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 Crystal is hunted by nightmares of her good friend, Richard death in a car accident when they were 19 then 3-6 years laster she is staying with her boyfriend, Jin. However, one day an unexpected knock from the dead will change her life, she soon later finds out that supernatural beings do exist and she knows two of them, while being the key to deciding the fate of the world. 

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Nightmare And Comfort

Two people in the car are laughing and enjoying their time together. The girl has honey-golden hair that goes down to her back and curly, green eyes, while wearing a black beanie, purple blouse, and blue jeans. She was holding his hand while he's driving with his other hand; he has black with red highlights and grayish-greenish eyes; he was wearing a black linkin park shirt and black skinny jeans. Then the image changed to the car in ruins and the girl is shaking the boy who has blood leaking from his head, glass shards on his right arm, and isn't waking up while the girl has minor injuries like a little cuts. "Richard...Richard...Richard wake up!!" She shouted at him while tears poured from her eyes has she keeps shaking him then tons of hands reached out from behind her and grabbed her out of the car.

She's kicking and screaming to get free then the scene changed to the doctor covering Richards head giving the singal he's dead. "!!!" She screams out as her hand is reached out to the guy as the hands keep her back from him. She soon hear voices shouting out at her, "cr...cry...crystal!" it echoed through out the room then the scene started to all fade away and she woke up to see the cieling while she notice her hand is in the air, she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. "Crystal..Crystal look at me..look at me crystal," the man said looking at her with concern in his eyes as he sees her with tears pouring out her eyes. she slowly looks at him then lock eyes with him. "..Jin?" questioned as she lowered her hand to rest on his shoulder. "Yes it's me," Jin said calmly while bringing her to a tight embrace. "Did you have the same nightmare again?" he asked sincerely while stroking her back to comfort her.

She grips his shoulder and cries in his chest and that was enough for him to know that she did have that horrible dream of her past 'friend' death. "It's okay i'm here I won't leave you Crystal, I won't leave your side." He said pulling away to look her in the eyes and reasure her with a smile which in return made her smile back then he slowly lean closer to her their lips inches apart until their lips touch it was sweet, comforting, and warmth as they kiss.

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Meeting Light and Reunited Darkness

[Crystal view]

I'm in the kitchen making myself some spicy chicken pasta for lunch and maybe dinner if I save some for Jin when he gets off work. I recall the nightmare I have every night that keeps hunting me in my sleep. That replays the scene that took the life of someone dear to me, I had to go to therapy because of my denial of the truth and the nightmares of that tragic event appearing almost every night when I went to sleep, but one good thing that came out of going to therapy was that I met my boyfriend, Jin. It's weird, but funny because he was my therapist at the time when I first started going taking therapy you could say it was fate.

He was very polite to me and seem to always be comforting whenever we are in his office together talking about my nightmares or even just normal conversation that's not even related to the issues. I even catch myself coming by his office when I don't have an appointment with him. He was just someone easy to talk to, but also I felt like he was angel for me sent to comfort me in my times of need and lift up my spirit, so I asked him out one day.


She was walking through a hall to her destination, even though it was an unexpected visit to the person she wanted to see. Once she got in front of the door that read "Dr. Jin Johnson" she breathed in and let it out to calm her nerves on what she is about to do. She knocks on the door waiting, then the door open to show a man with long sliver hair with golden natural highlights, wearing a nice black suit, his face was looking back in his room, 'he must have someone in his office at the moment, I should have called first.' She scold herself in her head as she looks down at her dark purple converse.

"I'm sorry, I do have someone in at the moment you might need to...oh Crystal what are you doing here, did you have another dream?" He finally turned his head to see crystal was the person who knocked at his door, which made him happy, but also worry because he knows about her nightmares. She quickly looked up at him seeing the concern expression on his face, so she put on a nervous smile and waved her hand frantically in front of her, "n-no I'm fine really, I didn't have any nightmares last night hehe." Crystal stuttered a lil but softly said the rest as she place her hand over her other one. Jin looked at her checking for any body language or expression that gave away she might be lying to him, but he said none.

"That's good to hear, but may I ask why you are here then because your not schedule for today session?" He had a questioning face as he looked down at her then to the person in his office. "O-oh I w-wanted to tell you something important at this moment." She stuttered some more while looking at her feet, her face was turning red and her palms were getting sweaty. Jin looks back at her seeing her whole attitude change from him not looking at her for just a moment, he closed the door behind him getting a little more close to her. "What is it you would like to discuss crystal?" He softly and sweetly spoke to her seeing how nervous she was. "...u-um...can we I mean would you l-like to go o-out" she was fumbling with her words, not looking at him in the eye trying to avoid it, and playing with her fingers, but once she said the last bit, she looked at him all flushed in the face and held her hands tightly together.

Jin was surprise to hear that, he didn't know what to say to that which cause the room to be silent and awkward making her regret asking him that question. "I-I'll just go now.." She looked down at the floor her hair covering her face so he won't see her about to cry, she turn to leave, but Jin grabbed her arm then pulled her into a tight embrace. She was surprise by this action, but welcome it hugging him back.

He pull her back and titles her head up to look at him in the eye while he showed a smile on his face, "yes I would love to go out with you." He said sincerely to her as he wipes away a tear with his thumb. "Y-you will?" She question trying to make sure she didn't hear him wrong. "Yes I will, but I have some bad news." He said rubbing the back of his neck moving away from her.

"What??" She got worried her heart was pounding against her chest faster by the minute. "I can't date any of my clients it's against the rules." He sound disappointed and a little angry by the rules. However that gave crystal an idea, "then I'll just stop being your client then we can date." She was so excited that she came up with that idea. Jin thought about it for a moment then looked at her and pulled her tightly in a hug, "Yes that would work wonderfully, I'll come up with a reason on why you stop being my client to my boss." He was really happy that he could date her, he fell for her when she started opening up to him about everything and seeing her smile makes him enjoy his day even more.


After dating for 2 years we decide to move in together, so I'm living in Jin's apartment helping pay the bills even though he told me not to, but I wanted to. I finally finish making my chicken pasta turning off the stove and grabbing a plate from the cabinets then fixed a plate and walked to the living room to sit down and watch the rest of season 7 of supernatural. I can't watch it around Jin, he doesn't like how the show betray angels as beings that "would not care about humans or something like that," I usually don't pay attention to him when supernatural is on, it's just an interesting show. Even though, I know demons or other supernatural creatures don't exist in this world, but it would be interesting if they were it might help keep my mind off the nightmares if I went through the stuff Sam and Dean went through.

As I'm finishing up the rest of my lunch/dinner while finishing the rest of last episode of season 7. I hear a heavy knock at the door, I ignored it thinking it's just sells people, but it only got louder, which made me groan in annoyance. I paused the video then got up and head for the door, "I'm coming!! You can stop abusing the door!!" I shouted as I get closer to the door, I swung it open really pissed off, but before I said anything my face went pal at the person in front of me, who had a sexy and playful smirk on his face.

"Hey Crystal long time no see," his voice was playful, but kinda husky as well. Once he spoke I knew it was him, but I reached out to touch his face when I did my hand didn't go through him like most of my nightmares I had, but this time it was real, he was real. I couldn't handle this surprise, he could tell by my reaction, "Crystal you okay, maybe you should sit down?" He sound concern even his handsome face that I remember showed concern to them. Everything was getting fuzzy and going black, I could feel myself falling to my side, but I felt two arms catch me before I fell to the floor. 'It must be Jin not Richard how could Richard be alive,' I asked in my head before I let sleep take over.

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