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Chapter 1: farewell California

  -having somewhere to go is a Home, having someone to love is a Family having both is a Blessing 

 "No mom! I'm not going!" I screamed in disagreement,

"Grace waters, you are going to Seattle and that's final"mom ordered for the 10th time.

"Why can't I stay here?",

"Because Grace I need to look after your nan she's in a serious medical condition, and there's no way I'm leaving you here all by yourself, your only 17" 

I had to role my eyes at that, 'only 17'.

"Then why can't I come with you?, I can help you look after nan" I urged again.

"Don't be stupid, you still have to finish your education, it's your last year in highschool, and there's no good schools their, your nan lives in the country side" she refused, shaking her head.


"No Grace it's final, and it's only a few months until you graduate, then we'll be back here in California, and trust me you won't miss me, you'll be living with the Anderson family" 

By only a few months she meant 5 whole months, in Seattle with a unknown family, away from home. I scrunched my face at the thought of it,

"Come on Grace please",

"Ok" I agreed after a long pause and mom kissed me on the forehead whispering, 'thank you'.

I had never been away from home, frankly speaking I barely went out, that was, I never liked socialising, and I still don't. 

I swiped through the photos on my phone as I packed my suit case, my mouth curled into a smile as my eyes laid on a specific photo. It was me and mum, the picture was just a few days old, my chestnut brown hair was neatly, brushed flowing down my shoulders, a pair of my own onyx brown eyes stared back at me. Our house was in the background, we had been living here in Los Angeles since I was only 6. Things had always been difficult for mum, and me being so young that time, didn't help. She was a single parent, my dad passed away in a car accident and I was with my mum ever since, she was my only family. 

Yes maybe I'm getting too emotional over this, get a grip Grace, it's only a few months and then I'll be back home. 

----------------NEXT DAY-----------------

"So how do you know the Andersons?" I asked out of curiosity,

"Well Mr. Anderson was a friend of your dads" she replied, clutching on the steering wheel, we were heading to the airport.

"Do they have any kids?" 

"When I was talking to Mrs. Anderson over the phone, she told me they have a few" 

"How many?" 

"I don't know, Grace you need to stop asking so many questions" she sighed "listen I know you're nervous but just calm down, they're great people" 

I nodded softly, I checked myself one last time in the mirror before getting out. I had my hair in a ponytail, I was wearing nothing special just a pair of jeans and a shirt. I was never that kind of a girl with a lot of designer clothes, I never wanted them either. I was always imperfect in everything, popularity-0%, fashion-0%, athletic-0%. The only thing u enjoyed doing was reading, yeah I'm the biggest bore.

I felt a knot tie in my stomach as we reached the departure area, it was time, time to leave.....

"You'll be fine Grace" mom assured wrapping me in a hug, the smile faded from my face, when she let go. 

"Mom you'll come soon, right?" Yes, that was probably a really dumb question, but I had to ask. 

"Of course" she replied, kissing me on the cheek,

"I'll call you everyday" I promised hugging her one last time. I knew I was sulking and over reacting but she was the only thing I had left, I couldn't bear losing her. 

That's when we sepearated ways, I glanced one last time seeing her walk away, I felt an urge to stop her but I fought it. 

Goodbye California........

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This is a brilliant start, the ending makes me feel like she is going to hate her new life, lol. I can't wait to read more about your dystopian story.


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