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Theoretical Education vs. Practical Education

Education is the process of systematically giving and receiving information. Everyone wants to get a quality education as it shapes an individual's future. The education system provides two types of education which are practical education which is based on conducting practical and experiments and theoretical education which is obtained from books. Theoretical and practical education both work perfectly in giving students a better understanding of educational concepts.

Way of Learning

Theoretical education refers to learning things without conducting experiments. Theoretical education is important for it gives us a deeper understanding of a subject. It also enriches an individual's comprehension of how an alternative method can work in case of failure of the one they are using. It generally makes learners very conversant with a subject they are handling only if they repeatedly look into it to remember.

Practical education means applying the theoretical knowledge in conducting practical and doing some other experiments relating to real life. I highly prefer practical education because it is most likely for an individual to remember something they did practically. Remembering how to go about something practically is a reflection of how best they understood the theoretical part of it. Practical knowledge also makes learning less of a task and thus enjoyable. If you want to learn how to improve your academic work, both practically and theoretically, you can always find out more at EduBirdie. There affordable professionals there who can help with your essays.


Theoretical knowledge poses a threat to fighting unemployment because many if not all employers want to absorb only those graduates who can handle things practically in the industries. The employment sector doesn't need you to memorize concepts but put them in practice which is a disadvantage for those who only learned theoretically.

On the other hand, practical education gives students exposure thus preparing them for the real work they'll be doing in the future in line with their careers. Practical education focuses on know-how after know - what is achieved through theoretical education. This gives graduates an easy time once they land jobs because they know how to go about the tasks assigned to them as they were already exposed to through practical sessions. Finding jobs will be easy since they already have the required experience needed for the job market.


In general, practical and theoretical educations are intertwined. They all work perfectly by complementing each other, and one cannot be self-sufficient. They are both compulsory for proper learning to take place and exposure. Theoretical education prepares individuals for the tasks they will face in the industry and other fields. For career purposes, practical education proves to be more fruitful. However, for one's career to thrive, they should balance between practical and theoretical knowledge because for you to apply it in practice, you must first learn it practically.

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