Darlings of the Dark


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Chapter 1


“Stopped into a church I passed along the way. Well, I got down on my knees (got down on my knees). And I pretend to pray (I pretend to pray)” – The Mamas and the Papas: California Dreamin’


St. Martha’s Holy brethren church, Santa Cruz – Summer of 1967 caught fire no one knows why, how or even at what time.

The screams of Father Michael Edwards could be heard about 6 miles down Abbey’s avenue as the 31 year old holy man of God’s flesh and bones burned until there was nothing left. 

Children playing outside in the street on this typical beautiful sunny California day in one of the most peaceful suburbs in the state California, described the blood hurling sound coming from St. Martha’s as some kind of crossover sound between and a howling wolf and crying dog. 

Father Michael or Father Mike as he was known among his congregation never made it out the building. The mystery of how the blazing fire started remains… Well a mystery, St. Martha’ s church burned all the way down to the ground, nothing was left of this once beautiful Victorian style build church. St. Martha’s stood for nearly over one hundred years, basking in the California sun, the church survived world war II, the Civil war, the 1929 earthquake. Even housed two demon possessed nuns, unfortunately, the nuns did not survive the ordeal in 1937, three years later a mobster and his family seek shelter and the church was happy to accommodate the mob boss and his young wife, and two young children. 

The mobster and his family fled California with the help of the church, only to be gunned down in 1945 in middle of the night while screwing his new mistress. 

Rumors has it two-gun men… assassins dress up like priest sneaked into their not so secret rendezvous and shot the cheating bastard in the back of the head while he was busing stooping his mistress from behind and then turn the gun on the mistress, she got a bullet right between the eyes.

What away to go… You go before you cum… However, it’s just rumors so we’re told. 


Despite all the holy, unholy, ups and downs St. Martha’s stood tall --- it’s seats were filled every Sunday mornings and evenings for church services, Wednesday nights for bible study and prayer meetings… a true pillar of and for the upper middle class and wealthy citizens of this coastal paradise city.

Faith though had another plan for this picture-perfect building in the summer of 1967, the holy house of God met his doom on that fateful day, taking young Father Mike down with him. 

The citizens of Santa Cruz all came together on numerous occasions, making plans, strategizing on how and when to rebuild the church, however, nothing came of it. The grounds where the church building stood remained bare until the 1980s when a Mexican Millionaire bought the lot, and build a $12 million mansion on the grounds, the multi-million-dollar mansion also served as a secret brothel where millionaires came to live out their wildest sexual fantasy. Even some Santa Cruz’s once upstanding male citizens who once fought hard to get St. Martha’s rebuild now paid top dollar to get their dicks wet… 


“Long she is now, long gone and forgotten.” 


One of older men said while being escorted out to a police car during a 1987 raid. 

The officer escorting the old fool out of the house had no idea what he was going on about but then again when the policeman found him, he was snorting cocaine of naked large breasted hooker. But the old pervert knew exactly what he was talking about despite being high as fucking kite and half naked. 

However, this was 1980s, and luxury and access were at its peak, Americans was spending money they didn’t have, and church pews was running on empty. The glory days of St. Martha’s was nothing but a far-off memory, most people that truly remembers her glory no longer lived in Santa Cruz.

In 1977 while wiping the counter at Bailey’s diner a young waitress witness a red Porsche catching fire while speeding down Lonsdale avenue in North Vancouver. 

Melissa ran out diner into the street which was oddly quiet for a late Friday night during summer. The driver of the speeding car was burned to charcoal and from what Melissa can make out, the driver of the vehicle seems… Well was female. By the time the 911 rescue and fire department arrived on the scene there were barely anything left of the both vehicle and driver. 

The following morning news channels reported the accident, the channel five news reader seems to be a bit beside herself whilst reporting the news, also revealing that the identity of the driver was yet unknown, however, anyone who was watching could clearly see on the facial  expression of  new reporter Natasha Kingsley, she already knew who the victim/driver of the car was, as she found it hard to keep her tears back. 

Three days later the identity of the driver was released to the public. 

It was no one other than Amanda Rowan, a former Ms. Canada and wife to football player Ricki Rowan. The cause of the fire was yet unknown. “Investigation is only at the beginning stages.” Another reporter reported and also that the RMCP will not comment any further out of the respect of the family. 


Apparently, money can buy you privacy in Canada too… Welcome to 1977 you all… we’re slowly turning into America. 

Amanda Rowan or should I say Amanda Brown was born in 1945 into a very strict Catholic turned Methodist church family, her father a Priest and a factory floor manager, her mother a schoolteacher and church choir director. Amanda or Mandy as she was known growing up was the youngest of three children, the only daughter. Her two older brothers were both policemen for the RCMP – very upstanding and respected.

Amanda Brown, herself was a bit jaded and a prude, however, that all changed when she got to high school… senior year she got a brand-new attitude, and young Amanda turned herself into a beauty queen winning all kinds of beauty pageants. She won her first pageant in 1963 at the age of 18. A string of others pageant wins followed including Ms British Columbia 1967, followed her grown and glory moment winning the Ms. Canada grown. That year she also happened to meet a young football player Richard “Ricki” Rowan, the two got married one year later, two years later she gave birth to their son Hayden. Of cause that didn’t stop Ricki from dipping his dick into other ponds… He’s a footballer player with arms and legs the size of Texas, a full head of hair and shocking blue eyes… What you expect?

By the time Mandy found all this out her life was running towards its blazing end, two days

before her $150.000 vehicle caught fire, she filed for divorce and full custody of the kid. 

The Rowans were already separated for three months, and word through the grapevine was, it was turning into the war of roses on scale from one to ten, it was already at ninety-five.

With a $67 million dollar fortune and prenup you can bet neither of the two were willing to give any kind of share… especially Amanda, who got use to living the lap of luxury despite the fact that she only contribute about $4.5million to the massive Rowan estate. 

Ricki himself was hell bent on keeping every cent he made, so of cause when his soon to be ex-wife’s spontaneously combust into a big ball of fire Ricki was automatically place right at the top of the suspect list. Good ol’ bad boy Richard “Ricki” Rowan went from superstar football player to public enemy number one. 

Can you smell a comeback?

Every part his life was turned inside out from the string of affairs, to the one-night stands with strippers and hookers, to the alcohol induced orgies down in Los Angeles. No stone was left unturned even the alibi for the night of the hellfire explosion of his now let wife’s car was taken apart, all assets was frozen, passport taken away and young Hayden was sent off to go live with dad’s grandparents for a spell or two before the shipped him to his late mother’s parents. 

In late 1979 the investigation into the death of former beauty queen Amanda Rowan was shelved. No evidence of foul play was found or any against Ricki Rowan. By the time the holidays came around that year, all in the life of Ricki Rowan was restored… well almost all. 

He had his fortunate and his son back, however, his career took a hit that he was unable to recovered from. In mid-1980, Rick’s autobiography was published, it shot straight up the New York best seller earning the former pro-ball star another $7.8million in book sales, a spot on a morning news talk show as their superstar sports reporter and public once again fell in love wither Ricki Rowan now known simply as Richard Rowan. 

The mysterious death of his wife remains a mystery to the rest of the till this day.

As for Ricki…. Oh shit! Excuse me… Richard! Will stumble upon an answer he did not expect. 

AND OH! Richard still enjoys his alcohol induced orgies. WHAT?! It’s still the 1980s! 

And when it comes to Hayden the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, HELL! It didn’t even fall. 

Like father, like son.

The first seven years of the 1980s flew by faster than a virgin having intercourse for the first time. The Amanda Rowan's mysterious death long forgotten, an empty grave at Capilano View Cemetery also lies forgotten and cover in grass, the last visitor to the grave was Hayden and his grandparents, his mother’s parents back in 1980.


