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The sun rises on a new dawn, yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this, to those who dwell among us, anonymous, seemingly ordinary, whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. And they're still out there among us in the shadows, in the light. We pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing. Do they even know yet that they are bound together by a common purpose, a glaring reality, to be extraordinary? And when destiny does anoint them how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?

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BAD Agar

Great little beginning bit! You have my attention, indeed!

Chapter 1

      On the outside glass window of apartment door 32-B, in big black letters reads Private Detective: Audrey Estay. There the Private Investigator known as Audrey Estay lives alone hoping someday she will have a family of her own. As Audrey is looking at herself in the bathroom mirror brushing her teeth a random knock is heard at the door. Audrey walks over and opens the door seeing a 40 year old brunette woman standing there with tears in her eyes. Estay pulls on her black suit jacket as she looks at the woman standing there.

"Are you Audrey Estay?" the woman asks looking up at the blonde haired woman in a nice black suit.

"Yes. Do we have an appointment?" Audrey asks.

"I was informed that you solves special cases." the woman says to Estay.

"I do. But you didn't answer my question lady. Do we have an appointment?" Estay asks.

"No. I was sent by Mr. Ostrander. He said you helped him once find his lost son." the woman tells Estay.

"I'm sorry. I don't do random. You must call for an appointment. I am a very busy woman. Have a great day." Estay tells the brunette lady as she slowly starts to close the door on her smiling.

"I'll pay anything. Please. I need your help." the brunette woman cries out, stopping the door from completely closeing.

Estay rolls her eyes and lets go the door and walks back to her desk in her living room, which was designed to be all black and white. "Fine. Come in."

The brunette enters the apartment building, closes the door behind her and walks down a small hall which seemed to be cluttered by clothes in baskets, sports equipment, piles of case files on the floor and several shoes. The brunette soon enters the lovely living room, much fancier then a normal home, and sits down in a nice leather white chair in front of Estay's black desk. Estay pours herself a small glass of Scotch and chugs it down like a shot and places the glass on the desk.

"So how can I help you Ms.....?" Estay starts to ask with no interest as she picks up the bottle of Scotch and pours another glass.

"Graham. Quinn Graham." the brunette introduces herself.

"Great. Ms. Graham, how can I help you." Estay says right before chugging down another Scotch.

"Well it is my daughter. She's missing." Graham says taking out a photo of a lovely teenage girl with long black hair in a ponytail. "Her name is Violet. She's special and is missing."

Estay takes the photo out of Graham's hands and looks at the girl, "Specail ehh? What is so specail about her? She looks normal to me."

"She has recently developed these powers, and well she kind of exposed herself in public with them, and now she is nowhere to be found." Graham tells Estay.

"Alright. Well I guess I can see what I can come up with. I'll put it on my to do list. The fee is $500 up front and $500 when I find her." Estay tells Graham as she stands to her feet and escorts her to the front door.

Graham digs into her purse and grabs her check book. Estay looks at her with a raised eyebrow and speaks up, "Cash only. I don't do checks."

"Oh well, I don't exactly have the cash on me." Graham says to Estay.

"Uh, do what you want. If I'm not here, just leave the money under the door." Estay tells Graham as she politely shooves her out the door. "Now I must get to work, I am already behind. Have a great day."

Estay closes the door and locks the padlock immediately. Walking back to her desk she picks up the bottle of Scotch and starts drinking it as she sits down on her couch and turns on the television.

Hours goes by as Estay's bottle of Scotch is almost empty, as Estay lays there like a sad slug. Suddenly her phone rings and Estay answers it.

"Yeah?" Esay answers.

"Yes, Ms. Estay? This is Mrs. Graham. I have gotten your money and is coming up to delever it. Are you home?" Mrs. Graham asks.

"Yeah. Just leave it under the door. I'll get it when I can." Estay says laying on the couch.

Mrs. Graham slips the white envelope of cash under the door and walks away back down the hall as Estay slowly gets up off the couch. Walking to the door Estay looks down at the envelope and bends down and picks it up. Opening the envelope Estay counts the money and then walks to ther desk and puts it down as she grabs another bottle of scotch from the cabnet next to the desk. She looks over at the clock across the way hanging in the kitchen and sees it reading 10:45 Am.

"Shit. I'm late." Estay says as she grabs her keys, badge, gun holster, and sunglasses and heads to the door.

Closing the door behind her she exits and walks down a long narrow hallway to an elevator where she is greated by her neighbor Chris who lives in apartment 31A.

"Morning." Chris says to Estay as Estay rolls her eyes under the sunglasses, and presses the first floor button in the elevator.

