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Is it technique

 So you think sales is comprised of technique and skill. Guess again, my first year in Real Estate I sold over ten million in residential. I was awarded a silver trophy by my local association. My second year, I doubled that number and a local magazine had me featured for my success. I now have my own Brokerage Firm in two different states that employ over 40 agents. Most Real Estate firms will give you adequate training to fit in with the average agents if that's what your looking for. The average agent struggles every month in maintaining a consistent flow of sales and more importantly leads. They witness yard signs everywhere and hear of closings every day, but can't seem to maneuver their way to the next level. 

Most Real Estate Firms give you the usual speech and training consisting of the " utilize your sphere of influence " and expand from there. Well, what if you don't have a sphere of influence. You also get the perverbial " make sure you set up a CRM, website, cold call, and etc". Even better, the " all agents must do a minimum of 2 hours of phone monitoring (floor duty)" What a total waste of time! 

I have witnessed some new agents spend thousands of dollars on Direct Mailing. One of the most ineffective approaches in marketing. Surely, you realize that most mass Direct Mail ends up in the trash bin. You can send out all the flyers, calendars, magnets, and etc, it simply doesn't have and kind of ROI worth while. Most agents use this tool just to see themselves on printed material. As if that's a marker of being successful. 

Don't be fooled by the " you can be profoundly successful using socail media". Social Media is a great tool, but plays a small part in the success tools that you should utilize. 

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