Journey Through Hope


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A story that will be eye-opener for those youth who are so confused of their life.

A story that will be eye-opener for those youth who are lost.

A story that will give hope to the youth who want to go back to God!

This is a story of teens who have been open-minded to those wrong things but they wanted to make their life turn back to God!


“Pa, please stop what you are doing! I do not want to get out of the house without your permission (cried with tears).” I started to cry with tears. My parents used to punish me becausre they do not want me to be abused by the community around me especially if its late at night.

I am always outside and I am not fond of going outside late at night.

By the way, I’m Shadijah Reyes, a youth teen who made my mind open against those bad things: drinking, gambling and whatever I wanted to do. I am seventeen years old, did not able to go to college because I am pregnant and I did not have a single day to pray to God.

Shadijah’s life is just too short. Where will be Shadijah’s life stop? Will she meet friends that she will encounter and help her in order to turn back her life and have strong faith?

This is the life of Shadijah, a youth that was open to the truth with confusion, lost, but wanted to have a chance of hope to turn back to God and start again anew.

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Shellie Palmer

every young person will or have been misunderstood. With God life is an easier place to live to give them hope to keep pushing through boundaries, struggle and challenges.


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