It was 1987 and the Bulls are kicking the blue Malbec’s asses during an away football game with only five minutes left in the game, the Malbec’s are battling to keep up with its quest who came at them full throttle since the game started.

With no hope insight the bleachers on the Blue Malbec side have gone half empty and the heatwave in the south didn’t inspire much for folks to stay out in the hellish heat and fact that their team was losing by a mile also didn’t help matters much. 

Well over on the other side of the field the bleachers are packed with visitors from South Carolina. While the spectator was shouting and hollering at the winning team. What was happening down below inside the bleachers was another story.

Eighteen-year-old Evan Roberts and his girlfriend Kelsey Hope was humping each other like little rabbits, Evan towered almost 6 ft above Kelsey, as she bends over while taking him from behind with his large arms wrapped around her just below her soccer ball size breasts that drives him crazy. 




Caught in the throes of teenage “passion” Evan lowers his head and opens his eyes and catches a dark headed woman staring directly at him through the bleachers and spectators. 

He backs off and pulls out of Kelsey.    


“What the fuck?!” 


“What? Don’t stop.” 

Kelsey softly whispered under in her breath and trying to remain steady on her legs.


“Who the fuck is that?” 

He asked with slight panic in his voice.

Kelsey lifts up her head and sees no one, Evan looks again and also sees no one. 

He steps forward and slides his dick back inside her. 


“I think I’m losing my mind.” As he proceeds to thrust. 


“Baby, you don’t have to tell me. I have that effect on boys.”


“Boys?” He thought to himself but ignores the statement and continues with the fucking. 


A loud cheer goes out from the crowd above them at same time Evan lets go and releases, the bulls won the game and so did Evan. 

The Malbec crowd – the ones/the few that stayed until the end exited the stadium as fast as they know how to avoid any humiliating comments from the winning team and crowd. 

The bulls supporters exited in loud celebratory manner, all the kids from St. Martha’s Burnable senior high school were full of laughter and were hollering and yelling out party venues.

Heading to his car the heatwave hits Evan like a ton of bricks, he collapsed to his knees, grabbing his chest. Panic set in as some of the folks ran over to the 6ft1 lacrosse star athlete who’s on his knees, holding his chest, and barely breathing and turning bright red in the face.


“What’s happening to him?” 


“Why is he turning so red?” 


Were the last questions and words Evan heard before his body exploded into big pool of blood. 

The explosion was so big that some of his flesh, blood and tiny bones ended up on the top of the stadium. 


“An atomic bomb… An atomic blood bomb.” One of the kids described it. 


“Yeah, dude and some of it got into my girlfriend’s hair… like pieces of his flesh. “One student told a news reporter. 


While one kid commented – “I bet that hasn’t been the first-time sticky substance got into her hair.” 


FUCK YOU!” The other student shouted back all on live TV. 

Back in Vancouver in the great white north the story caught the eye of a certain star reported named Richard Rowan, Rowan who happened to watch CNN’s report on the eighteen-year old’s spontaneous combustion death, Richard followed the story for the next few months. 

His interest peak even more when the cause of death couldn’t be explained or confirmed three months after Evan’s explosive demise.

Richard got even more curious when he stumbled upon an old news story while researching deaths caused by spontaneous combustion, only a few at that time was reported and some of it were explainable in some sense, however, one of the ones that weren’t so “explainable” was a case from 1967, a church in Santa Cruz, California mysteriously caught fire claiming the life of one priest. The case from 1967 was still unsolved no rhyme or reason for the church of St. Martha’s Holy Brethren catching fire. 

The name of the church caught his attention as it is the same name of the school young Evan attended.

But something else seemed to be familiar with the name St. Martha’s.


“St. Martha’s, St. Martha’s? Where else have I’ve heard that name before?’’


While driving home Richard couldn’t get the name St. Martha’s out of his head. A drive home from work at ten o’clock at night usually consist out of him listen to rock/pop music everything from DuranDuran to A-ha, bread or Journey, but tonight was different something kept nagging at him… 


"St. Martha’s? … St. Martha?” Then it hit him. 




Back when Richard first met Amanda her father was a priest at the Church of St. Martha’s -- the one in North Vancouver before the family changed churches and her father Pastor Brown became a preacher for the Methodist church. He spun around and made an illegal U-turn, headed back to into downtown to an old apartment he and Amanda bought back when they were still engaged. The elevator was too slow for him, so he ran up 15 flights of stairs to the top floor of the apartment building, he swings open the door and runs in the apartment and stops in his tracks the smell of Chanel No. 5 hangs in the air… 


“Amanda” he whispered. 


Complete silence and darkness. 

He shakes off the eerie feeling and thought to himself… 


“I’m going nuts.” 


However, the smell of this late wife’s perfume had him in a small daze, it was like she was right there in the room. 

He shakes his head again, reaches for the light switch and turns on the living room light. 

He looks around nothing but unpacked boxes stacked all over the living space, boxes that was packed up when Amanda died, the apartment was put up for sale but never received a buyer, a year later the place was taken of the market and everything remained unpacked and apartment practically became a ghost house in some sense.

He made his way through the all the boxes to the ones stacked at the large bay window, he opens one of the blinds, stares out at the magnificent view of the Howe sound as container vessels makes their way across. 

Amanda’s reflection appears for a split second in the window. He turns around and shouts… 

“Anyone there?” 


Again, nothing but silence. 


“The place gives me the creeps gotta get the fuck out of here.” 


Richard spots a tiny blue box on top of a larger brown box and reaches for it and nearly trips over some of the other boxes. Inside the blue box are documents from their marriage certificate, Hayden’s birth certificate, a few receipts including a copy of Amanda’s death certificate and the one piece of paper, the reason he really came here for, Amanda’s father’s old journal. 

Page by page nothing but church notes from sermons to letters written, one letter stood out. 


Dear fellow servants of our Lord and Savior, 

It is with deep sorrow I wright this to you, our thoughts and prayers be with you in your time lost. The utmost and heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Congregations of our sister church of St. Martha’s in California as do for the Edwards family for the lost of their beloved son and brother. 

We here up North with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm of the King offers any kind of assistants you might need in rebuilding and re-established the house of the Lord. Also, any help the Edwards family might need with arranging the funeral of the late Father Michael Edwards. 

Again, our heartfelt condolence. 

God bless, 

Reverend Patrick Brown of St. Martha’s, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


The letter never made it to the mailbox, instead it was stashed away in a tiny blue box that Amanda would later take possession of.

Richard lift his head, thinking this could all be just one big coincidence that three people connected to same organization died ten years apart of each other and all three dying in explainable fires.


  1. 1967 St. Martha’s church catches fire and kills priest.
  2. 1977 A former St. Martha’s congregation member dies in car explosion.
  3. 1987 Student at St. Martha’s High school explodes in parking lot.

Something’s up and it is not the sun. 

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Chapter 2

"Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste." 

- The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the devil.



Santa Cruz, 1967 the charcoal remains of St. Martha’s Church stands in a wet, mouldy and dark scene with yellow crime scene type. After the fire was put out no one at that time saw it fit to clean up the scene as it was still under investigation, the once beautiful church now an ugly burned down mausoleum, burned down to its bones, its long pews that was filled with to capacity not too long ago are now tiny pieces of dark burned wood floating in small puddles of water, water residue left behind from firefighters putting out the large golden fiery blaze only six hours earlier. It took about four hours to put the blazing inferno and another five hours searching for any remains of Father Michael Edwards, but to no avail. The Edwards family were there for another two hours hoping to find some kind remnant of their son and brother but alas, nothing not even a piece of clothing or even the reading glasses he wore went the church went up in flames. 

