Best Friends In Danger


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The Picnic

 One day to best friends named, Ellamarie and Caitlin set out in to the eastern woods. To enjoy a great feast a picnic they had made. But little did they know about the eastern wood, inside lurked creatures you never new of before. 

Teachers told them to watch there back and never to enter the eastern woods.  But this was not enough they had to see for them selves. They had to see what lurked inside the dreaded eastern woods.

The paths in the the woods were clear the trees where tall and dark. Shadows were long and dreary. The two friends started to feel uneasy. 

But it must be fine it won't be that bad they reassured them selves over and over again. The two friends ventured further into the woods. At last they entered a feild this would be perfect spot for the picnic and they threw down there bags with a thump. 

The girls decided to play a game ( hid and seek) they covered the bags with the picnic blanket so they wouldn't lose them. But what the didn't know was that this feild was famous in history. That was to be found out later... 

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Dissapearing act

 The game had begun Caitlin had hidden under they blankets with the food whilsed Ellamarie was searching for her pal. Caitlin's legs began to feel wet her feet as well, what was going on? She though it was just from rain or the morning dune! But that wasn't true as I told you before this feild was famous. Famous for the great event in 1876 the Disserpearing Act!!!  Ella began to search she searched high and low until she got tired and shouted Caty "Caty Picninc time". She removed the blanket to see Caty berried chin deep in the ground!

 "Caty" screamed Ella and tugged at her Caty was stuck. Ella ran to get help but Caty stopped her, don't go by the time you get back I will have gone! soon I won't be able to speak! I have an idea said Ella and reached for the picnic bag. This is no time for food Caty protested. No I'm not eating said Ella listen I saw this thing on LifeTube and it said that if you rub butter on something it unsticks. 

That won't work! 

It will

We can't wasted any time why not try pulling me out? I'll try. Ella pulled and pulled but Caty didn't budge. What will happen to Caty...

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