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Everything you need to know about golf balls!

Golf is a widely-played sport as it is quite exciting and fun. There is a specific technique to play golf as you need to follow the right strategy and technique to play accurate golf shots. Golf is played on a vast field with uneven terrains which is known as Golf course. If you want to become a good golf player, you need to learn about all the different important aspects of the game. There are various crucial aspects of the golf game, and one of them is the ball used in the game.

The golf ball is of great importance in the sport and can affect your performance to a great extent. Most people don't pay much attention to the golf ball, but it is extremely important to choose the right type of golf ball. There are various types of golf balls available and to pick any one of them, you first need to understand everything about a golf ball. There are numerous key elements of a golf ball, and each one of them affects its quality and your performance.

Some essential aspects of a golf ball that you must focus on

The construction of the ball

There are numerous types of construction that are used in making a golf ball. There are five most common types of construction used in golf balls; one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four pieces and five-piece.

  • One-piece – It is used for the golf ball used in unique golf course and driving areas. It is quite hard and is made up of Surlyn. The reach of these balls is quite low, and they are available at highly affordable prices. The compression is quite low, which makes them travel quite less distance.
  • Two-piece – If you are looking for distance reach as well as durability then these golf balls are for you. Two-piece golf balls offer you great reach, but you won’t get the right level of control.
  • Three-piece - These golf balls are provided with a cover of liquid rubber and allow you to get better spin and control on the golf course.
  • Four-piece – These golf balls are the perfect blend of two-piece and three-piece golf balls. You get vast distance reach with these golf balls and with it; these balls also provide additional spin.
  • Five-piece – These golf balls are one of the latest and modern models with a total of five layers in them to enhance the performance of the golfer in all possible ways.


You must have seen numerous dimples on a golf ball, but most probably you won't be aware of their use. These dimples are not for enhancing the look of the ball; instead, it helps to lower the drag and enhances the lift of the ball. Dimples help to create a layer of air around the ball, which reduces the drag and increases its speed.

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