off of my body, I went over to my desk where my phone was charging. On the lock screen it read: 7:22am. 4 unread messages, 1 missed call.

    I sprinted out of my room and down the stairs. I heard barking, and nails clicking, along with the patter of tiny feet. Esther and my dog Striker, were right behind me.

    I walked into the living room seeing Jaden sitting on the couch playing his video game. I leaned against the door frame crossing my arms and he paused his game.

    “You have to be at school in less than 20 minutes, Jaden!” I reminded. “Why didn’t you wake up mom?”

    “Don’t you think I’ve tried?” He retorted. “I tried waking her up for 10 minutes straight, but she’s out like a light. Plus, she has an empty bottle of tequila beside her head.” He added and went back to his game.

    I looked at the clock that was on the wall in the living room. 7:26am. “It looks like you’re just going to have to walk to school today bud.” I told Jaden. “Do you have money for lunch?”

    “Yeah; I took a ten from the emergency money cookie jar.” Jaden answered. He got up from the couch and put his backpack on his back. “See ya later, Kells. Bye Es, bye Striker.” Jaden waved, and gave Striker a pat on the head.

    The front door shut and I looked down at Esther. “Now how am I going to get you to preschool?” I thought, rubbing my chin. Esther shrugged. “How about I just put on Paw Patrol for you while I figure this out?”

    “Can you make me breakfast too?” She asked.

    “I will once I figure this out.” I answered.

    Walking into the kitchen, I saw my mother passed out at the kitchen table. Her head was laying on her left arm, an empty tequila bottle right next to her head. Shaking my head, I walked closer to her, hearing light snores coming from her. I tapped her shoulder and got no response. So I shook her, and still got no response.

    Leaving her to sleep, I walked back up to my room and walked straight to my phone. Unlocking the screen, I went to the one person I knew I could always rely on in a family emergency.


    “Hi Ryan.” I greeted into the phone.

    “What happened this time?” Ryan grumbled.

    “Like always. Except this time, mom found a bottle of tequila.”

    “I’ll be there in ten.” Ryan noted.

    “Esther is in the living room, and she’s hungry. I’ll be in the shower.”

    Ryan and I said goodbye and I gathered my things for my shower. Locking my phone, it read 7:37am.

    I was up earlier than what I usually do for school. I grabbed my towel, wash cloth, and robe and went to the bathroom, Striker right behind me.

    “Striker, Esther may like taking baths with you, but I do not.” I smiled to my dog and shut the bathroom door.

    I made sure my hair was in a tight ballerina bun before turning on the shower, making sure the water was warm, and I stepped out of my clothes and into the nice warm shower.

    Finding my mom with an empty bottle of alcohol wasn’t anything new, but it was rare. It indicates that my father and her fight got heated last night. More than usual actually. I heard them arguing last night, even sat down at the edge of the stairs and heard them from the kitchen. When I heard glass being thrown and broken, I went up to my room knowing where it was headed and I was right.

    My father stormed out of the house not even a minute later, my mother screaming at him. I never knew how Esther or Jaden could sleep through it all, but then again, I never knew if they actually slept through it or pretended. I heard a bark through the door, and guessed it must’ve been Striker noticing Ryan was here.

    Finishing up my shower, I got out, drying myself off then dressed myself in my robe and hurried to my room. I put on my dark blue skinny jeans that stopped just above my ankles and had a few rips in them, and a plain white t-shirt that had a little pocket at the top on the right. While my jeans fit snuggly, my shirt hung a bit loose. I added my plain white vans to my outfit then went to the mirror to look at myself. I really did not feel like styling my hair, but knowing if I didn’t, my hair would end up a frizzy mess.

    20 minutes later I was done with curling my hair loosely. Running my fingers through my hair one last time, I was pleased with my attire, and grabbed all of my belongings before heading down to the kitchen.

    I walked in seeing Ryan cleaning up, Esther finishing up her breakfast, and my mother no where to be found.

    “I put your mother in bed.” Ryan answered, noticing my facial expressions I’m sure. “Esther is ready for preschool, her tummy full with my famous and her favorite chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes.”

    Esther smiled, doing a little happy dance, wiggling in her seat. “I love Uncle Ry’s chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes.”

    “I just can’t believe you like both flavors in one pancake.” I said amused.

    “It’s delicious!” Esther claimed.

    “Do you need a ride to school?” Ryan asked putting the skillet up.

    “I would love that. Can we also stop by Starbucks? I hadn’t had breakfast yet, and I could use some coffee.”

    “Sure. Let me grab Esther’s bag from her room and we can leave. Make sure she has no syrup on her.” Ryan said and went up the stairs to grab Esther’s favorite Paw Patrol bag. My little sister was really obsessed with that show. I hate to admit it, but I sort of like the show myself. It’s a cute show, with talking puppies and evil kittens.

