Deadly Games


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  1. In Japan, there was a famous game called Xerot and all the player in the world went there to play the game.


Akira have a friend who is a player and she was forced to attend the opening.


The supposedly happy and enjoy game become a cruel and nightmare for everyone




                               Copyrights © Cally J Coulter 2015

                                       All Rights Reserved.



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“The game will be started in” The program said then the game begin.


All the player held their linkage right arm in the air and said.



“Xerot activated!” then a deadly and most cruel game begin...



The players started to scattered as the game started. A guy started to after a woman and the woman held her linkage right arm making the guy jumped then also held his linked arm up in the air



“Weapon activated!”  They both aforesaid.

“Weapon activated, what weapon do you want ma’am?” the program affirm.


“Boomerang.”  She declare.


“Sword.” The guy said at the same time the woman declare her weapon.


“Boomerang is chosen, this competence is 78 percent ma’am, how much power do you want to use ma’am?” The program asked.


“Sword is chosen, this competence is 120 percent sir, and how much power do you want to use sir?”


“25 percent.”


“30 percent.”


“Power used is 25 percent remaining capability is 53 percent.” The program stated. “Power used is 30 percent, remaining capability is 90 percent.”


Then the woman throw her boomerang through the guy but he evaded the boomerang and gash his sword but the woman easily hedge and punch his fist through the guy stomach and kicked his lenght making the guy groaned in implausible agony and soreness. The boomerang cut the guy head and come back in woman’s hand. The woman smirk at the sight of the guy been beheaded. Then suddenly she felt an incredible pain and blood spilled through her lips and she frown in confusion.


    What the hell she thought and a shadow block her sight and she tilted her head and stare at baldheaded guy stare at her and then smirk. He cut her head and then the guy continue to walk.



“I’m the only one who will finish this game.” He said out loud.

