Falling For My Best Friend


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Tickle Fight!

    "Julian!" I screeched as I started laughing hysterically. "St-top! T-tha-t tickles!" I barley managed to get out from all the laughter interfering with what I was trying to say.

"Only if you say please." He teased. Haha. He thinks I've given up this battle, hasn't he?

"Never!" I said as joyful tears spilled from my eyes.

"Ugh! Fine!" Julian got off off me and my laughing died down.

"I'm gonna get you back." I murmured under my breath. 

"What was that?" Julian said getting from off the floor and heading towards the kitchen and me following behind.

"Oh nothing." I said biting my lip, making it completely obvious.

"Mmmm-hmm." He hummed unconvinced. A small giggle excepted my mouth. Julian always found a way to make me smile. 

"Want something to eat?" He asked opening his fridge.

"Na, I'm good."Julian grabbed an apple from out of the fridge and bit into it.

"Really dude? An apple? Your lame!" I chuckled as I threw a plastic spoon from the counter at him.

He dogged the spoon and held his hand to his chest. "Uh!" He gasped playfully. "That could of kill me!" He said dramatically.

"Ya, only in my dreams." I retorted with a sarcastic smile tugging at my lips.

"Your a bitch. You know that?"

I whipped my hair and a fake-surprised smile reach my lips. "Why thank you kind sir!"

"Ya, anytime." He chuckled as he rolled his eyes.

"So what time do your parents want you home?" He asked taking another bite from the fruit.

"Ugh.." I started. "They said their not going to be home tonight, their working the night shift." I said in an almost whisper, attempting to hide the disappointment in my voice. I mean I get it, they are adults we need to pay the bill...blah, blah, blah. But, they are just never around. I have seven more months till I turn eighteen and move out. I would imagine we as a family would want to make the best out of that time. Especially since I'm going to be out working trying to afford my apartment bills. I could continue living with my parents but, money is tight right now. I just want to make it easier on them.

"Hey." Julian whispered as he came up to my side and wrapped his arms around my waist trying to comfort me. "It's okay. You can stay with me tonight."

"Thanks Julian."

"Anything for you Sam." He responded, pulling me tighter in his arms. Tears started rushing down my face. How could I be crying? My parents normally do this to me anyways. This shouldn't come as a shock to me.

Whimpers accidentally escaped my mouth. "Shhhh...everything's gonna be okay. Now why don't we watch a movie?" He suggested pulling away from me.

"Okay." I said with a weak smile. "But I wanna snuggle with you." I pulled him back into my embrace and dug my head into his chest. "Your really warm." Most people would think that Julian and I are dating: God, I wish if that were only true. I've liked Julian since the sixth grade. I  doubt he feels the same way. But why would he? He's hot. He has pretty girls throwing themselves at him constantly. There is no logical reason he would ever want me.


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