    When Ryan came back down, I asked him if he was going to come back and check on my mother.

    “I’m her friend, not her babysitter. I have my own work to do.” Ryan laughed.

    I buckled Esther in the backseat in the car seat that still was there, from Ryan’s own daughter. I have no idea why Ryan hasn’t gotten rid of this thing. I mean I’m glad he has it, for reasons like this, but his daughter is about 9-years-old now. Way too old to be in a car seat. I guess he keeps it because it’s the only thing he has left of her.

    “Hurry up Kaylie, I told my boss I wouldn’t be no more than an hour and half.”

    “But my dad is your boss?”

    “Exactly; and he doesn’t know I left work to help out with his own family. He thinks Demi finally called me.”

    “Why would he think that?” I asked confused as he pulled out of the drive way.

    “Because I told him she did.” Ryan answered. “I just needed an excuse. You know if I would’ve told your father why I really was leaving work, he’d tell me to stay out of it.”

    “But what excuse are you going to make when you go back to work?”

    “That Demi set me up. Like usual.” Ryan sighed.

    I felt sorry for Ryan. He is such an overall good guy and was a loving father and husband to Demi and their daughter Rosalyn. It’s been exactly 6 years since Ryan last saw Demi and his daughter Rosalyn. He hasn’t seen his own daughter since she was 3-years old. No one knows why Demi packed up and left Ryan, taking Rosalyn with her. Demi gave no signs that she was depressed, or unhappy with the relationship. I mean why would she? Ryan literally spoiled both Demi and Rosalyn. He would do anything to make them both happy and I bet he still would to this day. Even though Demi did just leave him.

    No note, no divorce papers, nothing. Ryan only knew Demi had left when a few of the suitcases were missing and Rosalyn’s favorite stuffed giraffe she couldn’t sleep without was gone. Ryan tried not to panic, but after 2 days of them gone and no sign of them coming back, he called the police. Of course the police tried everything they could, but it’s like Demi and Rosalyn vanished without a trace. The police brought up suggestions like maybe they were dead, but Ryan refused to believe it. The only other reasonable option was that Demi had changed her and Rosalyn’s identity.

    “Do you still miss them?” I whispered, almost not hearing myself speak the words.

    “Of course. I miss them more everyday.” Ryan said lowly. It was almost hard to hear him, but I did.

    “Do you ever think they’ll come back?”

    “All I can do is hope, Kaylie.” Ryan reassured looking at me for a quick second, giving me a small smile. We all had hope. We all had hope that Demi and Rosalyn would return.

    After Ryan dropped off Esther and had taken me to Starbucks, he dropped me off at school. We bid our goodbyes and I walked through the front entrance of the school, straight to my locker. It was 8:30 am which meant I had 5 minutes to get to class before the late bell rung. My first period was English with Mrs. Mills and I had promised her I wouldn’t be late again. I quickly got out my English, History and Spanish materials all while trying to balance my iced vanilla latte and blueberry scone. Successfully getting everything into my backpack without spilling anything, the warning bell rung signaling class started in 2 minutes. I could make it up to the second floor, right?

    Even though I doubted I could, I did. I walked into the classroom just as the late bell rung. Taking my seat near the window and in the back, I sat next to my curly haired best friend, who’s hair just happened not to be curly today.

    “Daisy, you straightened your hair today.” I mused.

    “Thanks captain obvious.” She giggled and turned to face me. “Where’s my Starbucks?” She asked crossing her arms.

    “What makes you think I got you something?”

    “Because you always do.” She smiled and I smiled as well.

    “You know me so well, best friend.”

    “Well duh, that’s why I’m your best friend.” She teased.

    Reaching into my backpack, I pulled out an extra blueberry scone and a bottled vanilla latte.

    “Here ya go.”

    “Thanks.” Daisy smiled widely.

    Mrs. Mills stood in the front of the classroom, getting ready to speak when the door opened, and in walked Lilliana and George.

    George’s hair was tousled a bit and Lilliana’s hair was tied back into a messy ponytail.

    “Mrs. Mills—“

    “Don’t even try. That’s a week’s worth of detention for both of you. Take your seats.” Mrs. Mill snapped and both took their seats.

    Lilliana sat in front of Daisy, while George sat in front of me.

    Daisy let out a giggle, and I had to hold back mine. Daisy coughed out the word “slut,” making Lilliana turn to give us a dirty look but we straightened up.

    “Lilly, babe, looks like you got something on your face.” Daisy teased. Lilliana huffed and turned back in her seat, only to take out her compact mirror.

    “Kaylie, what kind of morning did you have? Hope it wasn’t filled with a closet hook up session.” Daisy quipped.

    “Nah, my morning involved tequila.” I scoffed and sipped my coffee.

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