” Del cielo caerás, del anochecer renacerás, del atardecer resucitarás y con una sed de sangre despertarás. De la luz te esconderás y en la oscuridad gobernarás”

A raspy sounding voice whispers in the dark, footsteps making its way to where the pulpit use to stand, again, the voice whispers the enchantment.

” Del cielo caerás, del anochecer renacerás, del atardecer resucitarás y con una sed de sangre despertarás. De la luz te esconderás y en la oscuridad gobernarás”

A tear in the dark night sky opens up, a bright shooting star emerges from the tear, falling with the speed of light. 

Highland looks up and says… 


“May the Lord give you immortality and Devil give you wings.” 


By the time the shooting star hit the ground in front of the pulpit it transformed into large white male with dark hair, bright brown eyes and lean build body shape. 

Highland looks down at the large naked man lying in front of him with his wings folded into the centre of his back. 


“And there you are in all your new vampiric glory.” 


He kneels beside Michael’s naked body, there’s a slight pause as he stares at the male perfection that’s lying on the ground before him. 

Michael’s hand is suddenly gripped around his neck… 


“I can’t breathe.” 


Michael rises to his feet, lifting Highland with his right hand into the sky. 


Highland’s struggling to breathe.

Michael’s wings spread out behind him, he tilts his head, and turns and stares at his wings from the corner from his right eye. He lets go of Highland who drops to the ground, Michael steps back, looks down at his new and improved physical form. 


WHAT THE HELL?!” Roars from his voice, his bright brown eyes 


turning flaming yellow, Highland tries to get up to his feet, but Michael’s newly found dark and angry energy seem to have paralyzed him, he can’t hardly move. The throbbing veins on his neck catches Michael’s eye, he moves forward towards Highland as two fangs grows front teeth, he gently touches them with the tip of his tongue and bends down, grabbing Highland once again by his neck. Michael opens his mouth and moves closer to Highland’s neck, Highland finds the strength pulls out a small cross and shoves it in front of Michael’s face, he pauses and stares for a second at the small silver cross and smiles. This takes Highland by surprise, Michael didn’t even flinch at the sight of the cross, instead his eyes turned back to bright brown and a devilish smile appeared on his face, he lifts up Highland, the two are now face to face. Michael looks him dead in the eye and says, “Your old fool. I used to be priest your trinkets don’t scare me.” He burst out laughing and throws him straight across the remains of burned down church. 

Highland lands on the outdoor steps of the burned building in the pitch dark, Michael follows him to steps, completely naked with his wings still spread out looking like he is about to take flight, however, he reaches down for Highland, 




Michael is not letting up; with his 

right hand he lifts Highland once again into the air this time his eyes have turned into fiery red. 

“Who are you and why am I here?” He asks aggressively, tightening his grip on his chest.

Highland can barely utter one word, “Traveller” he gasps, Michael is getting agitated, Highland feels his insides heating up with every second Michael’s holding him. 


“I’m the one who resurrected you. I called you from the grave.” 


I HAVE NO GRAVE!” Michael shouted.


The two takes flight and shoot straight up into the nightly heavenly skies, Highland looks down as the two rises higher and higher into the dark sky, he face turning bright red. Never before in his 800 years of immortality was he scared of actually dying, however, this time around he was dealing with a new kind of beast, the kind that can rip his head off and send into the dark obis of the unknown for supernatural beings like him. 

Twelve thousand feet high Michael lowers Highland to the point where is hanging on by his hand. 

“You better reveal your true self or I will drop you faster than a meteor rock, catch you before you hit the ground and suck just enough blood out of you so you can feel the impact when your body hit the ground…. 




“I can’t hear you” 


Michael says back looking down towards him, and slowly pulls him back up, the two are now yet again face to face. 


“Who are you and what do you want?” Michael ask in anger, his eyes fiery red, his pale skin shimmering in the backdrop of a full moon. 


“Put me down and I will explain everything, I will tell you everything and anything. 

Michael stares at Highland for a few seconds, the fear in Highlands eyes has Michael quite captivating. The two slowly lowers down to the ground just as they were about touch ground, a howling sound from distance could be heard. 


“What was that?” Michael asks.


Highland lower’s his head as the two are now standing on the steps of the burned down church.

Michael once again grabs Highland’s face.


“Again, what was that, old man?” Highland looks him in the eyes… 


“Werewolf… Back in 1987”


An angered, annoyed and confused Michael lets go of him, steps back. 


“Either I am losing my mind, or you are crazy…. A fucking werewolf in 1987?”


“Is this 1987?” A distort and still very naked Michael asks. 


Highland takes of his robe and handed to Michael, Mike takes it and throws it over his naked body. 



“Well first of all this is not 1987, it’s 1967.”


There is long pause between the two of them, Michael burst out laughing. 


“Are you serious…. 1967?” 


“If It’s 1967, then how can you hear a ‘werewolf’’ howling back in the future of 1987, huh?” 


Highland replies – “I’m a traveller.” 


“You’re a traveller, a traveller from where?” Michael asks with more frustration in his voice with his back turned towards him heading up the rest of the steps. 


“I’m a time traveller of sorts.” 


Michael stops, slowly turns around looks at him, both hears the howling sound again, Michael looks up into the skies, and spots a bright shooting star flying across the dark nightly heavenly skies.

Highland watches him looking at the shooting star and wonders why he hasn’t asked any questions about himself yet. 

Michael rises back up, the red returns into his eyes, and he makes a B-line straight for Highland, Highland moves back as fast as he can, turns and starts running. 


A female voice shouted. 

Michael freezes mid air, Highland stops and turns around and see a dark haired beauty headed towards him.


“Men. We have to do everything for them.” She whispered. “So what is the plan here, huh?” 


She asks waving her one hand in the air, Highland looks up towards her. 


“Please bring him down, if you don’t mind.”  He basically commands her. 


“Well aren’t we a bit touchy this evening. “She replies.


“You have a man suspended in mid-air.” – Highland


“The very least of my problems.” She replies back 


“Well I’m sorry.” Highland retorts sarcastically. 


“Let him down… NOW!” 


“Now see. Now I won’t--”


“Oh screw this!” 


An annoyed Highland says. 

He looks up towards Michael, holdout his arm towards him and commands the word 


Michael drops down to the ground.


She lets out a huge gasp… “Did you just interfere with my magic, old bastard?”



A huge roaring sound goes off behind them, and the two goes flying into opposite directions, gets sprung around mid-air facing Michael… A very furious Michael.


SEE WHAT YOU DID!” The witch yells in Highland’s direction. 



she yells. 

Before Highland can say anything, another loud roaring sound fills the air this in form of a man’s loud deep speaking voice.


“WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?!” Michael’s voice fills the cold dark air. 


“One of you better open your mouths.” – He commands the two. 

Highland can barely speak, Michael’s dark hellish energy has practically paralysing both him and the witch, the witch has been trying to cast spells on Michael, but all fails terribly.

Michael loosens his grip over them and demands they explain; Highland tries again to speak up and feels some light relief and moves his neck. 


“Michael, I’m High—”


“I know who you are. Who’s the bitch?” 

“Did he just call me a—” 


QUIET!” Highlands yells with a raspy voice still trying to get some of his energy back.


Michael walks towards to Highland, he looks up and snaps his fingers, Highland’s neck snaps and breaks. DEAD

Michael turns and starts walking in the direction of the witch, Highland’s lifeless body floating and following him as he makes his way to her. 

Michael starts casting a spell as he approaches her

“Where there is darkness let the flaming light of the sun burn bright. Where there is ice let the fire be its demise.” 

