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Chapter 1


Journal Entry #27

July 21st, Sunday


Today I’m going to my relatives house. I don’t know what part of my family he’s from but he’s supposed to be my new guardian. My home is no longer safe, my family is being hunted. I come from a long line of extremely powerful witches and warlocks, humans aren’t very... accepting of us. I’ll be leaving to my relatives at witching hour. I know absolutely nothing about him but his name is Rolquin. I feel too tired to do anything cause my adarna, Calliope, is sitting next to my head and squawking in my ear to keep me awake. An Ibong Adarna is a “mythical” bird from the Philippines that has healing powers, can put people to sleep (which is what I wish she would do to me), and can turn people to stone. It’s 2:47 a.m., a servant should be coming to get me soon and I won’t get to write until I’ve gotten settled with my new guardian. That’s it for now…

Lunette sits on her bed staring at the quill pen in her left hand and the journal in her right. She grabs her Victorian style satchel that lays on the little table next to her bed. As soon as she put the journal back into her satchel herncaretaker knocks on the door. ”Miss, it's almost time to depart. Are you prepared?” She said in her quiet yet hoarse voice. She's tired, I know that for a fact but she has terrible nightmares so she can't sleep. I feel bad but there's nothing I can do. She looked at her enchanted satchel which hold all of her belongings. ”Yes...”  She said quietly but loud enough for the caretaker to hear. ”Good, the carriage is waiting outside whenever you're ready.”

Lunette listened to the tapping of the caretakers shoes as she walked away and got up once she couldn't hear it anymore. Calliope sat on her shoulder as she walked out of my room into the hallway. This is the last time I'll get to see this room... The old chipping cloudy grey and dull purple paint that used to shine flakes off as she ran her fingers over it. The familiar scent of burning wood and honeysuckle that Lunette grew up with still remains in the air. Renaissance paintings and vases lined the walls, all of them older than her even in her witch age. This is the last time I'll get to be in this hallway…

Lunette got to the eleven-foot tall wooden front door. After decades upon decades, this door still stands. It's intricate carvings depict tales of dragons, humans, fairies, witches, and more in their natural habitats and environments. It's a beautiful piece of work that can have only one name, Peace. Peace among every species, no fighting, no wars, something I stand for. This is the last time I'll get to see this door…

As tears begin to well up in her eyes she pushed the door open to be greeted by the cool witching hour breeze. Calliope stretches her wings and ruffles her feathers a bit making Lunette smile as she nears the carriage. The caretakers open the door for her. Lunette enters swiftly and sits on the surprisingly comfortable seats. She was surprised since carriage seat aren't usually comfortable. I guess Irus likes comfort. The caretaker closes the door and stands to the side. This is the last time I'll get to see her...

Since Lunette is from a magical family, they never use normal horse to travel. Most witches and warlocks use Longma, a Chinese ”mythical” creature that is a fabled winged horse with dragon scales, basically a dragon horse. Lunette named the longma Caster, Jubilee, and Rue but no one else calls them that except her because they all look the same. She distinguish them by the sounds each of them makes. Caster grunts, Jubilee whinney’s, and Rue nickers. Lunette listens to the coachman giving others to the longmas.

Slowly and quietly they all start trotting, they pick up the pace until their sprinting. The ground is bumpy then it starts to fall away and that’s how she know we’re ascending. Lunette look out the carriage window, the stars are bright and the new moon is visible in her witch eyes.

Glowing spirit-like creatures called soul butterflies surround the carriage and some enter. They glow different color meaning different emotion. They whisper to Lunette their stories from the places they’ve been and people they've seen. Some stories are sad and others are happy but none of the are the same. Their soft glows and whispers slowly lull Lunette to sleep…



It’s dark...where am I?

Cor meum~...”

What? Who is that?

Animus meus...”

In the distance there’s a mans silhouette.

“Wh-who are you?” 

I’m confused, scared and confused.

For some reason I feel like I know him.

I want to get closer but I control my desire.

He chuckles softly, it’s an alluring noise.

Suddenly light starts cracking through the darkness surrounding me.

I glanc at the man but he’s gone. 

The light gets brighter and brighter and then...







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Chapter 2

Lunette is woken up by Calliope squawking in her ear and the bright sun shining in her still dilated pupils. The carriage isn’t moving; have we arrived? The coachman opens the door for her. “We have arrived miss.”  Lunette gets out and stretches her weakened arms and legs from the trip then stare in awe at the gorgeous mansion before her. It’s not modest in the slightest way and extremely elegant with marble and stone statues, grand water fountains and a pond. The coachman gets back on the carriage and begins to leave. I watch as the carriage disappears back into the forest. Well, I guess there's no going back now…

Turning back to the mansion Lunette slowly start walking to the front entrance. When she gets to the top of the stairs leading to the entrance Calliope starts squawking at the statues on each side. Lunette tries to quiet her down then notices that the statues have turned their heads and are now staring at her. She's quite startled but then they turn back and the doors open. She rushed in and again is staring in awe at the amazing scenery. Art older than anything I had ever seen and it all looked so new. White and black accentuate the beautiful art of the wall and cherry wood floor. Every color went together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. There’s a sweet scent of honey and fresh mint in the air. It’s calming and a bit homey. I’m already getting used to this.

