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Chapter 1: The Modern Princess

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Prologue: The History

Narrator: Once upon a time… (2018) In a castle far far away… (a big mansion in California) There was a beautiful princess… (I don’t feel beautiful …) Who had a dark secret… (yes I have a secret but it’s not dark) ……Excuse me if your wouldn’t mind I’m trying to narrate! (well if you wouldn’t mind I’m just correcting you, tell this story correctly or I’m taking over!) …Fine, you take over *narrator leaves* (Now let’s get into the real story)

My story begins way before I was born, my mother, a model and fashion designer, fell in love with a mysterious yet handsome man. 

She didn’t know much about him and he didn’t know much about her but they still fell in love. That mysterious man turned out to be a prince from some place with a hard to pronounce name.

My mother may have not been royalty but the King and Queen accepted the union of her and the prince. Eventually they got married and at age 24 my mother had me.

I look a lot like my father and mother, I have a mix of my father and mother’s hair color. My father had black hair while my mother had bright  auburn so mine came out a dark auburn color. Also my eyes are an odd dark teal color…I don’t even know if that’s possible. My skin is fair and my heart shape face contradicts with my short athletic body type…I’m flat-chested as f*** (Narrator: *giggles*) SHUT UP NARRATOR!!!

Anyways when my mother was young she wanted to be an author but her mother didn’t let her but she named after the book genre she wanted to write: Fable, my full name is Fable Haven Alkois. 

In my young years (Narrator: Young years?) I loved puffy dress, makeup and…*cringes* pink. When I was about nine my aunt dressed me as a prince, something kinda clicked inside me and I realized that I don’t like being a girl.

I started dressing more boy-ish but during big events I have to dress up. (Narrator: *plays Sit Still, Look Pretty from Daya*) …Thanks Narrator.

Anyways I refer to myself as they, them or it and I’m novigender meaning a super complex and impossible gender to describe in a single term. The genders I identify as are bigender (Narrator: feels like both gender but sometimes one fluctuates), gender apathetic (Narrator: doesn’t identify nor care about any particular gender) and intergender (Narrator: in between male and female).

Yes, I am very complex myself and all my gender contradict each other but it’s how I feel and if you don’t like it then you can leave. (Narrator: *throws hands up in surrender*)

The only person that really knows my gender identity is my butler Curtis Shiler. The Shiler family has served the Alkios family for eons.

My mother was so excited when the Shiler family said they have a son that two and a half years older than me.

At age eight I met Curtis, a beautiful blond haired boy with piercing hazel eyes. Usually I can always guess someone’s emotions through their eyes but Curtis was impossible to see through which just made him more interesting.

Also Curtis was eleven when we met, he’s nineteen and I’m sixteen almost seventeen. Curtis’ hair grew long to about right above the middle of his back tied with a gold ribbon I gave him when I was young.

His eyes are still the same peircing hazel eyes with gold flecks in them but in the time we’ve been together his eyes have become more enticing.

He’s kind and tall, strong and gentle, a wonderful cook *blushes* (Narrator: *cough cough* Fable!). Oh um sorry… *blushes more*

But it is true that he’s kind, when I twelve he saved me from drowning and now that I’m remembering that time I remember that I was wearing a white shirt and he started staring at my black lace bra… *blushed fiercely* 

(Narrator: Well! It seems like Fable.ex has stopped working so we’ll end here. Next time I’LL tell the story and not the details *looks at Fable* you okay?) *still blushing fiercely* UUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Narrator: …Yeah she’s fine, until next time)

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