The bottom seam of her black flowing dress catches fire, and she starts panicking, jerking, looks down and tries to counteract the spell, however it’s not working.

A very sadistic Michael stares at a slow burning and screaming witch. 


“Well, well how the spell casting wheels have turned, I caught that little fire catching spell you tried to cast on me.”


A loud cracking sound comes from behind him, he pauses, slowly turns around and sees Highland snapping his neck back into place. 

Michael looks up at him, tilts his head to left and seems a bit surprised, tilts his head back straight, and levitates up and comes face to face yet again with Highland.


“…. Well that’s a need trick, old man.” 

He says looking directly into Highland’s eyes. 


Highland lower’s his head to the ground and sees the shadow of two large wings behind Michael. 

An astonishing Highland whispers… 


“Wings. I still can't believe he gave you wings; Lucifer gave you wings.”


“I’M ON FIRE OVER HERE!” The witch yells. Michael waves his hand and the fire dies down.


A very sarcastic thank you comes from behind him, however, Michael’s lost interest in the witch. 

He puts the tip of his index finger at the bottom of Highland’s chin and lifts his head. 


“A man that can bring himself back from death now that interest me.” 


He says with quite pleasing tone in his voice.

All three simultaneously lowers down to the ground, both Highland and the witch still powerless still unable to use any of their powers against the vampire. 

Michael’s dark energy seems to have lighten, he steps back, the witch goes flying back up in the air, but it’s more violently, an invisible hand has its tight grip around her neck. 


“You have five seconds to explain yourself or the witch ends violently and fiery, your Immortalness.” 

He says sarcastically, jokingly bows, looking up at Highland with a devilish smile on his face revealing his big blood sucking fangs. 


A now very scared Highland moves a few feet backwards.

“You look scared, old man. I smell your fear; I hear your blood boiling… Ah blood. A choice nectar only the undead like me truly values and appreciate. NO SPEAK UP!” 


“You have been chosen… you are one the three chosen ones.” – Highland says swallowing hard. 


“Oh, have I bloody now?” – Michael. 


“Yes. You have been.”  Highland replies. 


“And just who was so brave enough to choose little old blood sucking me?” Michael asks. 


Highland steps one step closer and whispers… “God.” 


Michael burst out laughing. And asks, “Did I hear correctly, did you say God?” 


Highland nods his head and says, “Yes.” 

Another burst of laughter fills up the air from Michael. 



“Hold on. The fool up in platinum city—”


“Silver city, and he’s no fool, sir.” 


Michael’s eyes turns red and he pulls Highland closer. 


“Correct me again and watch what happens to your little sidekick.” 


Highland tries to step back but he’s stuck, he takes a deep breath and swallows hard. 


“You, the kid and my little sidekick that you are currently holding hostage up in the sky.”


Michael turns and looks up at the witch… “Oh really now… Interesting… Why?”


“I beg of you. Can you please loosen the reins a bit? It’s getting a bit too hard to speak.” Highland begs.


Michael turns back his attention to Highland. 


“You are telling me that your God, your holier than thou God choose me, the most unholy of holies and that thing up in the sky to do what exactly?”


“Yes, but it’s a little more complicated.” – Highland 


“You old fool I’ve been undead for more than two thousand years. Complicated. I am the face of complicated.” – Michael 


“Two thousand years? You’ve been dead for barely a few hours.” – Highland.


A murder of crows starts circling the witch in the sky. 


“What did I say about correcting me again?” Michael asks. 


Highland barely has time to answer to the question. 

Michael shouts out a command… 


 And crows starts picking at the witch’s flesh mostly face and neck. Blood hurling screams are coming out mouth of the witch. 

Highland drops down to his knees and screaming and begging Michael to make the crows stop. 


Bright yellow flames engulf the crows, the witches dead body drops hard to the ground, so hard that they can hear all her bones breaking. 

Michael barely flinches, Highland falls to his side, Michael grabs him by the neck and pulls him back up. 


“Now old man lets see if you can pull off another rabbit out of the hat trick.”


Michael drags Highland and throws him on the witch’s dead body, Highland rolls off and lies beside her, and stares at her skinless face with her eyes poked out, her ears half eaten, blood oozing out of the holes of her shattered cheeks. 

He jumps to his feet and steps backwards, Michael shoves him back forward. 


‘Go on golden oldie bring her back to life.” He says with a sarcastic tone in his voice. 


Highland turns back and looks at him. 


Michael motions with his left hand… “Go on, I can smell the sun rising.” 

For a split second a thought enters Highland’s mind… 

“If I stall long enough—” 


“Ah huh, by the time that happens I’ll be long gone, Old Bastard.” 

Highland turns back and focus his energy on the witch, drops to his knees and starts muttering.


“I pray onto Marie laveau to make thyself known from hell below to the mortal coil above.

I pray to thee in the depths of hell to make thyself visible for all to see, Marie Laveau. 

I beg of thee to roam these streets, be thou free to come see me, Hellfire Queen Marie Laveau.

Be thou kind to this hellish request of mine, grace us with your frightening presence, in between space and time, Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.”


He keeps repeating the spell seven times by the seventh time, the clouds in the night-time skies turned dark, a black lightning bolt flash across it. Michael looks up in awe of the dark magic happening around him.


NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” He yells out with hands up into sky and his wings spread. 


The ground beneath them turns crimson red, Michael levitate back up a few feet slowly taking Highland with him, fire shoots up from the cracks in the ground.

A large flame appears beside the dead witch, the flame morphs into a big white woman. 

A loud voice with a Southern accent hollers at both Michael and Highland… 




She gazes at them furiously with her silver eyes, as they come tumbling back to ground.


“I am thee one and only, I am the ruler of witches, I am the Hellfire Queen of Haiti. I do things Satan, Baba yaga, Beelzebub dare not thought of, and ye take privilege to call up me… Not even your holy God takes comfort nor courage to utter my name.” 


She says staring directly at Highland. 


He lifts his hand and shakenly points at the dead witch… 


“Your servants need you.”


She turns and looks down at the dead body, says nothing and walks slowly towards Michael and Highland, circles Michael, smells him, scanning him from top to bottom. 


“And here I was thinkin’ I don’t have a heart.”


She whispers at him. 

Both men feeling powerless and can’t barely move, she swings around at Highland, takes him by the neck, her dark long nail of her index finger scratches a small cut right behind his left ear. 


“Whatever you are sellin’ holy man, I ain’t interested. I don’t want nothing to do with you or your kind. Now your Vampire friend over here… while darlin’ that’s another story.”


“I am not for sale, lady… especially not to a witch.” Michael retorts. 


She snaps her neck and looks back at Michael while still holding onto Highland. 


“Well I do declare. Your fang master’s got more than a blood lust running through him.”


“He is not my master. He is the one that killed her.” Highland informs her. 


She licks the blood slowly dripping from Highland’s neck while staring at the Vampire, who’s hunger and lust for blood is starting to show. 

Veins start appearing on Michael’s face and neck, his eyes turning bright red again as he looks at her licking Highland’s blood. He moves towards the two, Marie lifts her one free hand and he froze. 


” Not so darn fast witch killer.”


She lets go of her hold over Highland, walks over to Michael where he is levitating, she still holding her hand up, her grip on Michael has gotten stronger. 


“What is it with your kind all you blood suckin’ bastards. Just because Lucifer don' gave you wings to fly, fangs to bite, magnificent strength, everlasting youth and handed you the night on a fancy silver platter. Y’all think you’re sittin’ on the right hand side of his throne.” 


fuego interno quemar quemar brillante.


