What's So Great About Chinese Education


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What's So Great About Chinese Education

China is a highly developed country. It has a high population. China has a strong economy and an excellent reputation in business development. Chinese education systems are famous for being challenging and very competitive. A student is expected to take a minimum of nine years in school. You should spend six years in primary and three more in high school. The nine years are compulsory, and it is free of charge. If you want to proceed, you have to pay some tuition fees. Although it has its pros and cons, here is the reason why it is so great.


Before the lesson start, if you are in any of Chinese school, you need to start with a warm-up. You are supposed to line up afterward where you raise a national flag. You will also know the main news then go to class. Immediately after the third lesson, you do eye exercise while touching specific points to relax your muscles. At precisely 2.00 pm, you have to another practice where you hop as you move your hands apart. As you continue with the exercise, there is fresh music playing in the background with the instructors recorded voice instructing you on what to do.

Since Chinese are famous for businesses, when the students exercise, the brain refreshes helping them understand the subject better. They know that education is essential for their businesses, and you can find the reasons on http://www.business-fundas.com/2019/main-reasons-why-investment-in-education-is-important-for-business/.

2)Lunch Break

They get a one-hour lunch break. Since Chinese eat healthy traditional food, the same habit continues in schools. Some schools give their students some time to take a little nap after lunch. Teachers have the privilege of getting a free meal.

3)Corporal punishment

The Chinese education system problems include corporal discipline. If you are a student, the teacher has the right to beat you if you fail to understand something. Even though many countries banned corporal punishment, in Chinese school, it is allowed.

4)High pressure

High pressure is one of Chinese education problem. Students have to study for over ten hours daily. From 8.00am to 3.00pm and in some school up to 4.00pm. They also extend at home up to 9.oo am or 10.00pm depending on the level of homework. Achieving high grades is compulsory; otherwise, you will not get an opportunity of joining the university. Due to the high competition, parents put too much pressure on their children.

5)There are private and public schools

The quality of education in Chinese private school is high, compared to their counterparts. The tuition fee is also high. They are allowed to learn a foreign language. There are English classes where teachers teach up to three English classes.


Education is the key to success. China understands that. It is compulsory for at least nine years. It has advantages and disadvantages. Learning there is very competitive. Unlike in many countries, corporal punishment is legal.  

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