His Love


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I can just imagine your hands on my body. Their gentle touch flowing down my soft skin, over the mountains on my chest and the curves of my hips. Your kisses excite me, body, mind, soul. Your love feels like no other. I feel safe, supported, secure. Everything is as it should be.

Our son is everything to you. I see your love for him in your eyes. How you play with him enlightens my soul. Our love, our perfect child. Who could ask for more? In just a couple years we’ll be together again. You’ll be out of school and I’ll be finishing my schooling. We’ll be whole again, like we imagined when we got married. I hate being apart from you. It rips my soul to shreds. We were so young when everything happened. But our love was strong. We didn’t care what the others said about us being together.

            I can no longer see that your love in your eyes. Not since you met her. I guess you should’ve stayed with me. Maybe those precious blue eyes of yours wouldn’t be lifeless right now. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet. But I’m not dying tonight

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