DogFish (A Children's Book)


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Hello! My name is DogFish!

I was made with love and care by a nice old lady named Grandma Mary.

She gave me a fishy body to be huggable and doggy fur to be cuddly warm.

Grandma Mary gave me a friend. She told me that my friend is very unique just like me.

My friend and I did everything together from eating to sleeping. 

Then one day, we were out shopping at the mall. My friend wanted to go see the toys and there was this big one that looked super fun. 

My friend set me down so I could look at the toys while he took the big box to show Mom. 

I wandered a little bit to see some more toys, but then a long time went by and my friend didn't come back.

We were separated and I was scared.

I looked up to see some beautiful dolls and other stuffed animals like me. 

"Hey, have you seen my friend?" I asked them.

All the toys looked at me. "We haven't seen a toy like you before. What aisle are you from?"

"Well..." I replied "I'm not from an aisle. My friend got lost when he went to show Mom a toy."

"I'm sure if you ask your identical, they can help." A pretty yellow-haired doll suggested nicely.

"I don't have an identical. Grandma Mary said I am unique and that there is no one like me."

The other toys gasped and were silent a moment, before they started to giggle. "How can you have a friend if they're not just like you."

"My friend doesn't need to be just like me to be my friend, because we're both unique." I answered.

"I bet you were made and don't even have a tag. No good toy is free!"

I felt humiliated as they all laughed more and more.

I decided to look into one of the bins with all the toys to see if there really were others like me, but they all just grinned and showed me their tags. Maybe if I was in there, I'd have more friends. 

Then they all went silent and I saw that someone was coming over. They picked me up and I knew instantly by the wonderful hug, that it was my friend. 

"Oh DogFish! I'm sorry we got separated! I wouldn't trade you for the biggest toy in the store. There's a million of them and only one of you. You're so special DogFish!"

We walked away and I looked back at all the identical toys and smiled. Money and fitting in aren't what make friends, being yourself is what makes great friends. 


Unique: Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Separated: To move or be apart.

Beautiful: Pleasing the senses or mind.

Identical: Similar in every detail; exactly alike.

Humiliated: Feeling ashamed and foolish in front of others.

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