How to pack a Zero Waste Lunch


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How to pack a Zero Waste Lunch

Give your kids the best start to the day by packing them a Zero Waste lunch to take to school. Preparing a waste free lunch box not only gives them a healthy meal but education on why we need to care for the environment. Stuck on where to go for Zero waste shopping? Check out Brisbane Zero Waste resources for locations around Brisbane for package free goods.


Once you learn how to pack a Zero Waste lunch box, it’s easy to continue create environmentally friendly packed meals every day. Don’t just let your kids have all the fun, these Zero Waste tips can apply to adults too!


Buy in bulk: Buying your food in larger quantities not only saves you money but also on plastic packaging. Use reusable containers to pack smaller portions into lunch boxes.


1.       Zero Waste Recipes: Create healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy which can benefit the environment too. Easy Zero Waste recipes such as tortillas, pancakes, pasta and gnocchi use simple and few bulk ingredients can be found at


2.       Reusable Containers: Buying reusable containers instead of disposables will also save you money in the long run whilst protecting the environment from single use plastics. You and your kids can save leftover treats for later, just remember to bring the containers home!


3.       Reusable Water Bottle: Using a reusable water bottle eliminates harmful toxins which can hide in plastic water bottles. You can refill your bottle throughout the day and not worry about your child becoming dehydrated after a hard day of play. Providing a water bottle instead of juice or flavoured milk options is also a healthier alternative for your children. If your child does love his milk, discover where to find Zero Waste Milk in Brisbane.


4.       Cloth Napkin: Save trees, mop up spills and clean sticky hands with a reusable cloth napkin.  Once soiled they can easily be thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned. A fun DIY project is to make your own cloth napkins and/or embellish them for a personal touch. Involving the kids in decorating their own cloth napkins provides a sense of ownership and increases the chances of their napkins coming home safely.


5.       Reusable Utensils: Skip the plastic by providing reusable cutlery in your lunch boxes. You could pick up some second hand cutlery at the Op shop if you don’t want any of your good dinnerware going astray. Otherwise save those pesky single use plastic forks and knifes that accidently land in your hands to be reused. For more Zero Waste ideas on how to avoid unnecessary plastic every day check out Zero Waste Kit

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