Lost ones


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Chapter one: Friends? What friends?

   Once upon a time…syke, this isn’t a freaking fairy tale. This is my life, I’m Roxanne Myreser but my nickname is Rix to most people.
    In school, I’m known as "The Emo" cause…that’s just how I am…really really emo. Most people don’t talk to me for that reason but I’m fairly nice, other than my emotional problems of depression and anxiety and sui—nevermind. For the most part, I'm quiet and tend to alienate myself from the normal people. The only person I talk to is one grade ahead of me in eighth grade with is my transgender friend Rein.
   Now Rein is a cool guy…girl…guy, was a girl wants to be male, anyways he’s really cool and he calls me his anxiety buddy which makes me laugh,

  I wish I had enough confidence as him to change my gender. Hell! I act more like a guy anyways why not be one. The only problem is that my father and step-satan are super Christian and if they found out that I wanted to be male I would be in so much trouble. By the way, step-satan means stepmother. Her name is Carla and she's the biggest two-faced snake that you could ever meet! She acts all sweet and innocent in front of my father then when he's gone she's a viper about to strike. In dreams I see her fall off a cliff or burn in a fire, it's very peaceful. Wait am I a psychopath? I already knew so it’s fine, my counselor knows too and she doesn't seem to mind.

   Religion is a big thing for my dad, we're all supposed to be Christian but I said screw it, I'm a Pagan. He's basically forcing me to be Christian, isn’t that so stupid? I’m my own person I can do whatever I want, but for now, that’s not gonna happen.
   Anyways I’ve got some pretty good things in life right now, good grades, no problems like bullies or fights, I just got in student council, I’m the best in theatre, the top violinist in our school’s band, I’m in gifted math and writing, things are great. Well, they could always be much better but they're as good as they can be right now so that's that. While I was walking home with Rein today he was trying to give me some advice, "Rix you should talk more, you have friends." 
  I started laughing so hard that couldn't breathe. "Friends? What friends are you talking about Rein? I got the shadows, are those considered friends?" He looked kinda annoyed when I said that, "I’m being serious Rix." It’s hard to see Rein as "serious", he has these beautiful grey and blue eyes, his hair is dyed galaxy, his skin is a soft cream color which he calls "never seen the sun before white", he gets all flustered and turned red when he’s angry or annoyed which is adorable, he like 5’ 1 and I’m only 4'11".
   I squeeze his big rosy cheeks together and smile which makes him reluctantly smile back. "Don’t be such a sour puss Rein, you're too cute for that." He sighs and forgets the whole problem as we walk home, his house being down the street from mine.
   When I finally get back to my house and open the door I inhale a bunch of smoke from incense, I can even taste the acrid stench. My father pulls me inside and shuts the door then he walks in circles around me waving the smoke towards me as I cough and try to blow it away. When he finally stops he says, "Good now your cleansed, go do your homework.” I mutter a witch's curse under my breath which he doesn’t hear and I go to my room.
As I walk upstairs I see step-satan with her annoying crooked smirk on her face. I pass by her and make sure to mutter another curse that is perfect for her. Once I get to my room I flop on my bed and look at my phone, I notice that I got a text from my brother, he’s not my real brother just a really good friend. We’ve known each other since pre-K, he moved away just before I start middle school.
   Right now I live in stupid Vermont while he lives in Florida, his text says "Hey sis, I miss you a lot, how is everything." I text back bragging about all the great things in my life, he responds quickly "Wow great, you're still dead inside though." I giggle, he knows me too well. I text him about my problems with my dad and step-satan which he consoles me about. I keep texting him until my dad tells me at 10:00 pm, which is bedtime, "It’s a weekend why do I have to go to bed now." He sighs and rubs his temples since I ask him this question a lot, "Because Roxanne the witching hour is coming."
   He walks out and I keep text until the witching hour and then I cast a new spell, this time a love spell, I want to try at least to date once. Once I’m finished casting my spells put in my earbuds and so to sleep with the sound of vampire masquerade music in my ears.

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Chapter two: Valentines Dance

 My weekend was normal, do nothing, text people, draw, eat, sleep, get yelled at, do chores, ya know that stuff.

 I get to school, early as usual, and decide to visit my favorite staff member, the librarian. Now this is not your average old woman with glasses telling everybody shhhh, the librarian at my school is a 27 year old male hipster.

 He has shoulder length dark brown dreadlocks, hazel eyes, dark skin, a bright smile, ear gauges, a dress shirt with a vest, black cargo pants, rainbow converse and a peace sign necklace.

 He doesn’t talk like a hippy though, sometimes when he talks it sounds super educated and other times when he talks with people he knows really well he sounds chill.

 His name is Carter Weller but people either call him Mr. Weller or Mr. Chill, I’m his favorite person in the school so he lets me call him by his first name.