Chris with his brown eyes stares at Audrey's 5'8" slim body, as she leans against the elevator wall waiting for the door to open.

"So off to work?" Chris asks standing there staring.

"Yea. You?" Estay asks.

"School" Chris says to Estay as he picks up his black and red backpack off the ground and puts his lime green hoodie ontop of his curly brown hair.

The elevator door opens and Estay walks out where she walks over to her black and red bulletproof Lykan HyperSport. Entering her driver's door, Estay starts her car and speeds off down the street heading to the Riston Police Department to talk to her boss Chief Talia Cole.




The city of Riston is filled with excitement as it is one of the most populated cities full of super powered individuals, and the media center known as Riston Central News is always on top of the most interesting stories. There at her desk drinking a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream, young blonde Allison Silverman is working harder then ever to finish an article for tomorrow's paper. Busy away on her article, Allison has her ear phones in her eyes listening to up beat pop music, abling her to stay focus on the task at hand. A shadowy figure stands over her and two fingers taps Allison on her shoulder. Allison turns her head, takes out her ear pieces and looks up at a tanned skinned brunette.

"Oh hi, Ella. What can I do for you?" Allison asks.

"Well Ms. Silverman I have an assignment for you." Ella says to Allison handing her a file.

"What's the assignment?" Allison asks as she opens the file and looks at the documents.

"There have been several random unexplained suicides and kidnappings happening with in the last several days. I want you to head down to the RPD and follow one of the lead detectives on the case there. Get every scoop you can on this, and then write it up." Ella tells Allison.

Allison stands to her feet, straightens up her all white hooded pant suit, grabs the file off the desk and smiles at Ella. "You got it boss."

Allison walks to the elevator and presses to lower level button on the wall. The elevator heads down to the parking garage under the building and walks to her white Mitsubishi Lance O-Z Rally edition vehicle. With a flick of her keys , she turns her car on and drives off to the police department to talk with who ever is in charge.

Arriving at the station, Allison gets out of her car, turn on her hi-tech computer wrist watch and walks into the presinct. As she walks into the station she walks up to a counter where Officer Johnson is standing writing something on a clipboard. He looks up seeing five foot tall Allison there with a smile on her face.

"May I help you?" Johnson asks.

"I need to speak with your boss." Allison asks.

"What is this about, may I ask?" Johnson asks Allison.

"My name is Allison Silverman, Ace Reporter for the Riston Central News." Allison introduces herself to Johnson.

Johnson rolls his eyes, "Great aother reporter. Follow me." Johnson says to Allison as he escorts Allison to Chiet Cole's office.

Johnson knocks on the office door and stands there patiently.

"Come in." Cole says as she hangs up the phone.

Johnson opens the door and Allison walks into the office as Cole stands to her feet and walks around her desk, shaking her hand.

"Hello Ms. Silverman. I litterally just got off the phone with your editor Ella Rhodes. It looks like you will be escorted around for a few weeks. I must say we don't usually do this, but having a report's eye on things would be a plus on this particular case. Unfortunately you will not be with a regular detective on this case. I am handing the case over to our very own private investigator, she will make sure you are taken care of."

"I can't wait. I have always wanted to help out the police." Allison says to Cole.

"I do ask that you don't share anything you record, or write down to anyone. This case is confidental, and I will personally be proofreading your article to make sure that there are certain things not in it. Also make sure you aren't in the way of those working on the case. You can observe and ask questions, but can not physically handle anything on the case.Is that understood?" Cole asks Allison.

"Understood. So when do I meet this Private Eye?" Allison asks Cole.

"She should be here any minute." Cole says to Allison.




At the station, Audrey enters with a fast motion, as she bumps into a few officers heading to Cole's office. Walking up a set of seven stairs to the second level of the department where Cole's office is, Audrey looks out in the distance seeing Cole talking to a short blonde chick in a white hooded pant suit. With her head up high, Audrey moves on forward to the office and walks in with a fake smile on her face. Being polite Audrey reach out her hand and shakes Allison's as she smiles at the young reporter.

"Hello, Detective Audrey." Audrey greets Allison.

"I thought you were a private investigator?" Allison asks.

"Yes, that is right. The best in the city." Audrey says with a smile.

"You wish Estay." Cole says under her breath.

"What was that?" Audrey asks Cole as she turns her head looking at Cole who is sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Nothing Estay." Cole says standing to her feet and focusing on the task at hand, "This is Allison Silverman of the Riston Central News. She will be accompanying you on your case for a few weeks."

