Little Illuminations


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This is a guided meditation series for kids and adults. Whether the adult reads to the child or a person reads it to themselves, this is a way to find your own illumination. 


Finding a Happy Place- This book will be a simple guide on finding a happy place to go to.

Bye Bye Big Feelings- Recognizing big emotions before they burst and how to calm them down.

Breathing like a Balloon- Breathing techniques to stay calm

Jellyfish Journey- Guided meditation Story

Loving Kindness for You- Sending good vibes to those around the world

Loving Kindness for Me- Loving and being kind to ourselves

Mantras & Mandalas- Learning to chant and draw to stay calm

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Finding a Happy Place

Having a happy place to go to can be important for staying calm when things seem crazy.

Even if you can't actually move, thinking about going somewhere else can help you stay calm.

Think of a location:

It can be simple place you already know like your home, a friend's home, or Grandma's home.

Maybe it's place you like to go for vacation like the beach or amusement park.

It can even be a make believe place like a castle or magical forest.

Do you have a place set in your mind? Say it a couple times either to yourself or out loud.

Let's think of the colors in your happy place.

Are there calming blues and greens? 

Bright pinks and purples?

What about happy yellow and orange?

Color in each little spot in your happy place. 

What about this place makes you happy?

Is it the people there?

The pretty things you see?

The sounds?

The fun activities you do?

Picture those there.

Picture you doing those things that make you happy. 

...Quietly enjoy until you feel ready to leave...

Now say goodbye to your happy place, but don't worry...

It will be there again when you need it. 


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