Zero Waste Shampoo, Tortillas, and Pancakes


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Zero Waste Shampoo, Tortillas, and Pancakes

Making an effort to your reduce waste can be extremely beneficial to our beautiful planet. Every time you reduce waste, you’re contributing to the betterment of future generation. Want to start but don’t know how? Begin reading up on sustainable living and you’ll be contributing in no time. Eco-friendly blogger Brittany Ainsworth and her Zero Waste blog is the best place to become inspired on reducing waste and finding Zero Waste resources.


Litterless Living covers how to make delicious recipes without producing unnecessary waste, such as Zero Waste tortillas. Tortillas bought from a supermarket will usually come in non-biodegradable packaging. Once you’ve stuffed that tortilla in your mouth, where does that packaging end up? Most probably in the ocean, and ultimately in the belly of a whale or dolphin. Making your own Zero Waste tortillas will not only save marine life but contribute to the reduction of pollution, as well. If you’re looking to make your next meal a delicious and healthy Zero Waste tortilla, find the Zero Waste recipe at Litterless Living.


Along with Zero Waste tortillas why not try your hand at making healthy Zero Waste pancakes for breakfast? This package free recipe can be made using only 2 ingredients to make a delicious and healthy meal. Replacing sugar with the natural sweetness of bananas will ensure that your kids won’t notice the difference. Can’t wait to try it yourself? Then head on over to Litterless Living and to find this mind-blowing Zero Waste pancake recipe. Start your day with a healthy meal without a side of plastic pollution.


Eating healthy foods is as important as what you put on your skin and hair. Commercial dry shampoos are a lifesaver on busy days but can contain many nasty chemicals.  Litterless Living has come up with an easy DIY Zero Waste dry shampoo recipe you can make straight out of your pantry. This guide will not only save your hair but also money from buying dry shampoo that may be chemically harmful. Using only 2/3 ingredients this DIY Zero Waste dry shampoo is simple and effective at keeping your hair clean and chemical free. Visit Litterless Living for the full DIY recipe.


Making simple Zero Waste lifestyle changes can have a big impact on our environment. Reducing your production of waste helps to save our planet for future generations while also benefiting you by creating a healthier lifestyle. Get started today by heading over to Litterless Living and finding out even more ways to live a healthier and more sustainable life today.

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