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Sarah Gai

If you love this quirky little book, please share!

C.C. Farmer

I see that you have worked on your book recently. Good for you! Keep going!

C.C. Farmer

Please keep going. As an Asian drama addict I am curious about your book.


Hi Group, Wrote this some years ago. A tale from the South Wales valleys...Old South Wales that is. So the tale goes, there was a mythical creature that lived in the underground coal mines. Nobody ever saw it but they knew it was there because lunches and snacks would go missing. I wrote this book using all of the tricks and wheezes that Apple's iBook author had to offer:- puzzles, movies, quizzes.
Opinions valued

Danyal Watkins

Thanks! I'm hoping to get it wrapped up within the next 5-6 chapters. Any comments questions please feel free to ask!I LOVE feedback


Shana opens her eyes and see that she is in different clothes than before, she was wearing a torn up shorts, a skull bracelet with chains wrapped around her wrist, wearing a black tank top which was covered with blood splatter across it then she notice she wasn't wearing any shoes. Her focus was cut off when she heard a loud voice next to her ear, "BRING THE NEXT PRISONER!!!" A man voice boomed throughout the room this made shana looked up and saw dead bodies with no head or cut open scatter all around the room this cause her to cover her mouth from throwing up. "What's going on?" She ask to herself feeling nausea then she heard a voice, 'oh you will see in just a moment,' it was a devilish and amused women voice that presented itself inside her mind. "What shit, are you talking about?!" she questioned in anger getting tired of this. The voice just laugh then made shana body move under her control, she reached out to grab her sword that's resting on the side of her throne as she walks down to the center of the room while they place the next victim to dye. "Hey! Why can't I control my body?" She shouted in her head trying to stop her body from moving any further to the person in front of her. 'Because this is my world and you are apart of me.' Once she said that the guards pulled the sack from the prisoner head to reveal Shana sister Sophie.


They lost everything when they were only 6 years old to the new king Zenoku, but they found a safe home in the human world in an x hunter, Ruby home. They thought they were safe for now knowing one day that they must return to the kingdom to reclaim it from the dark clutches Zenoku, however that isn't their only problem Shana was cursed from what her father did to killing the most wicked, deceiving and most powerful lady vampire in the kingdom, but this was before the twins were born. The lady cursed the first born child that she will be reborn inside them and take over their body.

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The Day Everything Burns Pt. 1

The screams, the shouting of fellow servants giving order outside, seeing the dead bodies burned to a crisp of innocent people who once lived and worked here, now all smelled of burning flesh then finally hearing the panting from two young sisters trying to escape from the desecrated place they once called home. The fire is traveling fast everywhere the two little girls turn. They look the same, but you can tell them apart from their different outfits, one that is leading them through the rubble had her hair up in a black pony tail with red tips, wearing black pants with a black and dark blue shirt, her eyes were a mixture of blue and green while she is one inch shorter than her sister.

"Keep up Sophie!" She shouts out to Sophie, who is trying to keep up with her and not trip on anything or her own footing by how fast they were running. The other twin, Sophie has her hair down all the way to her back it is black with blue tips, she is wearing a dress that has the same color pattern as her 1 inch shorter older sister, her eyes are green with a little blue mixed in her eyes.

"I'm trying Shana!" She shouts over the sounds of breaking wood a long with falling wood hitting the ground.


The reason why they are running through their castle in the fire is that a dark, cruel, deceiving vampire king, Zenoku. He decided to attack their home with his army knowing that their parents always have an annual party for the anniversary of peace in the kingdom after making a peace treaty with the Annihilation, but that treaty didn't stop the Zenoku from attacking them and the people.

Shana and Sophie parents did their best to protect them until zenoku tried to surprise attack the twins by striking at them with full force with his hands to attack right through their chest to take out their hearts at ones, but the parents quickly got in the way of his attack, both taking the strike to the heart. The children eyes went wide as they see their parents hearts in the disgusting guy hands while blood drips to the floor and the hearts stay pulsing, the parents turn their heads slowly as they look at their children with wide eyes and taking short breaths, "r-ru.." before they could finish the word Zenoku pulls his hands from their chest causing them both to collapse on the floor with their eyes open, showing their life diminished.

Sophie covered her mouth trying to muffle her scream from the sight in front her while Shana looked away when collapse, "hehehe...hahahaha!! Now little bats it's your turn..." He sound enthusiastic while he stared at the hearts in his hands, but then it became dark, menacing and hot when he drop the hearts to the floor then glares at Shana and Sophie.

The young twins look at him in fear, he quickly moved over to them, but Shana was one step ahead of him, she gets in front of her sister and punch him in the face causing him to go back few steps this gave the twins a quick escape from Zenoku. 


"Sophie is he behind us?" Shana asked as she kept dodging the falling wood while holding sophie hand. Sophie looks back behind her only seeing flames engulfing everything behind them, "no he's not." she said while looking back at her sister and trying not to trip by her on dress as she's running.

