Canicule's Mania

Six weeks after the explosive conclusion to TORRENT's CORRUPTION, Drake's team is pulled from its recovery by Former-Colonel Henry. Yet, the cunning grey fox vanishes as swiftly as he appears—with a container of Drake's blood in tow. Fearful of the repercussions of Henry holding the source of Drake's ability, Drake, James, Joseph,...

Torrent's Corruption

Following the Chesapeake attack in SUMMER'S BANE, Drake, James, Joseph, and their teammates Edwin, Nee, and Woodson join the hunt for repeat-terrorist Daniel Black, but inadvertently cross paths with the fearsome Stripe Squad. With rivalries ignited or rekindled, the team find themselves intertwined in Daniel's schemes. Seemingly...

Summer's Bane

Encountering powerful and mysterious new allies and monstrous foes, James, Joseph, Edwin, and Drake must, together and separately, contend for their lives and for the fate of Chesapeake ARK as dark forces rally to destroy them.

Autumn's Barrage

Faced with the murder of one of their own, the escape of a traitor, and their own injuries and self-doubts, Drake, James, and Joseph must team up with Wallace, Edwin, and Jack to solve a case and preserve their lives in the process.

Winter's Requiem

Almost two months after the events of Spring's Reckoning, James, Joseph, and Drake find themselves thrust into a shadow war being waged by factions among the dragons, and must work with new teammates, allies, and old foes to stand against enemies ready to consume everything in flames.

Spring's Reckoning

After being rescued by his older brother Steven, James and his friends Drake and Joseph follow Steven into ARK—the preeminent peacekeeping force in a post-human North America. Seventeen year-old James is the last to join. Working as an Officer in Training in the Guard Proper, he must wrestle difficult classes and the expectations...

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