Michael’s slowly starting to burn from the inside, a red glowing light shines from within him as he hoovers high above the ground. 

Marie’s spell is too strong, and she’s blocked out his telepathic powers. 

In pure anguish and pain Michael sets off a loud blood curdling roar that sends a massive ripple effect through the skies, Marie, Highland and the dead witch's body goes flying in three different directions, Marie lands inside the burned down church, She gets up and rushes out to the steps, raises her hand and shouts… 


However, before the vampire could catch fire, he grabs her by the neck and throws her clear across the burned down church, and lands right next to the pulpit. 

He flies over the building, throws her again, this time she lands outside a few feet away from Highland. 

Michael follows her, Marie, the most powerful of all witches are now beside herself, she drops to her knees place both hands wide open on the ground and shouts again but this into ground. 




The ground beneath starts trembling, bright red lights beams through the cracks, Marie’s silver eyes are now the same shade of red as Michael’s.




She continues shouting as the grounds start opening, a powerless Highland lay and watch as a battle between the Hellfire Voodoo Queen and an arrogant super powerful vampire is about to ensue. 

Michael speeds down towards her, she lifts her one hand, flips it and sends Michael off course, an unbalance Michael falls to the ground on his back, however, as fast as he lands, he shoots back up and flies in her direction again.

However, Marie’s loyal bewitching servants are rising from burning cracks out of the ground.

Black headless skeletons are crawling their way out of hell to do their Queens bidding. 

Highland jumps to his feet before one could get to him, he looks up at Michael, the two stares for a split second at each other, Michael shouts at him…




Highland sticks his hand into his pocket, removes a small gold crystal and throws up into the dark sky, and whispers…

He that knows all also sees all.” 

Marie turns and faces Highland, her demonic skeletons barely had time to do any damage as the golden crystal lets out a huge ray of sunlight, Michael shoots up into the sky once again like a speeding bullet escaping the holy light of the golden crystal. 


Marie’s servants all evaporate as soon as the light hits them, Laveau herself gets lifted into the air and goes flying backwards towards a fiery portal, as she gets thrown back to her hellish Kingdom she yells… 


As she vanishes into the flaming portal. 

As the bright light starts to fade out Michael slowly lowers down from the skies above and spots the witch’s dead body starting to twitch, he motions with his head at Highland to look over to her side. 

Highland walks towards her, he witnesses as her face and neck restores, all poked out and teared off skin, eyes, lips, and ears and all broken bones fully repaired.

Michael lands quietly next to Highland. 


“Well now.” – Michael 


“Oh, no nothing’s well now and this was—” 


Michael’s strong muscular pale white body explodes into tiny bits and pieces, his blood and some of his skin lands on Highland. 

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Richard Lowe

Hi mate this has the making of a good book, getting to the point is good but sometimes you need to stretch it out a bit more, try reading it your self and see if it holds your attention or do you feel you need to build it up some more, a good story must make you feel you are a part of it, hope this helps mate

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Hi Richard! Thank you for the comments, I'll do my to stretch it out a bit... Still lots of writing, re-writing and editing to do. Will take this advice to heart.
CA Petersen

Hi all,
I am still in the process of writing this book. I will update with each new entry.

Chapter 3


“I put a spell on you because you're mine. You better stop the things you do, I tell ya I ain't lyin'.”

-Nina Simone: I put a spell on you.




A blood covered Highland ask as the witch gets up. 


Very furious and vengeful witch looks at him and starts yelling… 




“Murder of crows.” Highland corrected her. 


WHAT?!” She yells back while casting a restoration spell on her dress. 


“Never mind” Highland replies.


“Well your little Vampire friend murdered me, the son of bitch deserves it… AND WHEREVER YOU ARE I HOPE YOUR ASS STAYS THERE AND GETS FRIED!


Sometimes people get what they ask for, in this case not so much. Highland notices the blood on his clothing is moving upwards instead of downwards, dripping to ground as it should. 


“Look.” He whispers towards a rambling witch that’s not paying any attention. 


LOOK!” Yelling at her this time, she turns around rapidly. 


“Oh hell no... NO… THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!”  She says and then yells.


“I’m arrived so… you can’t kill that which is already dead.” Highland reverts back.


Every single drop of Michael’s blood is floating upwards and towards each other, forming a large whirlpool of blood boiling together in unison, turning clockwise. First shaping a large long muscular arm and hand that grabs the witch by the neck, Michael steps out of the large ball of boiling blood, his restored body covered in deep crimson red blood.


“That took guts, witch.” He roars, the witch can’t catch her breath and struggling to mouth the words help at Highland. 

Michael lifts and pulls her closer, his fangs fully erect as his mouth reaches for her neck.


She kicks and jerks, trying to fight him off, but to no avail, Highland whose only power… superpower is his immortality, resurrecting the death  and time traveling, however being immortal does come with certain advantages which includes access to a full armoury and not just any old armoury, a holy armoury stocked up with all kind of magical weapons supplied by and once owned by Heaven’s greatest warriors, disciples and prophets. One of them a very powerful staff. 

The witch has lost consciousness as Michael’s fangs edges closer to the skin of her neck, slightly cracking the serves of the skin.


HALO!” - Highland shouts into the high dark Heavens, a silver shining staff shapes and appears in his hand. 

He stomps it on the ground and shouts…. 


Michael loses his grip and goes soaring through the dark blue sky, landing face down in a puddle of water. 

The witch lies unconscious in the same spot where Michael tried to suck his fangs into her neck. 

Highland rushes to her side, lifts her head, checks for any bite marks…. Nothing only cracked skin, Michael didn’t get his chance to stick his fangs into her neck. 

Highland sighs with relief… 

“This was a bad idea.” He says looking up into Heaven… “A very, very bad one, however, you do work in mysterious ways.”

He gently places her head back down on the ground, takes the staff of Moses aka Halo, stomps it again.


He commands. 

She wakes from unconsciousness gasping for air, grabbing her throat and moving her hands around inspecting if there are any bite marks. Nothing. 

She jumps to her feet… “Where is he?” She asks looking around, Highland turns to look where Michael is, he’s gone… Vanished, missing… Veneto!” 

OH, THAT’S JUST GREAT!” Highland shouts in a huff. 

“Calm down. We don’t need that short fused arrogant bat.” – The witch says. 

“We don’t need him… we don’t need him. Are you mad or just plain stupid?!” An annoyed and irritated Highland ask her. 

“No need for to get snippy with me, old man, and don’t ever call me stupid again. I’ll send you flying straight to the deepest darkness corner of hell.” – The witch.

Highland takes deep breath…

“I didn’t call you stupid. I asked, and honestly out of all of us Michael is the strongest and the most powerful.”

“Oh, come on. He can’t be that powerful. – The witch. 

“Are you kidding me? If this was a motion picture Michael, my dear sweet Amanda, Michael would be the male lead… the star… the saviour, the hero we all need, us mere mortals” 

She pauses and stares at him for a second with a surprise look on her face. 

“That’s the first time you called me by my name since you resurrected me.” 

“Well desperate times… “Highland says as he turns and stares up into the sky. 

Amanda shakes her head… “What?!” 


“The sun’s rising that’s probably why he vanished and luckily for us I know where he disappeared off too. Come on let’s move before the sun catches us.” 

“What is it with you and the sun, why can’t we just enjoy a nice and beautiful sunrise?”

He stops dead in his tracks, turns around and locks eyes with her. 

“Oh, Sweetheart the sun is not our friend even more so for our Vampire friend. There’s a reason why we are… Well you are called Darlings of the dark and not Darlings of the light.” 

He swings back around… 

“Come now let’s do another time jump, the sun is rising here in America, HOWEVER! It’s setting in Europe!”

