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Chapter 1: Tremendous or Traumatizing?

 WARNING! If you’re easily triggered by LGBT topics then go away. Didn’t you see the title? Hello! It’s called T.R.A.N.S for a reason, duh. Anyways anyone who not homophobic I like you. 

Oh and btw *mouth pop* I’M A F*CKING QUEEN!!!!



                                              Galaxy kat


Galaxy kat:











Galaxy kat:

Love ya 😋





... F off, see you at school




Galaxy kat:

Kk! Ya know you love me though😝





Sweet heart I’m not into girls, now leave me the hell alone




Galaxy kat:

Lol yes your majesty 😏


Kathleen, or as basically everyone calls her Kat, is one of my best friends. Sometimes I think she doesn’t sleep, it’s 3:00 a.m, what the hell. Why is she texting me so f*cking early?

Anyway let me introduce myself, I’m Grayson or as most call me Gracie.

I’m a 17 year old high school student from Nevada that is currently living in California.

I live with just my mom cause my father disappeared. My mother didn’t care though and that’s when we moved to California. At the time I was 6. 

When I was 15 I told my mother I was gay. She laughed so hard she fell on the ground. Literally, and I quote, she said, “Oh honey, I knew you were fruity since you were born.”

I looked at her and said, “Well, great talk!” Then I went back in my room and told my friends what happened.

When I was 16 I told her that I was a femboy (feminine boy). Water literally came out of her nose and she went red faced from laughing. This time she said, “The universe gave me a daughter with a boys body. Trust me, I expected this.”

Again I told my besties what happened, they thought it was hilarious.

I have a best friend list cause...yeah...just yeah.

Kathleen (Kat): Galaxy girl that always has a galaxy beanie, shirt, pants, shorts, skirt, hoodie, shoes, tights, suspenders, bow tie, socks, all of the above.

Corey (gingerbread/strawberry short cake): Ginger haired, freckle faced pansexual boy with the cutest blue eyes. Sweet, innocent, kind, blushes easily. I have a slight crush on him...damn it...

Dixie (King): bada*s dyke girl with like 7 or more piercings. Also known as “The straight girl turner”, basically every straight girl has been attracted to her or slept with her. Now she’s in a serious relationship which is good.

Clementine (Clem/Queen): Dixie’s girlfriend. Sweet and innocent on the outside but inside she’s kinky and has a mind based on Fifty Shades of Grey. Curly brown hair, peachy skin, hazel eyes, every guys dream girl but me.

Destiny (Des/Beast): Destiny is actually a male. Really hot, tan skin, grey blue hair, green eyes, amazing singing voice. He got the nickname Beast cause he loves singing Beauty and the Beast songs and it’s his favorite Disney movie. He’s a Disney nerd at heart. Most thing his name means his “size”, not that he isn’t pretty big...what...

Alexander (Alex/Angel): Destiny’s singing partner. Alex already preforms in public for show or other stuff with his stage name “Alexander Angel”. A heartthrob among the girls. Theatre major and he’s the best.

Those are just my besties for life. The crazy people I spend my time with.

5:48 a.m, wow I’ve been thinking for a while. I remember an article I read about transgender people title, Tremendous or Traumatizing?

I got angry when I saw it, it’s not like trans people do bad things. I think Christians do worst things than trans people.

Seriously when is the last time you can remember a trans person committing a crime.

Also trans people are more fabulous than any human on this f*cked up planet.

So in short: B*ITCH, WE’RE TREMENDOUS!!!!!

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C.K. Josaphine

I swear if i told my mom that i was a femboy she would kick me out so im waiting till i move out to change


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