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Rosa by: Eden Gig

      Hola, my name is Eden Rivas. This is my first biography I have ever written. I'm 80 years old the year is 2080. This book will be about my life as young Puerto Rican Girl or Chica. 

It all started 2009....

"Hola Mamma," I say glad to see her, " how was work today?" 

"Hola not now Eden." 

"Ok mamma" 

Mamma was always tired papa had just died, and we was in grief. I wish mamma could get over papa but that will never happen. 

I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers, I'm the middle child. My eldest siblings to my least sibling goes like this.... Maria Rivas18, Jose Rivas 16 , Julie Rivas 13 , Me 9, Ameila Rivas 7, Lenny Rivas 5, and Eddie Rivas 4. Mamma was 35 and papa was 36, mamma's name is Nataliz Beniavo Rivas and papa was Ricardo Rivas. 

"Rosa" I say aloud. 

"NO!! Roja," Julie argues. 

"SHUT UP!!" Jose screams. 

"You are not my mamma or papa for that matter," Julie yells to our older el hermano. 

" El babe uno dos tres, tres el babe, Hahahaha," Maria cries out while laughing at us, she thinks she's perfect cause she's the eldest, but she's not. Julie is the sweet one, and Maria is the perfect diva one, Ameila is the baby girl, and the boys are boys!!!! 

We continue are fuss....

" Verde, blanco, azul, morado, and more and more" I say mocking my siblings. 

"No not funny, Eden" they all fuss back to me. 

You may wonder why we talk English and Spanish?? Well mamma is Half Puerto Rican and papa was full Puerto Rican. He was from Puerto Rico, but mamma was from Virginia which is we're we live at that time at least. 

November 20, 2010....

Today it is my b-day I am 10 years old today. Maria Graduated last year so mamma has one less child to provide for!! Maria does have a boy friend, his name is Juan Diaz he is older than Maria he is 21, 2 years older than my sister. 

Mamma made me a cake, it has azul icing with coco cake, YUMMY!! Pupa and Gma and Ganny and Gapa came to my party and so did my Cousins and Aunts and Uncles. They all brung presents!! YAY!! I got Barbie, and pretty dresses, and cakes to eat and share and other great gifts. 

If you are wondering Pupa and Gma are mama's parents and Ganny and Gapa are papa's.

Ganny and Gapa are not legal and never will be, Pupa is legal now!! Gma always was. 

June 7,2011....

Today is papa's death anaverseary, 3 years ago papa died in--------?? Sorry I can not say anything about papa right now I just can not get the words yet. 

We drove in Gma's van to the grave sit, we do not have a big enough car to ride all 5 of us kids plus mamma we only have a jeep that fits 4 kids, yes I said 5 Jose never liked nor loved papa so he stayed at home. Today after we put flowers on papa grave we had lunch at Gma's and Pupa's home, yummy noodles wrapped around grilled chicken with sweat peas and chunky spicey cheese. Mmmm!!!! 

Pupa surprised us, he gave us his truck with 5 seats in it in all and 2 seats in the back tail. WOW!! Now we can all go to 1 place at a time. We are keeping the jeep though cause well you never know. 

Summer came summer went same goes for all the months. 

May 28,2012.... 

Julie turns 16, yes we are supposed to do a big age 15 party but she wanted to it the American way, and so do I, I hope it does not hurt mamma's fellings. 

Long beautiful purple with red trims and red bow gown that sparkles in your eye. A perfect way to have a ROSA party!!

Just in case you don't already know I'm 13 or will be in November as you know.  

Julie will Graduate next year with her boy friend Marco Whu I can not wait to be there, and Maria is pregnant and engaged, and Jose is drunk and b*tchy, just like Papa was when he was that age. Uh!!

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About Jose

 Drunk brother walks in my home 5am in the morning WTC!! 

"Julie, Ameila, Lenny,and Eddie, get in here NOW!!" Mamma screamed. I'm glad I'm the good child. 

Oh mamma has real good new cousin Natty is coming, yay!! 

I can not bare to write this but mamma died last night rest in peace Nataliz you were only 39. 

"Jose you bitch" I scream along with my siblings. 

My brother is a murder....

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