Confused, Audrey's eye brows raise and looks at Cole with a small slant with her head, "Um....excuse me? She is what now?"

"Accompanying you on your case." Cole says to Audrey as she walks around to her chair behind her desk.

"Um, that's no good. I can't have-"Audrey starts to argue about the situation.

"Now Estay, this is finale. I have orders that I have to go by, and my orders is that Silverman here is going to be with you on this cae. Now yes she is reporting the event, but she may be useful as reporters have a great way of finding evidence and speaking with people. You may need her. I mean you're not that great with talking to people after all."

"Now wait a minute, who says I don't know how to talk to people? I can talk to people." Audrey says with confidence.

"Okay sure, whatever you say. Now Take Ms. Silverman and give her the 411 on the case. I have alot of work to do." Cole says to Audrey as she sits down onto her leather black chair.

Estay rolls her eyes, and starts walking out the door, "Come on."

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BAD Agar

If that's the case might I suggest joining a writing group or even a course. When I did my BA in creative writing it helped my writing for my Angaran Chronicles to no end. I'd thought she was moonlighting but it was hard to tell due to you changing from her last name to her given name.

BAD Agar

Hey I like the noir feel in this. There are quite a few typos here and there and you tend to over explain things one which you do is a few redundancies IE: using dialog to show whose say what to who but then explaining it after in prose: "so and so explained it to so and so." And near the end you start calling Estay Audrey which was quite confusing just keep her Estay and it'll read a lot easier. Anyway! Keep up the good work. Also is Estay a private detective? So why does she have a badge? Is she moonlighting?

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Thanks for the imput on this Bad agar. I know there are quite a few typos and such in this. Also I'm not that great with dialog so, yeah I have to work on that for sure. Which is why I would like to have a partner to help me out with everything, and possibly place some of his/her own spin into the books as well. As far as Estay is concerned she is a private detective but also works with the RCPD. Which means she has two jobs one, where she helps the RCPD, and another where it is her own business, giving her the freedom to do things the way she wants. She doesn't have an office at the RCPD her office is in her home.

Chapter 2

It's three months in the past, and it is a cold brisk day in Riston. Rain falls all around, as thunder sounds in the skies. In Riston Medical Hospital, a young teen, no older then fifteen, named Bailey Burnett is laying in a hospital bed, in a white and blue poke-a-dot gown. Her eyes have bags under them, as her skin is cold and pale. Coughing off and on the poor blonde lays there hooked up to several wires and tubes hoping she was going to last the night. Her father was no more, her mother is arguing in the halls with her aunt, and her younger sister, Jordyn is also very ill just down the hall. The nurse enters the room and walks over to the counter next to Bailey's bed. The nurse was a black hair Hispanic woman in her late forties. She takes out a needle from a small slip plastic bag and walks over to Bailey.

"Hello Bailey. How are you feeling today?" the nurse asks.

"It's one of my better days, that's for sure." Bailey tells the nurse.

Bailey looks at the needle that the nurse has in her hands. The nurse places the needle into a small tube, and blood slowly fills the small tube at the end of the needle.

"Just taking a little blood. Nothing to worry about." the nurse says to Bailey with a smile.

The nurse turns her head as she hears a scream on the television, that is mounted in the corner of the room. On the television was the movie Nightmare on 34th Street. The nurse squints with a disturbing look.

"How can you stand watching that?" The nurse asks.

"Oh I love scary movies. And Freddy, he's the best out of all of them." Bailey says with somewhat of an excitement tone her voice.

"I could never get into that sort of stuff. Your parents let you watch this?" the nurse asks.

"Yep. I saw my first scary movie when I was ten." Bailey tells the nurse.

"Well enjoy. Doctor Reinhart will be in shortly to check up on you." the nurse tells Bailey as she leaves the room.

Bailey smiles and continues to watch her movie on the television as her Aunt Ashley in a black agent like uniform with a patch with the name Burnett on her right shoulder walks into the room and sits on the edge of the bed. She runs her smooth hands with red nail polish on her nails, through Bailey's greasy hair as she smiles down looking at Bailey with her green eyes.

"Hey, how you doing sis?" Ashley asks.

"Good." Bailey says as she looks over at her mother who just walked past heading to Jordyn's room.

"What were you and mom arguing about?" Bailey asks.

"Oh nothing, sweaty. Nothing that you need to worry your little head about." Ashley says to Bailey.

Ashley looks over her shoulder and sees the television and smiles, and then looks back at Bailey.

"Seriously? Again?" Ashley says sarcastically to Bailey with a smile.

"What?" Bailey asks.

