Tips For A Zero Waste Road Trip


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Tips For A Zero Waste Road Trip

Make your next road trip a fun and eco-friendly with our top tips for a Zero Waste road trip. A little bit of planning goes a long way when trying to be sustainable and the preparation of a few travel essentials will make your road trip even more enjoyable.


Tips to Minimizing Waste on a Road Trip:


1.       Pack Snacks: Prepare a couple of Zero Waste recipes to bring along with you on your journey to prevent having to buy prepackaged processed foods. You could also buy fruit or nuts in bulk to save on plastic and the environment.


2.       Take Breaks: While on a road trip you want to take frequent breaks to prevent yourself from getting tired from driving and of course to stop and soak in all the sights. If travelling with others, try and swap turns driving to let everyone have a rest.


3.       Limiting your Waste: Check out Zero Waste Kit for other items to bring along on your trip to prevent waste. Such as bringing along a reusable coffee cup to use instead of disposable cups.


4.       Getting Lost: Download the area you are travelling to on google maps to help you get around and stop from getting lost. This will also make it easier to navigate and you won’t need a physical map which will get torn up and thrown in the bin at the end of the trip.


5.       Pack Light: Not sure what to pack for your road trip? Zero Waste Toiletries will give you some ideas on what to bring for a minimalistic and less stressful trip.


6.       Get Comfortable: Pack a blanket, pillow and some clothing layers to keep yourself comfortable during the drive. That way you won’t have to buy anything extra during your journey.


7.       Extras: For more tips on creating less waste while you travel, check out Zero Waste Travel for more information.

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