Dark Poetry


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Hearts don’t beat for love

they beat and bleed to live

you must hurt to know that you’re alive

you can’t take back what you give


The strings of fate wrap around your neck

what‘s wrong with you?

don’t be tainted by the cocaine of the heart

but you won’t listen, will you?


Trust me, I see love drains you of life

oh, stupid child, have you no sense 

love is foul and imaginary 

bittersweet some may say 


Now if you don’t listen to me, that’s okay

I’ll watch you hang from the string of fate

don‘t crawl back to your sweet Prince Charming 

inside to them your just their bitter-sweetheart 



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Pigs in human skin

Shadow faced greedy bastards

that‘s what my eyes see

normal people, normal day

the normal people are blind 


People always want the best

all for themselves 

best food, best spot, best material 

greedy pigs


I wait to see you get slaughtered 

that is the day that the sun shines a bit brighter

less trash plagues this planet 

you’re wasting my precious air


Breathe in innocent

breathe out corruption 

you rot from your brain

your just a pig in human skin


That is all you’ll ever be...

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You're Welcome

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Would you like to pick the topic for my next poem?

i really like this one because of how it describes the modern world we live in and how some (not everyone) are way too much into themselves going to the point where it becomes an unhealthy obsession and while everyone is busy playing on social media or ranting about things that aren't a serious problem there's other people around the world who don't have such freedoms

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Thank you so much for understanding my point of view, this means a lot to me.


We have a food shortage 

“It‘s punishment from God!” They cry

food comes back

”Praise the Lord!” They chant


What about earth? Mother Nature?

thats where food comes from

”Where’s your proof?” They ask


Where’s yours? I want to say but I don’t 

I’d like to call them so many things, none good


”Heathen! Satanist! Witch!” They yell

all the names throught history 

I know them all too well


Shut up! I want to yell... just shut up...

if I want to rot in hell then let me

I’d rather be in hell than in heaven

I’ll leave you to your pointless beliefs 

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