"Good we're almost outside!" Shana shouted through the crackling of the wood while passing more dead bodies of the enemy and their own soldiers too. Sophie had to cover her mouth to stop her from throwing up by the smell and seeing the people who cared for her and her sister. As for Shana she felt anger and wanted to do something, but she knows she is to weak to do anything plus she has to focus on getting her sister out safely that was the most important. When they make it down the stair case their family photo leans forward covered in flames, Shana quickly steps back while pulling Sophie back with her while the Photo collapse in front of them. They both stared at picture as it's engulf in flames it showed that their happy family doesn't exist anymore.

Sophie looks away from the picture about to cry until she felt her sister tighten her grip on her hand making her look back to see a shadow figure merging from the other side of the picture, "Shana.." she said in a shaky voice. Shana gets in front of her while glaring at the man wearing a long black cloak with scorches on the end of his cloak while the rest of him was smoking, his eyes were gold and black hair that is a little spiky on top. His lips formed a smirk as he stared at them, "I see two little lost bats." in a sarcastic tone while a hint of amusement, Zenoku walks to them stepping on their family picture, but he stop moving midway.

He looks at them then looks down at his feet to see shadows holding him still by his legs, he snicker while his smirk grew a little bigger. "I see you both have master the art of shadow control hehehe, but it won't be enough to stop me!" He laughed with his back hunched over from their pathetic try to stop him.

Sophie saw that this wasn't working and grab Shana hand then quickly ran off going back up the stairs even though the fire was spreading a lot faster as time goes by. "Hey!! Sophie why are we running we had him!" Shana yells out in anger, while keeping up with her sister. "Shana it wasn't going to work he was just messing with us." Sophie said in a serious tone while trying to focus on finding a way out of the burning castle, while avoiding the falling pillars and pieces from the ceiling. As they are making their way through the castle, a hand reaches out to Shana and grabs her by the neck, jerking her back quickly to the owner with so much force that with a normal person their neck would have snapped.

Sophie felt her sister hand slipped away from her grasp this caused her to come to a stop and turn around to see her sister being choked by Zenoku. "Shana!!" she shouts then runs to him to get her sister back from him. Shana could feel his nails digging in her neck causing her to bleed black blood while she is trying to break lose from his death grip. This made Zenoku just snickers darkly at her tempt of escaping then stroke her face with his other hand, "you know I always fancy you, but you're to young for me to marry, however I don't care about the rules." He smirks while watching closely to the amount of blood leaking from her neck then moves her closer to smell the sweet scent of her blood which caused him to shiver in delight.

"Heh...stop tempting me..." He was intoxicated by the scent, he soon nuzzle his face in the crock of her neck. "w-what?" She expressed a confused expression by how he's acting, but she felt more uncomfortable by his closeness causing her to use one of her hands to push his head away from her, however he grips her neck tighter making her scream out in pain feeling the bones in her neck cracking and bleeding out more. This made her squirm, "stay still.." He growls out in anger as he glares at her in the corner of his eye while she does the same back, both with red eyes. Zenoku lets his tongue glide against her neck to taste the blood oozing out in a mild pace when he did that she shivered in disgust. He chuckled darkly letting his fangs out and held her head back by the hair to make it easier for him to sink his teeth in her neck, but...

"Stop it, leave Shana alone, let her go, let her go!!" Sophie yelled repeatedly while kicking and punching his leg. He moves away from Shana neck, letting go of her hair in the process to look down to see Sophie giving his leg beatings, but they were weak all he did was laugh at the pathetic sight unfolding in front of him. "Look at your beloved sister trying to save you, how pathetic.." His smirk form a frown while hearing the venom in his words, his eyes showed darkness and death towards the sister, but Shana moves her eyes to see her sister trying so hard then looks back at Zenoku seeing his whole aura and expression change so quickly, she coughs up blood from so much blood building in her throat. "D-don't k-kill ...h-," she didn't get the chance to finish her sentence as she was thrown against the far wall.

Shana hits the wall with so much force the impact makes a big crater, but as she hits the wall the back of her head is bashed against a chip in the wall hitting a nerve causing pain throughout inside her head. She saw everything fuzzy, but she could hear her sister screams before everything went black. Sophie started crying after she stopped screaming out to her sister dead body.

"Aww to lose something so great at such a young age," sounding so disappointed he let out a sigh while shaking his head then turn to look at Sophie. "Well time to join them in hell my sweet bat," not caring about Sophie and just quickly trying to end this so he can be ruler of this kingdom. Sophie turn when he said that, but wasn't fast enough to get away from his hand wrapped around her throat in a death grip and lifts her up to his eye level, while she's trying pry his hand lose, but wasn't strong enough to get free. "If only you had the power that your sister has deep within her then I would keep you alive," whispering to himself as he looks her up and down. Sophie looks at him in confusion not understanding what he meant by power being inside her sister, but this made her look in the corner of her eyes at her sister seeing that the blood is still leaking from Shana neck and from her head. She let one last tear slide down her cheek while she whisper her sister name then puts on a brave face and look at the devil himself in the eye as he stares back in disappointment.