"How many times have you watched that?" Ashley asks.

"I don't know. A few dozen times. It's my favorite." Bailey says to Ashley.

As Ashley sits there looking at Bailey, Ashley's pager on her black belt buckle goes off. Ashley pulls off the beeper and looks at the number realizing it is her work.

"Bailey, give me a moment it's work." Ashley says as she gets up and calls her work from her I-phone, stepping out of the room.

A few minutes pass and Ashley walks back into the room.

"So, you never told me exactly what you do. What do you do Aunt Ashley?" Bailey asks.

Ashley sits back down on the edge of the bed right next to Bailey and leans closer to her favorite niece, "Can you keep a secret?"

Bailey smiles and nods her head.

"Alright, I am an agent for a secret government organization that deals with super powered beings. I lead a small team of what we like to call high criminals to do the governments work on dangerous missions only the super powered can handle." Ashley tells Bailey her secret.

"That is so cool. So how do you control them?" Bailey asks.

"Well each one of the inmates has a tracking device in their brains that I can press giving them a shock like no other." Ashley tells Bailey.

"Cool." Bailey says with a smile.

"Now you can't tell anyone. Promise?" Ashley says to Bailey

Bailey holds out her pinky, "I pinky promise."

Ashley wraps her pinky around Bailey's, "Cool." Ashley tucks Bailey into her covers a little more and stands to her feet. "Now you rest a little. I'm going to go check on your sister in the other room."

Ashley walks out the door, leaving Bailey to her movie as she walks down the hall peaking her head into Jordyn's room where she sees her sister talking to Jordyn.


In room 201, young Jordyn Burnett is sitting up in her hospital bed in a white and pnk striped gown. Her mother Rhea is sitting on her bedside holding Jordyn's hand looking deep into her eyes as she feels her cheeks and forehead. Sweat runs down Jordyn's pale face, as she is running a very high fever.

"Oh babe, you're burning up." Rhea says to Jordyn.

"I have a headache mommy." Jordyn says with a whimpering tone.

"I know babe. The doctors here will make you all better. I promise." Rhea lies to her daughter.

Ashley leans against the doorway looking in on Jordyn and Rhea. She knocks on the wall and the two look over seeing Ashley standing there.

"Hey there." Ashley says with a soft tone.

"Hi Aunt Ashley." Jordyn says as she coughs.

Rhea stands to her feet and walks over to Ashley with her arms crossed.

"How's Bailey?" Rhea asks.

"She's okay. Doing much better then Jordyn right now." Ashley says to Rhea.

"Has the doctor come and see her yet?" Rhea asks.

"No. Just a nurse went in and took blood." Ashley tells Rhea.

As Ashley and Rhea are talking, Jordyn's body starts to glow very brightly, like a light bulb about to over charge and burst. The room begins to shake and Ashley and Rhea turns seeing Jordyn's body shaking like she is having a seizure. Rhea hurries over to Jordyn but an energy of some sort burst out and knocks Rhea back into the cabinet. Ashley pulls out her Taser pistol from her holster and fires a small Taser into Jordyn's neck. The light dims down as Jordyn falls into a deep sleep. Ashley walks over and pulls the Taser out of Jordyn's neck as the doctors enter the room. The main doctor, Doctor Holly Reinhart checks for a pulse.

"No pulse. Prepare for CPR." Reinhart commands the other nurses and doctors in the room as Rhea and Ashley stand there worried.

Rienhart goes in and starts pressing hard down on Jordyn's chest as another doctor uses some sort of air machine that is placed over Jordyn's nose and mouth.

"My babe." Rhea says cry as she is held in Ashley's arms.

"Get them out of here." Rienhart tells one of the doctors.

The male doctor escorts Ashley and Rhea out of the room, and hurries back in shutting the door behind them. Reinhart grabs the paddles and as soon as they charge she presses them down on Jordyn's chest.

"Clear!" Reinhart yells out as she presses the button releasing a electrical charge through Jordyn's body.

Suddenly the charge oer charges the light with in Jordyn, making the light burst out like a force field, making the doctors and nurses fly back in opposite directions int the walls. Jordyn's pulse comes back as the machine starts beeping showing her heart is pumping once more. Still fast asleep, like in a coma Jordyn lies there still. Reinhart gets up slowly with a shocking look on her face.

"What the hell was that?" Reinhart asks herself.

Walking out of the roof rubbing her head of hair, Rienhart looks at Rhea and Ashley as the walk up to her.

"So? What just happened?" Ashley asks.