Suddenly Lunette hears a voice from the top of the stairs. “Oh, you’re finally here!”, says the eoching voice that sounds male. A man slides down the banister and floats over t where Lunette stands. His slightly messy auburn hair floats with him and his teal eyes make it easy to read his excitement and slight nervousness. Lunette begins to analyze the man that starts in front of her. His body is tense, he’s fairly...uh muscular...for such a...gentle looking male.  His skin is fair with freckles but no imperfections anywhere. His facial structure is soft yet sharp, he’s...perfect, too perfect.

She then realized that in the time she's been evaluating him and his physique there has been a very awkward silence.  She freezes up from the uncomfortable tension rising in the air. I’m here with this man that I presume is a butler or servant but where is Irus? Suddenly the man breaks the awkward silence making Lunette jump. “So, I see that you made it here safely, how was your journey?” He spoke in a nervous tone obviously uncomfortable. “Oh! It was fine... thank you for asking. I’m Lunette Creed...”.  Calliope squeaked on Lunette’s shoulder making her giggle, “And this is Calliope, my Ibong Adarna.” She said proudly. The man smiles softly, “What a beautiful bird and it’s a pleasure to meet you Lunette, I’m Irus Rolquin, your new guardian.”

What!? No way, this godly creature cannot be my new guardian! ...did I just say godly creature? He chuckles huskily, “Why thank you for the compliment but wouldn’t consider myself “godly”.” he says with a wink and playful smirk.  The blood starting rushing to Lunette’s face making her look as red as a tomato. She becomes frantic trying to explain herself when suddenly something catches her eyes from my peripheral vision, a self-sufficient lower half of a torso? It shuffles pass Irus and Lunette and walks down a hallway. Irus looks at it the looks away completely unfazed. He puts his hand on Lunette’s shoulder, “I’ll explain that to you later.” She just nods uncomfortably.

The awkward silence soon continues which Irus decides to break it again. “Let me show you to your room, you must be exhausted from your journey.” Lunette slept the whole way here but I was exhausted of the awkwardness and uncomfortableness. “Yeah...I’m exhausted...” She told him and gave him her best fake smile. They start walking upstairs, to the left, into a door labeled “Praetorium Lilium”, which led into another hallway.

The yellow walls accentuated with a white lace design of the crown molding and black wooden tables held vases with lilies.  As we walked down the hallway there were doors staggered on each side. Lunette read the signs on each room door carefully. Priamus Locus, Locus Papaver, Locus Casia, Aglaophotis Locus, Lotus Locus, Magnolia Locus. At the end of the hall there were three more doors. The the left read Gram Locus, to the right read, Regina Per Noctem Locus, and in the center with a heart shaped lock on it read, Locus Cordis Sanguinum. Lunette stared at the heart-shaped lock on the door, examining it in curiosity. “Um, Mr. Rolquin, why is this door locked?” Irus’ body stiffened and he had a fake smile on his face. “Some mysteries are better kept a mystery.” his voice held secrets but Lunette didn’t show any sign of suspicion on her face. Irus led her to the right, “Well this is your room, I’ll be in the library if you need me.” He left and she watched him walk back up the hall, passing all the mysteriously named doors.

Once he was gone Lunette stared at the locked door. What could Irus be possibly hiding? She sighed and entered her room to be greeted by a sweet new scent of flowers and vanilla. The room itself was gorgeous and regal; much larger than she thought it was. It was almost completely white except for the succulent plants that were littered around the room. The bed looked as if it were made for a princess. From the lace canopy with a flower design to the thick white sheets with fluffy pillows and black wood frame of the bed.

The whole thing could probably fit a family of six or two fully grown bears. Hovering above the bed, connected to the center of the canopy, hung a little bed just for Calliope. Calliope chirped happily for the first time during this trip. Lunette sat on her bed and felt her body slowly sink into it then she lied back already getting used to the feeling of being treated like a princess. Calliope flew off her shoulder onto her little bed that hovered over Lunette. She cooed delightfully meaning that it was perfect for her and she was happy. The only think that was wrong with that is how did Irus know that Lunette had Calliope?

Maybe I’m  just paranoid, my parents probably mentioned that I had her. Still I can’t help but be suspicious about this man. His face shows a smile but his eyes hid many secrets. She grabs my journal out of her satchel and decides to write before she turns in for today.








Journal Entry #2

July 22nd, Monday


Irus Rolquin is hiding something. What he’s hiding, I don’t know yet. Moving statues, walking lower torso, and that weird locked door. This house is too perfect, this room is too perfect, he is too perfect. I’m not going to write much cause I need to sleep and then do some detective work around this area. Hopefully the truth will start to unravel soon enough...












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