Living a life of excess? At least consider the Future Generation


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Living a life of excess? At least consider the Future Generation

Ever wondered where your rubbish is actually going and how it is affecting the lives of the other living beings? Your waste may be contributing to the deaths of whales, dolphins, and many other magnificent living creatures happening everyday due to a significant rise in waste production. Guess you never knew that littering could define you as a killer. However it’s not too late, a proper education on litterless living to change your wasteful habits is exactly what you need.


Majority of people purchase things that they may not even need and end up using them only once before throwing them away, unknowingly producing waste each and every day. You can make a difference by introducing litterless living practices into your everyday lives. Follow Zero Waste blogger Brittany Ainsworth, on her Zero Waste journey to be inspired and educated on ways to reduce your waste.


Like Brittany, if you also reside in Brisbane and you are looking to find Zero Waste essentials then Litterless Living is the ideal resource for practising the art of living a more sustainable lifestyle. You may also want to join others in the Brisbane Zero Waste community and start shopping in bulk using reusable bags and glass jars. Check out Brittany’s blog post on Zero Waste Brisbane resources to discover the perfect compilation of bulk stores and markets in Brisbane that offer package free products.


This Zero Waste blog has driven thousands of readers to start living a sustainable lifestyle and reducing their waste. In fact, tips and tricks listed here will even save you money! So start changing your habits today to save our planet, money, and most of all save lives.


If you want to make a difference begin by reading through Brittany’s Zero Waste blog - Litterless Living. This blog provides you with the ultimate resources that will teach you to live a more responsible lifestyle by making a difference in reducing the pollution around you whilst protecting our beautiful beaches. Doing just a little can make a huge difference and you too can influence others in starting their own waste reduction journey. Every time you contribute to the reduction of waste, remember that you are bettering the future and maybe even saving a life.

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