"I have no clue. Never experienced something like that. It's like she had some sort of energy with in her that over charged. To be honest I don't know what I am getting myself into." Reinhart says to the two women.




As Doctor Reinhart is talking with Ashley and Rhea, back in Bailey's room a mysterious man with brown slick back hair and a scar across his right eye enters in a lab coat. Bailey not thinking about the man, continues to watch her movie as the man walks over to the counter and takes out a green serum in a small bottle out of his lab coat pocket. Bailey looks over at the man and sees the bottle and syringe in his hands.

"What's that doc?" Bailey asks.

The man chuckles a little, "Just a little medication to help your fever."

The man turns and injects the green serum into Bailey's bloodstream through a small tube as Bailey watches him.

"You may feel a little nauseous, but it should go away with in a few minutes." The man says as she leaves the room.

Bailey sits there continuing to watch Nightmare of 34th Street when she starts sweating up a storm, and feeling extremely cold. She pulls the covers on more hoping that it will warm her up. Only it doesn't really work.

"Mom. Mom." Bailey calls out to Rhea.

Rhea and Ashley both hear Bailey calling out and they hurry into the room. Seeing Bailey looking worst then ever, Rhea walks over and feels Bailey's forehead.

"How can this be? She was fine just a few moments ago." Ashley asks.

"What's a matter Bailey?" Rhea asks.

"I'm not feeling all that great. I'm cold, and don't feel right." bailey tries to explain.

The green serum spreads across Bailey whole body as her veins turn form blue and red to pure lime green. Suddenly as Rhea looks into Bailey's beautiful blue eyes, they also turn lime green.

"What the hell?" Rhea says out loud as she turns and looks at Ashley who also had a blank expression on her face. "Go get Doctor Reinhart."

Ashley turns and runs out of the room to the nurse's counter where Reinhart is standing filling in new information on Jordyn's paperwork. "Doc, there's something very wrong with Bailey."

Rienhart places down the clipboard and rushes over to Bailey's room where she sees the impossible happening right before her eyes as Bailey's eyes glow brightly.

"What in the world is going on?" Reinhart asks herself.

"Where's my doctor?" Bailey cries out.

"Rienhart sits on the bed side doing a check up on Bailey trying to figure out exactly what is happening to her patient. "I'm your doctor, sweetie."

"No the man with the scare on his face. He's my doctor." Bailey says to Rienhart.

"A man came in here?" Rienhart asks.

"Yeah, he injected me with some sort of medication. He said it was going to make me better." Bailey says to Rienhart.

"Great." Reinhart says to herself.

"What? What happened?" Rhea asks.

"Someone injected some sort of serum into your daughter, that's what, which is what I think is causing this reaction on Bailey. The bad thing is, I have no clue what was injected into her bloodstream, and it is spreading all over her body." Rienhart says to Rhea and Ashley.

"Well you need to figure it out." Rhea orders Rienhart.

"I don't have the experience for this. This is out of my field." Reinhart tells Rhea. "We need a scientist."

"Well then get one on the phone." Ashley says to Rienhart.

"I do know one person out in New York City. She has a lot of experience with this type of stuff. She may also be able to help Jordyn as well." Reinhart says to Rhea.

"Well, okay, please, call her." Rhea says upset.

Rhea walks over to Bailey and sits down on the bed next to her as she looks into the green eyes. "We will get you help. I promise baby."

Bailey closes her eyes and falls deep asleep just like her sister, only Bailey's heart completely stops. The machine goes flat line and Rhea cries for the loss of her daughter. Rienhart enters back into the room and goes in to feel a pulse only to find none.

"I'm sorry. We lost her." Rienhart says to Rhea. "I did get a hold of Dr. O'Connor in New York, she is setting up a room for Jordyn, and we can also bring Bailey there for her to diagnose what happened." Reinhart tells Rhea.

"Okay." Rhea says sobbing over her daughter.

Ashley pulls Rienhart aside, "When can we head over there?"

"First thing in the morning/" Reinhart tells Ashley.

"That's not good enough. I will make preparations on my end and have Jordyn and Bailey shipped over to New York within an hour." Ashley tells Reinhart as she calls into her work.

An hour later, a black van pulls up in front of the hospital as several men and women dressed in black agent like uniforms enter the lobby and heads down to the rooms where the girls are. Taking complete control over the situation, the agents escorts the girls into the van, along with Rhea and Ashley. They drive off and head to an air force base where a carrier plane wait for them. The agents load the girls in the medical beds into the plane, as Rhea and Ashley enters and takes a seat in a few chairs, placing on their seat belts. The plane takes off into the air as it heads towards New York City Airlines.

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