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 I searched for you today,

But you cannot find someone that doesn’t want to be found.

I must stay away from any remembrance of you.

The most precious gift I received from you was this book.

Does that mean I must rid of it, like the last horocrox?

Destroy each soul that belonged to you.

A bit cruel for a man, who is not fully a man.

Acknowledging that you shouldn’t recite I love you carelessly.

You’re another ballon to the wind.

You’ve heard of my adventures, guess you had to make some of your own. 

Enjoy the world, but be careful not to stray.

Wandering too far could be wonderful, or a complete disaster. 

Don’t get lost.

You told me “stop searching.”

Our paths go in different direction.

I told you I never want to see you again.

It’s set in fate.

If you were to ever write a letter, I would rip it up and throw the paper to the wind

So you too could be gone with the wind.

Thankful for your ghost departure.

Fewer words are recommended.

A farewell would have been too pleasant.

Silence is key, yet mine will linger.

I’ve pondered my thoughts of you for too long now.

I will not be sufficed with love on just a full moon.

You cannot commit to I as a lover, but you vowed our friendship, and then pushed it to the side.

No response is enough.

It says more then words.

Did you know that night would be the last time you’d ever see me?

Felt hurt in my heart from one beat,

Then I began to write and it went away.


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