Bad Habits


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 Tristen Avery:Main character (Cover photo) (17)

Michel Avery : Tristens Younger brother (15)

Amicus(Ami) Wright- Eh-Mih-Cuhs-: Driver 

Briana: Tristen's best friend. 

I woke up in an empty house, as usual, walked down the hall and opened my brothers door, turning the light on. 

"Get up" 

I walked back to my room and into my bathroom looking in the mirror, stripping down to nothing, and turning the shower on.  

Right before I stepped in I heard my phone vibrate and  answered it : "We're up Ma'" 

"Okay good. Don't forget to lock the door, gotta go." She said and hung up quickly. I sighed and put the phone down.  Have a good day, love you. I thought to myself as I do every morning when she calls.

I finished showering and got dressed in my  grey nike sweats, a black long sleeved  half shirt and my  pink nike slides.  I walked back in the bathroom, and looked in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, and washed my face.  I took my bonnet off and looked at the mess on top of my head and shook my head. 

"Nook hurry up, the car  is here" My brother yelled from downstairs. I sighed and threw my hair into a messy bun , grabbed my backpack, and ran down the stairs. 


"I'm coming nigga, damn. Shut the hell up screaming" I said walking up behind him and out the front door. 

"Cuss again, I'm telling momma"  he said stopping and looking back at me. 

"Cuss again I'm telling momma" I said mocking him, and pushing him towards the driveway.   

"You always taking forever."  He said as we walked to the black SUV parked in our driveway. 

"Shut up. Just cause you don't wash your ass every morning" He looked back at me with a shocked expression

"Awwww!! You said ass!" He said pointing at me 

"And you just did too" I smirked at him and ran around the car to the front seat before he could, and hopped in. He stuck his tongue out at me and I shrugged. 

"You two stay at it, don"t you?"  Amicus, our driver said, laughing , as michel  got in the car. 

"No Ami, Tristen is just a brat" He said putting his seat belt on. 

"Oh! I'm the brat? says the one who cried yesterday because he couldn't go downstairs in the theater room because last time , YOU spilled juice all over the chairs!" I said rolling my eyes at him, as we pulled off. 

"Whatever" he said, knowing I was right. 

Ami pulled up to our school, and parked behind the busses, as everyone watched us leave the car, as expected. 

"Thanks Ami, see you at 3!" Michel said and ran off into the school

"Hey Ami, I have to stay after school a while. Ill have one of my friends bring me home though!" 

"Alright! Have a good day guys. " I smiled and closed the door, walking to the building. 

I sat down in my first class, Biology, and sat in the back, as usual. I had about 10 minutes until the bell rang, so I pulled out my phone and read the 25 new messages in my phone, most of which I had no intent on responding to. Except Briana's. 

Bri: where you at ho

Tris': Sorry, ran a little late. Meet me after first period

"Alright everyone, Phones up, we have a lot to cover today"

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