Political Confusion


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The Story

Salumon, a demon working directly for Satan, faces an ultimatum. He must figure out a way to purchase one soul by midnight or he will have to serve the rest of eternity in the 9th circle of Hell. The 9th circle is probably the worst place in all of Hell to be and comes equipped with the worst torture possible.


Salumon must prepare because he tends to pick the people who already have it bad to the point of suicide. For Salumon to complete this task, he must pick a good soul and turn them against themselves, make them want to sell their souls. He’s got the perfect target.


Salumon decides to pick the most influential man of the times, Donald Trump. Trump is already gearing up to begin a presidential run at the White House, so possessing him isn’t really going to turn any heads because people already believe him to be evil already.


Salumon successfully gains possession of Trump and begins his campaign, winning the Republican nomination. As he gains the election, people line up at the White House doorstep to congratulate President Trump, but what Salumon doesn’t realize is that Trump has already won when he convinces people to sign over their souls. When Salumon returns Trump’s body back to him, Trump informs him that the demon was never truly in control.


Salumon is confused. How could he not be in control? One easy answer!


Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ!

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