And before she could even utter one word, he stomps the staff to the ground, it releases a big flashing blue light and the two vanishes.

Sligo, North of Ireland, 1967.


A blue lightning bolt strikes against one of two large black rustic iron gates, both Highland and Amanda appears in the centre of the two large gates. 

“Where are we?” Amanda ask, looking around facing the road staring out onto the endless Irish moors.

Highland taps her shoulder and tells her to turn around. 

She turns around, her jaw drops at the sight of the large iron gates what seems to go on forever reaching the high Heavens. 

She moves a few feet back and gasp at the sight of dark large clouds engulfing both sides of the large towering gates. 

“What’s this place?” She asks softly. 

“Sharandeep’s Hollow.” He answers her.

“Just outside Sligo in North of Ireland.” He continues. 

“Ireland?” – Amanda

“Yes, Ireland.” Highlands replies as he moves closer to the locked gate. 

A large rustic bronze coloured key slot is gripping two thick black chains together with an engraved message on the front plate of the lock.

It reads… “With bravery step forward although your daring attempt will not be rewarded.”

“What is this place?” Amanda ask again.

Highland lets out a soft sigh and says, “A place where only the darkest of creatures thread – a resting place for the weary, the ugly, the scary. Creatures that hunts humans in their nightmares… A graveyard, the world’s most mystical and oldest.” 

Amanda peaks through the iron bars of the gates, her sight is blinded by the dark clouds that also seems be covering the ground. 

“How do we get in?” Peeking through the gate. 

“That is the question. How do we get in?” – Highland answers her as he moves next to her also peeking through the iron. 

She lifts her head and turns to him. 

“You teleport us here and yet you don’t know how we will get inside here.” She whispers. 

“Yes, unfortunately, I do not know. I fear it is my first time standing in front of these here gates… In all my years.” 

He tells her, looking around as if he is trying to find answers in the dark cloudy Irish skies. 

“Obviously we going to need a key.” She tells him, pointing at the lock. 

“Yes, I see that.” – Highland.

“I bid thee a frightful evening kind sir and dark witch.” 

A tiny voice whispers from behind them, they turn around to see a small black Irish girl dressed in crimson dress with a similar coloured cape.

Amanda leans into Highland from the side and ask him, 

“Why does she look like little red riding hood?” 

“Oh, darling how I wish that was little red riding hood.” He quietly replies. 

“How may I be of assistants to you on this marvellous unending evening?”

The little girl asks with excitement, clutching both her hands in front her. 

Highland looks at Amanda out the corner of his eyes, and slowly squats down, meeting the young girl face to face. 

“May I ask what your name is, young lady?” 

She smiles, her bright yellow eyes beaming with joy. 

“I am Lillie Red.” She replies with glee in her voice.

A very impatient Amanda ask her, “How do we get in here?” 

The girl snaps at Amanda. “Quiet witch.” 

Highland lifts his hand towards Amanda gesturing her to keep quiet. 

Turning his attention back to Lillie Red.

“We need to find a friend who happens to be restring behind those large iron gates.” He explains. 

With a big devilish childlike smile, she says to him, “Here is no such thing as a friend nor foe, kind sir. “

He turns back to Amanda, looks at her and turn his attention back to Lillie. 

She smiles widely at him and continues to tell him… “Here we may not have friends nor Foes, but we do have creatures resting their weary bones upon these unholy grounds.”

“Well we’re looking for one particular creature, a vampire.” – Highland. 

“And he’s certainly no friend of mine nor foe.” Amanda exclaims from behind. 

As the smiles disappears from Lillie’s face. She says looking directly at Amanda, “Your words mean nothing here, witch.” 

“Listen little girl… “Amanda snaps.

Highland rises, “She’s not little, neither a girl.” 

Amanda turns and looks at him with surprise. 

“The most dangerous, darkest, codifying and most vile creatures sometimes comes in tiny form. Mostly to throw their victims off. So, If I was you, I’d tread lightly… Hell don’t tread at all.”

Amanda swallows hard and looks at Lillie Red, who is smiling brighter and bigger as ever. 

Lillie gently pushes Highland to the side, walks up to Amanda, looks up and says, 

“My form is merely a glamour, my words merely words, however WITCH! My anger, my wrath, my vengeance does not tally. Woe is you master of fools.” 

She turns and walks to the centre of the gates… “Goblins, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, eastern witches and crossroad demons all rest here. I ask of you who is it you seek?” 

“We seek a vampire – “Highland answers.

“A vampire you say. A vampire you need. A vampire you seek. Many of these rest here indeed.”.

Both Amanda and Highland nod their heads in agreement.

Lillie turns and stares towards the inside of the graveyard. 

“However, I warn thee. Entry here does not come free. A price you must pay for me to open the way.”

“What’s the cost, Lillie Red?” 

Amanda asks. 

Lillie turns and faces the two. 

“For each soul you retrieve, a soul you must seek.”

“What does that even?” Amanda asks annoyingly. 

“Basically, it’s a soul for a soul.” Highland explains.

“He’s vampire. He doesn’t have a soul, and doesn’t he return during sunrise?” – Amanda 

“Your ignorance is astonishing, witch. Your knowledge about and of this mystical resting place is clearly not up to par.” 

Highland steps in front of Amanda before she can reply. 


“Please do explain as to what you mean by ‘seek a soul’ as it’s both our first time here in front of these majestic gates.” 

“Explain you say.” Lillie retort.


Highland shoves his in front of Amanda’s mouth before she could complete her sentence. 

He nods and motion Lillie to continue. 

She throws another dirty look at Amanda and looks back at Highland.

“Fortunately, for thee, the price does not come at such a high cost. Admission price to enter Sharandeep’s Hollow is no matter to be laughed at or trifled with or to be taken lightly. 

As gatekeeper I have a responsibility to make sure that those with highest intent to cause horror and inflict pain may enter here, ones that have no issue trading one soul for another, blood for blood. However, as it is your first time, the price shall be fitting to gain access onto these unholy grounds.” 

Highland looks at her still with his hand on Amanda’s mouth… well more stuck on her mouth. 

He tries to move it but nothing’s happening, Amanda’s struggling to break loose from him, but the two are stuck to each other.

Little breathless, Highland asks Lillie, “Why is my hand stuck to her mouth?” 

“Foolish things come to foolish witches.” 

“You did this?” He asks with bewilderment still struggling to remove his hand from the witch’s mouth. 


“I seek a soul… well not so much the soul, however, I do seek what the soul stole.” 

“May I ask, the soul you seek what did he steal?” 

“Ah! A question that matters. Deep in the Hollow use live vibrant soul… A male soul, a soul so dark that it’s darkness fill up this unholy soil with light, a dark light that caught the attention of God and Satan.” 

“Really?” He whispers.

“Oh yes, his presence here practically had the two major rulers of the world nearly at odds… Well more at odds than the usual as bidding war played out. The Soul had clearly no desire to be a part of those wonderful white clothed angels in Heaven, nor did he have a desire to serve at Satan’s hand. The two superpowers decided to give him power… A title, if you will. However, he had different plans, plans that did not include working for all eternity for God or Satan. On old hollow’s eve in the year of your God 1900, he abandoned his post, his worthless throne and escaped this realm.” 

A shocked Highland step forward a bit too quick, forgets for a second Amanda’s supernaturally attached to his hand and the two nearly trips over. 

“He escaped… HOW?!” Highland lets out. 

 Lillie waves her hand and Highland’s hand releases Amanda from him, Amanda stumbles around wiping her mouth with the sleeve of her dress.