 I walk into the large room filled with books but abandoned of people.  I hear Carter call me by the nickname he gave me from the upstairs area of the library, "Yo Riri!" I jump at the sudden noise and then see Carter slide down the stair rail and in front of me as he gives me a tight hug.

 He lets go and leans back on a table behind him, "What’s up?" He asks with smile. I smile and hand him back a book that I finished reading, he looks at me surprised, "You finished a book with 74 chapters in two days?Damn, that’s fast!"

 I smile at the remark and lean on the table with him, "Carter you had Christian parents to right?" He nods and I ask another question, "How did you have enough confidence to tell them you were gay?"

 Oh and if I didn’t tell you, Carter is gay and has a lovely husband named Michel.

 He sighs and rubs the back of his head, "Well when I told my mother that I was gay she beat me was a leather belt, grounded me for a year and said that I had to wait until the year was over then she excepted me, my father was just disappointed.

 In my head those both sound terrible, Carter looks at me, "Why ya asking Ri, are you coming out of the closet?" He asks teasingly, I giggle and say I’m just thinking about stuff.

 I notice that it’s almost time for class and I say bye to Carter. 8 classes, math, French, science, history then lunch, physical education, theatre and then gifted language art for the last two periods.

 After the end of school bell rings I remember that I have a student council meeting. I’m the third one there and I know both of the other people.

 Sasha the treasurer, 7th grade, school stereotype "preppy", super annoying and bossy. She thinks she’s better than everyone, she is only in student council cause only three 7th grader including me wanted to be in it and only three are allowed.

 The other girl is Victoria or Vicky the secretary, 6th grade, school stereotype "nerd", she’s quiet like me, always studying for no reason in empty classrooms. She doesn’t have many friends cause she doesn’t like talking, she’s a super fast writer though.

 The two teachers that lead student council are on there computers like Vicky.

 The next person to come in is Kile the council president, 8th grade, school stereotype "popular".

 Then Ashton, 7th grade, school stereotype "rebel", Linda the parliamentarian, 6th grade, school stereotype "loner".

 And last, Eren the historian, 6th grade, school stereotype … this one is sad but he’s the "faggot" the gay one. He’s cool though but I don’t talk to him.

 The meeting begins and we talk about the normal stuff like how to make the school better then out of the blue, Sasha say, "Lets have a Valentines dance!" In my head I’m begging for them not to say yes but they all do.

 As the vice president of student council I should have power but even the president said yes.

 Well hopefully that love spell works before the dance or I’ll be a sad single pringle.

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Chapter three: Results

The next day Tuesday while I’m in theatre I notice the Vicky is in my class, I haven’t noticed for about 6 months.

 I walk over to her sitting in the corner chair and smile, "Hello". She looks around confused and then looks back at me, "Are you talking to me?" I smile more, "Yes I’m talking to you, your in student council with me."

 She looks genuinely surprised and then smiles, "Wow this is like the first time anyone has talked to me."

 We talked for a while and realize that we have lot in common like our favorite bands, songs, anime, manga, style, quietness, book genre and other stuff.

 I smile and say, "So Vicky wanna be friends?" She thinks for a second then says, "I prefer you call me Tori and yes I’d love to be friends." I’m proud of myself for finally making a new friend, I now have someone to talk to other than Rein.

 The next day in theatre the students have to get in pairs and of course I pair with Tori.

 We a pretending to be two of the characters from Romeo and Juliet. Tori said that she would be Juliet and I was Romeo.

 I don’t know why but I don’t argue. As we preform in front of the class, them and the teacher are all blown away.


(Me)“Romeo:If I profane with my unworthiest handThis holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready standTo smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

(Tori)“Juliet:Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,Which mannerly devotion shows in this;For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

Romeo:Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?

Juliet:Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

Romeo:O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

Juliet:Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.

Romeo:Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.

Juliet:Then have my lips the sin that they have took.

Romeo:Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!Give me my sin again.

Juliet:You kiss by the book.” 


Everyone claps and cheers as we finish and some people even have tears in their eyes.

 Tori comes up to me after school, "We did amazing " I smile a nod, she looks away kinda embarrassed, "I wanted to do those characters because I really like you…like more than a friend."

 I stare confused and she keeps talking, "I understand if you don’t like me, I’m not pretty."

 Tori is a few centimeters shorter with short dyed red hair and grey eyes, she usually wears baggy clothes and doesn’t smile much. I finally think and speak, "I didn’t know you liked girls" she laughs ,"Yeah I forgot to tell you I’m gay, I’m also non-binary."

 I look interested and respond, "I feel like I’m mostly male and non-binary but I don’t know what it’s called".

 Tori didn’t know what it’s called either then we go but to the main conversation and Tori asks, "So would you be my date to the dance?"

 I smile and say yes then Tori smiles and happily skips home. Well I have a date now…I have a date! The spell worked…wow just wow.

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Chapter four: I wasn’t prepared

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Chapter five: Surprises

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Chapter six: Mask

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Chapter seven: Hidden letters

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