"Love" What is Love?


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 We often refer to love as an indescribable feeling deep inside our bodies and heart, this feeling of love can vary, we have love for our parents, children, friends, and importantly the one love we all crave... That of our partners/lovers. 

The more scientific explanation I was once told about love is that it's a chemical reaction in our brains a bit like a child and a bottle, they become complacent and used to the bottle being there and start growing an attachment as psychology would state. 

Love is almost similar in this way, because when we are in love we grow an attachment to that person and when they leave we feel pain and most without them.

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 I believe that love is more than just an emotion and feeling, I believe that love is more spiritual and cosmic. 

When we fall in love with someone we instantly feel that electric connection, our brains use electric currents to send messages back and forth. Now what if these electric connections are indeed the key to love? 

We all know there is positive and negative sides to magnets... Put the negative together and they push each other apart, put to positives together they pull each other in.

What if our minds are similar to those magnets?

What if our minds are sending electric currents out when we dream to attract that special someone?

We have heard the saying that 'there is someone out there for everyone'. 

Just like there are magnets that connect each other but not all work in sync only certain magnets will only attract those who are more closely matched.

Think of it this way, personality for instance... 

Everyone has a different personality.

although they may be similar in almost every way they are still different in ways we cannot see with the human eye. 

Take the animal the wolf for instance, the Alpha will show his love and affection and courage by defending his pack or his family. The Beta or his partner in the family will protect the Alpha by acting in a way that looks like it's surrendering but in actual fact the Beta is protecting the Alpha from serious harm. This is a sign of care and love and affection. 

Most of us will experience sadness and bad times when looking for our Beta, be you man or woman you are the Alpha if you are seeking... But in the end no matter how long it may take we will find our Beta!. 

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 Let me take you back to the magnets theory and try to gain a little more understanding, we know that 2 negatives don't make a positive, but what is it that makes two people click and fall in love when they clash and nothing positive to agree on? I have known friends who were in a relationship and they did nothing but argue all the time but somehow miraculously they are sill together, how can this be possible?

Could the theory is love being a simple chemical reaction be wrong? Surely if that reaction requires some sort of positive action to keep it growing then how can negative actions that take place constant possibly help the relationship? 

Let me answer that for you,... Love is simple more than a chemical reaction its spiritual, religiously written in stone somewhere humankind cannot yet seek. We are connected by a fine piece of string to that special person, no matter how much tension and strain is put on that piece of string it will never break because you are simply destined to be wit that person. 

We all know when one proposes to the other they place the ring on the forefinger of the left hand, an interesting fact is that this has a special meaning!.. The vein which runs from this finger goes directly to your heart. Now there is another thought, we have 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 eyes you get the picture.. This piece of string that is attached to our hearts is connected through our forefinger, thus it must certainly lead us to our twin flame. When two hearts best together as one there is nothing in the world both visible and spiritual that can break that bond and strength and passion coursing through them. 

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Love is a mystery

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Just a little thought.....

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