Highland’s curiosity has him paying no attention to the stumbling witch who is trying to cast a revenge spell on Lillie, but to no avail. A huge dark hole appears in the dark clouds and with one fowl swoop sucks up Amanda who lets out a loud scream as she disappears into the hole. Highland runs up to the point where the hole is in the sky, looks up and watches in terror as she vanishes. 

“I have had enough of her and her parlour tricks. I have huge distaste for Western witches, they think they are mighty special just because they serve a Voodoo queen, a forgotten one at that.”

Highland walks closer to her, pointing at the sky, completely speechless. 

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes! As I was saying. Have you ever heard of the Lazarus nickel? Small, pretty and yet mighty powerful.” 

Highland swallows and nod his head… “I’ve heard myths about it.” 

“Well they are all true. There are… well was two of them. One in Heaven and one in hell and the soul I seek stole the one that once was in the possession of Lucifer and now Lucifer wants it back.” – Lillie

“Correct if I’m wrong. One of the myths are once you have obtained one of these two nickels you can pass through life and death as you please. Right? – Highland. 

“Yes, you are correct, Kind Sir. It also serves as a cloaking device… Hides you once you in cross over into the land of the living. Not God, his angels or Satan and his demons will be able find you. It is magic of old, a combination of both light and dark, Heaven and hell.” 

“If this soul you want us… Me to find is hiding under a power cloaking spell. How am I supposed to find him myself?” Highland asks her with curiosity and a little anxiety. 

“You are the great Highland, the hunter angel, the time traveller, the one your God sees fit to walk all realms with no hesitation. Besides I think I have a slight inkling as to where our dear departed soul might be hiding.” 

“And where might that said place be?” Highland asks while staring at the clouds.

Lillie goes and stands next to him and looks up.

“Not to fret she will be return as you will need her and the werewolf for this daunting task at hand. That is if you are up for it.” 

“As you mentioned you have a suspicion where this soul might be.” Highland says with another deep swallow.”

“A place, a modern-day Babylon of sorts. However, as I said. It is a mere inkling; I might be wrong.” – Lillie 

“Operating on a mere ‘inkling’ is not exactly the best situation in finding a missing person or object.”

Highland reverts.

“I am a soul who follows her inkling or instinct and so far, it is yet to let me down. So, what do you say, kind Sir, are you and your… little darlings ready for a tiny little treasure hunt?”  - Lillie. 

Highland pauses and stares at her for a while. 

“I have a condition.” Highland baldly says. 

“Oh, daring… Condition? You arrive here wishing to enter these ungodly grounds, I make you an offer, and yet you have the nerve to give me, the gatekeeper a condition. Angels! However, as we are quite in what humans call a pickle, and Lucifer is no master to trifle with. I’m willing to grant your condition.” 

She moves closer to Highland and before he could speak, a screaming witch comes falling out of the dark skies and lands flat on her back next to him. 

“Your condition I suppose.” Lillie smiles while pointing at Amanda.

He nods his head in agreement, and reaches down and helps Amanda to her feet, who is completely beside herself. 

“Again, be quiet.” He whispers as she gets to her feet. 

A clearly irritated Amanda wipes her dress off, squints her eyes and points at a giggling Lillie. 

Highland puts his arm in front of her and pushes her back. 

He stares down at Lillie and ask, “A modern-day Babylon you said?”

A small line of fire grows up out of the ground next to her, Lillie looks directly into the small burning flame, her eyes turning pitch black. She lifts her head back up and tells Highland, 

“According to my source, the soul I seek, the nickel I need seems to be hiding inside a Roman Dictator in the city of Babylon in the 19th year of the twenty first century.” She says with puzzled look on her, the same look Highland’s now giving her. A mumbling Amanda whose standing with her back to them stops and swings around asking, “What?”

Again, Highland lifts his arm up in front of her, she looks down at it and throws her hands in the air. 

“I’m not clear about this. He’s possessing a Roman dictator in Babylon in the twenty first century?” Highland says and asks.

“As per information given to me my kind Sir by my source… well possessed what the word the source was using.” – Lillie 

Highland stares down to the ground and pauses to think… “Twenty first century, the nineteenth year, obviously the year 2019. However, a Roman dictator and the city Babylon do not exist in the nineteenth year of the twenty first century.” 

Amanda takes a deep breath, puts a fake smile on her face, slowly pushes Highland’s arm out of the way that’s been serving as a barrier between her and Lillie and walks closer to the tiny girl. 

A with a smile on face, she softly asks Lillie to please repeat what the source said and says with most fake sincerity in voice, “Please make sure you repeat it word for word as what your source said.” She smiles and steps back. 

Lillie repeats what the source said every word. 

Amanda turns to Highland, looks at Lillie and turns back to him again. 

“Whoever this soul is, it's not possessing someone, and neither is he in Babylon.” 

Amanda looks down at Lillie, smiles and says, “For a demon or whatever it is you are. You’re not quite up to date with the modern world. 

Highland tries to quiet down Amanda again, Lillie waves her left hand, however, stops halfway. 

“What does she mean with not being up to date with the modern world?” Lillie asks Highland.

Although Highland knows exactly what Amanda means, but looks at Amanda and answers Lillie’s question. 

“I’m curious to know too.” 

Amanda moves a few backwards, leaning in behind Highland, observing Lillie’s hand who is suspended mid-air. 

“First of all, in the twenty first century in the nineteenth year Babylon don’t exist and neither Roman dictators, so it’s obvious. It’s Vegas! He’s in Vegas and probably staying at the Caesars Hotel… Duh!” 

Highland looks at her with a not so surprised look on his face and smiles.


Lillie lowers her hand. 

“I have not heard of such a place. Do you know where such a place might be, Kind Sir?” 

Both Highland and Amanda nod their heads in agreement. 

Lillie Red sways her body from one side to another with her hands again clutching in front of her and with a big smile on her face tells the two, “Bring me back the nickel and I shall grant you entry.” 

Before any of the two could say anything, Lillie fades away with that big smile on her face. 

“Guess we’re going to Vegas.” Amanda says leaning back out from behind Highland. 

“I suppose so… 2019 here we come.” Another loud stomp by Halo on the ground and the two disappears into a big blue lightning bolt that surrounds them.

St. Mary’s Holy resting place graveyard, California, 1987


The light of a full shines upon the empty grave of Evan Roberts, with no body to be buried the Roberts family decided to bury a coffin filled with Evan’s belongings and a few high school memorabilia. 

Under the light of the full moon the green grass surrounding Evan’s grave is shimmering, a crisp cold of a wind is fulling the night-time air. In the far of distance the sound of Bread’s 1970’s rock ballad is booming from a car radio… 


Who's gonna steal the show you know, baby, it's the guitar man.


Robbie’s got his eyes closed, his head tilted back, breathing heavily, with his left hand on Aaron’s neck. A huge flash of a bright blue light beams through the old Camaro, giving the two closeted gay teenager a scare, Robbie opens his eyes, Aaron jolts up, wipe his mouth. The two rushes to their doors and practically fall out of the car.


Aaron yells as the two runs to the front of the car.


Robbie yells back while zipping up his pants.

Aaron taps his shoulder and points at the old man walking towards them, Robbie lifts his hand towards his face to shield his eyes from bright blue fading light.

“What – who the fuck is that?” He asks.

“Looks like a priest, dude.” Aaron replies. 

“Holy shit, man. Are we dead, did something happen back there?” Aaron scratches his hair with worry. 

“I don’t think—’ 

“You young boys shouldn’t be out this late.” Highlands voice whispers as he walks right past them, the two pauses and looks at him as he continues to walk. 

OLD TIMER!” Aaron yells as the two boys slowly starts to follow him.

Highland continues to walk in the direction of Evan’s grave. 

