How Canada Became An Education Superpower


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How Canada Became An Education Superpower

Canada has been among the top countries with the best educational systems in the world. It has climbed to the top when the world was so focused on the world superpowers. Today, Canada can be best described as an educational superpower.

Canada has appeared in the top ten countries during the Pisa test which includes subjects like Mathematics, English and Science.  A study conducted by the Economic Cooperation Development revealed that Canada has some of the most educated and intelligent teenagers in the world.

In terms of education, Canada is worlds apart from its neighbors; France and the UK who have strong cultural and economic ties. When we come to the universities, Canada has the highest population of working age adults who all have degrees or diplomas. So, how did Canada become an education superpower? Here are some of the reasons.

1. Equal Chances

Canada has been constantly trying to improve the literacy levels through employing qualified teachers and providing adequate resources such as libraries and laboratories to help schools and students who are struggling. Canada is not an extreme country. In fact, the advantaged and disadvantaged students have very little differences between them.

According to Canadian Edubirdie, Education in Canada is consistent. There are no students who lag behind so much or students who outshine others much. Most migrants in Canada are from India, China and Pakistan. Migrant families have very high expectations for their children and this makes them succeed.  

2. Migrant Students

Canada’s educational system is quite unique and unusual. Canada does not have an existing national educational system like other top performing countries like Singapore. Every province has its own system. Again Canada has very many migrant students.

Most families in Canada have at least one parent who is not from Canada. Migrant students seem to blend and integrate with native students quickly. If Canadian provinces participated in the Pisa tests independently, three of them would be among the top five. The secret to Canada’s success in the education sector is unity and equity.


Canada education is not as complicated as other countries’ educational systems are. The key to success has always been simplicity in Canada. By accommodating students from other countries, Canada is growing at a rapid level and performing very well. Countries that have been reported to have racism and favoritism always lag behind in every sector.

This is because people who are treated in an unjust way are never motivated or engaged in what they are doing. The most hardworking students or employees have to carry the burden of migrants. For a country to succeed in education and other sectors, equality, justice and simplicity are the keys to success. Canada has embraced these keys and their results have demonstrated that they work.

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