The Murder Of Mother


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Chapter 1

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Great start Caitlin just need to make sure it makes sense sis

 Trying not to panic when I strolled into the living room, I was glued to the spot as I saw my brother curled up in the corner with this older woman crouched up In front of him. Observing the situation, I decided to go upstairs and so I could find my sister (Stella) but the woman spun slightly then I recognised her immediately it was…

20 year ago, I enjoyed being isolated myself from other people; she on the other hand was an insufferable talkable young woman. She always asked every teacher what if? Why? I never spoke to her because I didn’t want to be asked loads of questions.

I tiptoed upstairs avoiding the first and last step ( very squeaky) to search upstairs for my sis and ask why Saverage is hear. Nearly every room was empty, I didn’t search in mothers room because it is forbidden. I put a glass up against the door, that was on the table next to the door, to listen for breathes.

“What?!” I whispered white a confused look on my face. I rampaged downstairs into the living room, surprised to see that it was just my brother. Spinning around slowly I saw her and her veins were popping out of her forehead. Her long black waistcoat draped along the floor, short red hair had changed from long brown and her waistcoat had hundreds of pockets for pens, notepads and evidence bags.

I paused to take a breath and then screeched, “Explain!!”

Before she could start my brother jumped onto my back and whispered in my ear, “Move away.”  

Putting my brother downs, after he squeezed my shoulders to hard, I went to the sofa with Saverage and said in a sensitive voice, “I am so sorry. Please continue.”

Saverage took a breath and said,

“At 9:30am, your mother was in her room making something. She was  so into what she was making, she didn’t see something or someone behind her. Mrs Manica was murdered and then stuffed under the desk. Your mother’s left arm and right leg were chopped off and sewn together,”

Seeing my intrigued facial expression made her feel uncomfortable. Saverage wanted to stop there ; she saw my bright red eyes then continued,

“The police were here by 9:45am with six cars parked blocking off any view from the street . Hanging from your  mother’s room window was her right leg. The doctors came to remove the body and the and saw that her last bit of life was still there, a smile, her right arm was also missing. Is there anything she needed her hand for?”

“Yes! She needed it to get into her volt in her office at work, why?”

I think that’s why who ever did it took her arm. Now you now the same as me do you want to go to her room and investigate.”

“Maybe tomorrow!”

I stayed at hers that night. We went up to mothers room and I pushed her door open. I was flabbergasted at the sight, Saverage gave me a pair of gloves to take a better look. Saverage and I went in opposite directions , she went to the wardrobe and  I went to bed. We went to these places because there was no blood and there is blood everywhere else. As I got closer to the bed , I saw the corner of the mattress had a tiny rip.


She came over and we pull it open. There was an other body inside. Suddenly my face was in horror, I stumbled backwards and let out a little sob.

“My brother!!”

At these words she rapped her arm around me and took me out of the room. She called the police and explain that was another body, the brother. After that it took me a few minutes to be ready to go back in; my head is now determined to find the murders. We went back in and went to the wardrobe, Saverage opened the doors and then I found a huge clump of bright orange hair.

We asked the head of police if we were allowed to use the questioning rooms and then arrests them if need be. He approved. We brought in the dad, the shopkeeper, the maid and the uncle.

Every time we questioned someone, we had a notepad to write down all the information that the suspects say. Once we got through everyone it was gone midnight. So we decided to pick it up the next day so they could have a day rest. That was not the case with me I went to the station later that day and got all the information from the interviews, I sat in one of the rooms and analyzed them. A hand touched my shoulder and without thinking I threw them over me and said ,

“Don’t do that.”

“It is a waste of time doing that because the people responsible are already in   gail.”

“I did all of this for nothing but how?”

“If you waited this morning the people who did it came to the house and said why and how.”

“Who did it?” I said getting very angry

“Sahara and molly.”

The months passed before the police called me and Saverage to find out who killed the head of police department.

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