Midnight Smiles


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 When we are children, we are surrounded by the comforting love and warmth by our parents. When we turn into pre-teens, we trap ourselves in our technology and somehow let the blindfolded that always shielded the real grown-up life get strapped on tighter by our loving parents. When we turn into Teenagers, we become rebellious, we hate our parents, we sneak out at night for our late-night hookups and only care about ourselves and our close friends and pets. When we become adults, we rip off that blindfold, watch how the world truly is for a minute and run back to our parents for the comfort that we once loved and needed.

We are all equal. Even though we are all different in our own spontaneous ways, we all grow up they way our family’s raised us. I’m the end, we all have to take that stupid blindfold off sooner or later.

Mine got torn off by rouges when I saw my mothers and two of my younger siblings death with own eyes when I just turned Seven. My soul-sister had hers cut off by her kidnapper at the tender age of Ten. My Soul-Sister’s little sister still proudly wears hers and so does my baby brother.

As I’m now almost Eighteen, working a full-time job and taking care of my little brother while my father sobs and pity’s my mother’s death in their room. I am the one to tie that blindfold around his tiny porcelain head. Unlike mine, his will never come off for as long as I live. My soul-sister does the same for her baby sister, and we promised ourselves to never let go of hope for each other and our family.


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