The Case of the Cunning Linguist

When Mark O'Malley, Notre Dame's favorite father, is found murdered in the rectory, Carmelite wannabe Sister Mary Gloria turns to famed stripper-turned-sleuth Venus Delmar for help. Following a wild trail across Paris, Venus discovers that the root of all evil isn't a love of money – it's the Catholic church! With the help of a randy...


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Lost Causes

There are a lot of lies young girls swallow about how they should be, what they need to do to be loved and how to behave with men. This is what happened after I decided to ignore all the "rules" and just have a little fun.


Wander hasn't seen a normal person in months. She hasn't seen a good person in years. She doesn't know much about the old world. What she does know is that there are four kinds of infected: Screamers, Sobbers, Fighters and Smilers. She knows that, somewhere, there's a town called Sanctuary, and her journey there will push her to her...