“Do not call me that.” He says back to them and do not follow me. 

“What the fuck just happened back there, man?” Robbie asks with a tiny sound of fear in his voice. 

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Don’t you worry. Tomorrow all of this will be nothing but tiny blur.”


Highland continues to walk up a tiny embankment, leading to Evan’s grave, he places his staff down to the ground. Both young gentlemen have caught up to him, standing on both sides by the time he reaches young Evan’s grave. 

Robbie turns to him and asks, “What are we doing at this asshole’s grave?” 

Highland turns and faces him, lifting his left eyebrow. 

“Leave.” He tells him. 

“Nah, old timer we ain’t leaving till you tell us what the fuck is happening. What was that blue light?” - Robbie 

Highland takes a deep breath


“Dude, I think we should get out of here something bout this feels unhuman.” Aaron says in Robbie’s direction. 

“The fuck you mean ‘unhuman’?” Robbie asks back.

Highland looks at him again.

Listen to your clever friend and leave. Leave now.”

A stubborn Robbie stands firm, holding his decision to stay until Highland clarifies the blue light occurrence of earlier. 

Highland sighs and removes a small black satin sachet from his rope’s pocket.

“Well you can’t say I didn’t try to warn you.” 

“Yo, old geezer what the fuck you got there?” Robbie asks pointing at the black sachet. 

Highland stops, stares for in minute into the distance, looks again at Robbie. 

“Really… Old geezer?”

“Dude, you look like father time. Right, Aaron?” 

Aaron waves his blonde out of his face and replies.

“Ya’ kinda do. Sorry.” 

“Ironic.” – Highland. 

He removes a small pinch of dust from the sachet.

“Holy fuck! Dude, it that gold dust?” Robbie asks

Highland remains silent and start to sprinkle it on Evan’s grave.

“Wow, man! What the hell you’re doing?” Robbie asks him as he Aaron slowly steps backwards. 

“Seriously, man. This doesn’t look or feel kosher.” – Aaron tells him; however, his curiosity is getting the better of him. 


“What you Jewish now?!” Robbie shouts sarcastically a few feet back.

Aaron counters his sarcastic question. “You’ve seen dick.” 

Robbie cracks a smile. 

Highland ignores the two and starts chanting a resurrection spell in Spanish.

”Llamo a los cielos, llamo a San Pedro, el guardián de las llaves del reino. Te pido que gires la llave, concedas paso para que el sabueso ponga un pie en este reino terrenal.”


The ground starts to shake as the gold dust disappears into the soil of Evan’s grave, the two boys starts to scream and panicking. 

SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?!” – Robbie screams. 

A thunderous howl fills the air, the light breeze is turning into a gale force wind. 

WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” Aaron yells at Highland. 

Highland slowly turns his head and asks, “Ever heard of a hellhound?!”

Robbie – “NO!

Aaron – “YES!” 

The boys are holding onto each other as the gale force winds are getting stronger. 

“Well I just released the Hound of God.” – Highland says loudly looking at Aaron. 

WHAT?!” Robbie shouts. 

“A werewolf.” Highland says calmly.

Dark purple lightning bolts hits Evan’s tombstone, the shaking turns into quaking, and howling gets louder. 

Highland screams at the boys… “RUN! RUN NOW!” 

Aaron grabs Robbie by the neck of his leather jacket, pulls him as he starts running, the two stumbles down the embankment onto the small path that leads to the car, they get up and sprints towards the Camaro. 

The wind stops blowing, the ground stops quaking and shaking, the two stops running a few feet away from the car. Robbie turns around and see two bright purple eyes ascending from a cloud of dust caused by the winds and quaking grounds. 

“What hell is that?” He breathlessly asks.

Aaron demands that he gets into the car, but Robbie can’t move, completely mesmerizing by the bright coloured eyes gazing directly at him. 

FRIGGIN’, BETTE DAVIS!” Robbie yells as he is being shoved into the passenger side of the car by Aaron, Aaron runs back around and jumps into the driver’s side of the vehicle and starts it.

Robbie struggles to clip in his seatbelt, he looks back up and yells at Aaron… “DUDE!” His boyfriend looks up out the windscreen and his jaw drops. 

“Holy shit. That’s Evan.” – Aaron.

“Yeah, and he’s naked.” – Robbie.

Aaron switches off the ignition, both gets out of the Camaro completely in shocked and speechless. Aaron notices hair starts growing rapidly on Evan’s body and a large white dove hovering above Evan’s head, he grabs Robbie’s arm and points to the sky at the large white dove above. 

Evan lowers down onto all fours and lets out a loud roaring howl.

“Oh, man that ain’t good. That ain’t good!” Aaron exclaims.

They get a massive scare when the car radio starts playing by itself, and ironically enough Bette Davis eyes is playing, the two jumps and turns, staring into the bright lights of the car. 

A female voice demands them to get into the car, Robbie sees from out the corner of his left eye and young lady, Amanda pushed her cape back.

NOW!” She yells at them. 

The two startles and jumps into the car as Evan now fully turned wolf slowly walks towards the vehicle. Aaron starts, spins the car around, Evan makes a b-line for car as it speeds off, the werewolf jumps, however, the creature stops mid-air as the car and its two passengers disappear into the dark with its taillights fading away. 

“Let the kid down, witch.” Highland commands her. 

Evan slowly falls to the ground turning human again.

His naked body lying on the ground in the futile position, Highland squats down, stroking his head. 

“Oh, sweet boy what beast the Heavenly Gods turned you into.”

“Shouldn’t we cover him up with something?” Amanda asks waving at his nude body. 

Highland nods his head. “Yes, we should. Cast one of your spells.” 

“Really… Just like that?” – Amanda

“Yes. Just like that.” Highland snaps back annoyed. 

She lifts her left hand and cast a spell…

”Cubra eso, eso debería verse y dejarse ver inocente.”

Black sweatpants magically start to grow on his legs all the way up to his waist and a grey trench coat covering his upper body. 

“Poor kid… Not bad enough for hell and not good enough for Heaven. So, what does Heaven do? Turn him into a warrior, curse forever to roam outskirts of the Silver city, protecting its precious inhabitants.” Highland says with forlorn.

“So, you’re basically saying, he was good enough to enter the gates, but not good enough to live in the heavenly city.’

Again, he nods agreeing with her. 

“Well at least where I went, I wasn’t cast out to, as you put it roam the outskirts.” – Amanda.

“Sweetheart, you were in hell.” Highland reminds her as he gets back up.

“My damn point exactly. I was in hell and not curse to walk outside of the Blood city… Well then again—”

Evan starts groaning and whispers underneath his breath for help. 

Both Amanda and Highland lowers down, Highland places his hand on Evan’s forehead and tries to comfort him.

However, he grabs Highland’s arm and looks at him with his eyes turning purple again, crunching his teeth… “Make it stop.”

“liviano como una pluma.”

Evan’s body bends backwards, his eyes widen, and he slowly starts to levitate again.

Highland jumps back… “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He yells, pointing at a floating Evan.

“He was turning into that thing again.” Amanda replies.

An angry Highland walk up to her and says, “Witch! I did not ask you to do any of the sort. Unless I ask you to do something you do it. I had him under control, bring him back down. NOW!

Amanda lowers Evan back onto the ground.

“Sorry.” She says with no real meaning or emotion.

Highland pays her weak apology no attention.

“We need to get him to the Path.” Highland says tending to Evan.

“Where’s that?” Amanda curiously asks. 

“Do not worry your little bewitching head. Just be ready to time jump again.” Highland.

He calls upon the Halo, hits the ground with it and a flash blue light ferry’s the three into space. 


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