"So I see you expect your death, not even scared to die." chuckling darkly trying to find the amusement in this. Sophie didn't say anything just kept starring at him with determination, however still scared on the inside. Zenoku smirks then grips her neck tighter causing her to cry out in pain, she did try to break free from his grip again, but it didn't work; it just made her quickly light headed. She was about to pass out until she felt air pass by her then the grip around her neck had disappeared fast, she fell into soft and protective arms, but she was more focus on getting air back in her lungs.

"How are you alive?!" astonishment heard in his voice, while looking back at the person in front of him. Once he said that Sophie quickly looks up to see Shana holding her, she is taken back from seeing that her beloved sister is alive and not dead a moment ago. Shana placed Sophie to her feet before she disappeared in a blink and reappear in front of Zenoku throwing a surprise kick to the side of his face, but Zenoku was fast enough to block the kick before it came to contact with his face. Once her kick touched his wrist he could hear his bone breaking and he wince in pain as he was pushed to the side from the force. "Heheh...damn that hurt," he had a playful smirk plastered on his lips. Shana just stared at him emotionless then took a step forward and took off running at him with her breaking the floor when she took off, he was waiting for her knowing, watching her movement, but he saw her coming then she disappeared before his eyes, he looks around not even able to sense her. She appeared above him falling to him, once she does she uses a lot of her force and height to grab his head and slam it against the floor causing the floor to break almost through and make some of the weak ceiling pieces to collapse on the ground. One of the pieces above Sophie started falling, she looked up and scream while closing her eyes, the scream caused Shana to quickly move over to her without looking and grab her close to her while moving back enough for it to miss them so the piece of the ceiling falls through the floor making a big hole.

Shana looks at the hole then at her sister, who was looking down at the hole as well, but Sophie was very fascinated to see that her eyes were purplish red this lead Sophie to question, but before she could say anything to Shana they heard movement and grunts of pain in the direction Zenoku lays. Shana move Sophie behind her as she watched as Zenoku body was getting up causing her to growl quietly to herself. "Well well well a normal human would have died by that force, but I complement you on trying to kill me." He stated while dusting himself off then cracking his neck to fix it back to place as blood was leaking down his head making everything red in his eyes. Shana stayed emotionless while listening to him talk, but she mostly was focusing on how scared Sophie was, feeling her body shiver against hers, but her focus went back to him on what he said next, "but I'm surprise mostly by how you can still register your sister voice even when you don't have control over your own body." He sounds fascinated as he looks at them from afar while the famous creepy smirk appeared on his lips again, Shana really wanted to tear it off his face it was making her more in rage by the second. Shana notice her sister change in attitude, but she was more interested by what her parents killer said about her sister not being able to control her body this was her sister wasn't it?

"What do you mean Shana doesn't have control over her body?" She said trying to sound demanding, but her voice was cracking from being scared of the man. "Oh your parents never told you about your sister condition."  They could hear the amusement in his voice as he's walking towards them around the hole, but as he was getting closer a sword went right through his chest causing him to stop and wale out in pain, the sword was an inch away from his heart he slowly moves his head to look at the little girl for a moment she made his blood run colder by the sight of her dark expression then more swords appeared out of no where striking at him all at ones making him scream out in agony. The endless swords finally came to a stop Zenoku was still standing, but bent over a lil with the weight of the swords stabbing him through his back to his chest as his blood is leaking down the sword to the ground. He lifts his head slowly up to look at them again as he coughing up blood and letting a smirk form on his lips, "s-such utter b-beauty and m-madness..." He chocked out before collapsing over to the big hole and continue falling until they couldn't see him again.

As Shana is watching Zenoku fall to his death she carried an evil presence to herself, but it quickly disappear when she felt her sister about to look at her. "Shana are you there?" The worry tone in her voice was trembling in fear as she reached out to touch her sister face to make her look at her. "Shana, Shana, please Shana snap out of it, I don't know what this condition the guy was talking about, but please snap out of it." She said while tears were leaking down her face as she keep staring in her sister eyes seeing no change in them, she started to get frantic and began shaking Shana back and forth thinking that might help get her out of it. "Aww, what a touchy, teary scene," there was sarcasm in the unexpected voice follow with a laugh. They both turn to their left to see a women sitting on top of the rubble, wearing a white tank top showing the mild muscles she had while wearing knee rip white pants with black stitching along with chains dangling from her pant loop, she had four piercings in her right ear and her hair was dirty blond that was in a mini mohawk. Once Shana saw what it was she moved Sophie behind her while growling at the female in front of them, "What don't trust an angel." She smirked as they sense the playfulness when she spoked.

"Who are you, why are you here?" Sophie questioned behind Shana shoulder trying to sound confident, however her body language expressed differently. Shana looks at her in the corner of her eye then looks back at the angel that starts to walk over to them. "Names Hannah," her playful tone wasn't there anymore when she said her name instead they heard seriousness and venom as she pulls out her two guns, it was silver with gold trims making a dragon design on it. She points them straight at Shana holding the guns upside down while holding the triggers with her pinky. "And I'm here to take care of your sister," she said glaring at Shana while Shana stars back at her getting ready to fight.

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