The Man of Silence


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"Get out" says a large man, "W-what?" asks a young boy, "Get out before I make you!" yells the man, "I don't understand!", cries the boy. The man rises his hand as an electric glow moves around his hand. The boy's sight fades to black as guards come to grab him, the guards proceed to throw the boy into the wilderness and leave him there. As his vision starts to come back he realizes that he doesn't know where he is, as his body starts to wake up he feels a stinging on the entire left side of his face, he feels it and it suddenly comes to him as he begins to sob on the ground, his face is completely mangled on the left side, the lack of skin shows his exposed muscles and blood vessels, luckily his blood vessels clotted at that moment his face was being ripped to shreds preventing him from bleeding. His eyelid was also just barely scratched but not enough to cause any real damage. As he is crying he hears footsteps in the distance, he runs into a bush to hide but he was to slow as the creature already heard and saw him, the creature reaches into the bushes and grabs his shirt and raises him into the air. The boy screams as he see the creature has a deer skull as a head, no legs and a long slinky body, it is floating with a dark black mist where his legs should be, it reaches up with its other hand and wraps its hand around the boys neck as a black mist floats around his body, the creature lets go as the boy falls to the ground he begins to feel the mist enter his body as the excess mist begins to form into the shape of bow and then a scythe, switching between the two it stops on the bow, he grabs it and examines it. When he picks it up he realizes that the black mist is all around him as his body seems to appear transparent, the creature looms over him as it drops a quiver next to him. The quiver has an eye on it on the back side of the quiver. As he begins to wish the mist was gone it begins to dissapear and his body becomes visible again, the creature gets close and screams a blood-curdling scream, as it does this, the boy suddenly realizes what he can do as he thinks about he scythe shape the bow transforms into a scythe and the mist returns around him and he realizes his power, as an animal is behind him he senses it there without seeing or hearing it, he understands that the eye on the quiver watches behind him and alerts him of anything behind him, the creature dissapears, in its place is a mask, he puts it on and begins to walk north, hoping to find civilization.


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Chapter 1


"For a hero to rise there must always be a villain, but for a villain to rise there must always be disorder, and with the order of a government brings the disorder of the people"(Poster). "I've never really thought about that, it makes sense though does it not?", says the boy grown up, with the nickname Mark. "I mean yea it kinda makes sense but not that much", says Josh, Mark's friend. "Well, whatever, we gotta hurry to the house this is a really important job", says Mark. The two friends walk to the house and arrive at an old mansion built in 3479 for the king of the United Nations to live in and create documents for the future people, making sure that the disaster of '91 was never going to happen again. Mark and Josh enter the old mansion and begin to search through the hallways for the target. 

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