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Chapter one

(Akira POV)
I drink my milk tiredly because of my friend Alice who keep playing in my room. Of course I have to keep wake up because she want me to play too. Alice is addicted to game and I don't understand why.
"Ohayo Akira." My mom greet me. I smiled warmly at her.
"Ohayo Gozaimasu okaa-san." I respond and she just grinned at me.
"What the problem Kira? You look tired." She notice while raise her eyebrow.
"It just Alice keep me up all night and it both frustrating and slightly pissed me off." I grumbled and mom just rolled her eyes at me.
"Don't be a silly." She rebuke making me huff but didn't said anything. "Beside you should be grateful that you have a friend like her."
I just shrugged nonchalantly making mom rolled her eyes.
"Ok mom I have to go school before I late." I said while standing and put the sandwich in my mouth.
I just passed the school gate when Alice come to me with her roller blade. I just smiled at her.
"Hey" I greet her tiredly.
"You look shit." She deadpanned.
"Yeah, wonders who keep playing this game called ragnarok all night and make me play?" I said sarcastically and she just tilted her head innocently making me smirk and pinched her nose roughly. She groaned at me.
"Ouch that hurt." She exclaimed making me rolled my eyes. "Hey can you come with me later after the class." She said suddenly. I just stare at her in confusion.
"Where?" I asked.
"Well there a famous game that are going to open near our school and you know how much I'm obsessed with the game and also all the player in the world are going to be there." She pleaded and I wrinkled my nose in distaste.
"Fine." I finally agree in defeated making her beam.
"Thanks sis, now let go in our classroom." She said then hold my hand to lead to our classroom. I can't help but smiled at her eagerly. I felt happy that she has something to occupy when she alone Alice is come from the broken family so they weren't together always. In fact she lives with her aunt house.
After the classes ended. Alice and I were go the place where the game are going to open. I wonder what kind of game this is that all the player in the world are eagerly to come. I just keep quiet until we come to the place. I see the woman injecting everyone who passing the entrance and I felt a frown crept my face.
"Why does she injecting everyone that passing through the entrance?" I asked Alice.
"They going that to all people who going to play." She stated making my eyes widen in disbelief.
"But I'm not going to play." I protested.
"Geez calm down." She said obviously pissed off making me rolled my eyes.
"Just let them inject you, nothing will harm you just from one single shot right?" she said stubbornly.
I just sighed in defeated.
"I hate you." I mumble under my breath and she just grinned at me.
"I love you too dude."
And we passed through the entrance. I just make a face when a woman inject me and it feel differently. I felt something was odd but I didn't said anything.
When we inside and I was caught guard by the massive people was here. I think there was a million people here or more. I looked around in awed.
"There's are so many people." I murmured to Alice and she just smiled proudly at me.
"They are my sisters and brothers." She said smugly and I rolled my eyes at her.
We all paused when the bell ring and the handsome guy come out. He have those lavender eyes, his hair golden-brown hair and he wear a turtleneck with his black leather jacket and skinny jean. He look like a badass and there something about him that are intimidate. He look like 25 year old. I swallowed audibly and Alice that something was bothering me by the way I squeezed her hand. She gives me a concern look and I try to reassure her that I'm fine but it
was hard.
"What wrong?" she asks in concern. I took a deep breath.
"Nothing, it just I don't like it here." I admitted honestly and I watched as Alice eyes flickering in guilty.
"Sorry that I brought you here." She apologized and I smiled faintly at her.
"Don't worry it ok, although you gonna own me a lunch." I whisper to her making her nod eagerly. The handsome guy cling his glass and I was surprised when I watch everyone eyes darkened
I tug the sleeved uniform of Alice to get her attention. She tilted her head at me and I was little scared when I saw her eyes darkened like she was willing to murder someone I nibbled my bottom lip nervously.
"Alice you scaring me what happening?" I asked in both confused and fear. She blinked and suddenly the murdering look was gone I felt my muscled loosening because finally she back.
"Sorry Akira if I scared you."
I laughed nervously at her.
"Alice what happening here?" I asked after a minutes. She didn't answer.
"I don't know." She lied and I scowled at her. She never lied to me before but why does she lied now.
"You know I know you lying, I know you since our childhood." I said to her and was beginning to scold her then I was shocked when she shot me a mocking look.
"Congratulation so what do you want a cookies, just shut up you son of a whore." She said mockingly and I couldn't said a word.
It the first time she ever speak to me like that. We always treat each other like a sister but now she being acting differently and it unnerving me and scaring me.
I remained silence not wanting any more hurtful word from her mouth.
The guy cleared his throat loudly to get our attention then he begin to speak.
"buenos días mi amigo." He said softly and I blinked a few times trying to register what he said.
"He a Spanish." I stated and I was surprised when Alice respond by nodding.
"Now." The guy continued. "encuentro the amo juego." He stated and then everyone clapped their hands loudly. Another guy have shown up but this time he was much older he was like at his 30 year.
"Good day to all of you my beloved player." He announce almost soothingly. "As you know this is a 20th year since this game was established and now we celebrating another year for this successful."
There was a long chilling silence before the guy speak again.
"My name is Dagon and this other guy is Keith my assistant and now I won't make it long." Suddenly being serious and intimidate. "As you aware now, if you play this game there won't chance that you are going to back if you didn't finish the game, also when you died in the game you will be physically died."
Making my eyes widened in disbelief and I look at Alice.
"Alice what happening?" almost shouting at her, why didn't she tell me? I can almost felt my hysterical reaching through my chest.
She didn't said anything.
"Ok since you aware those conditions, now held your linkage right arm and the game shall begin."
"Linkage? There ae not-"My voice trailed off as I saw the linkage in my right arm. There are circle around my right arm in the middle was a letter x and on four corner was a little circles and I was shocked when it glowed.
"Xerot game begin now" Dagon stated and I hissed as the light suddenly blind my sight.
After a few minutes. I slowly open my eyes and was shocked that I was in different place. This place is so beautiful. There are so many bird that tweeting and singing, there are some destroyed tree and there a long river in my right side. Oddly although the surrounding area was full of leaves, trees, full of bird that tweeting but the soil is completely plain. It was like I'm in a dessert. Then I suddenly remember Alice.
"Alice!!" I shouted but no one respond.
I repeated her names again but still no respond and I can felt a panic rose through my chest.
Please let her be save I thought in agony even she is lied to me she still my friend.
(Alice POV)
I look around to make sure no one is watching then I raised my linkage right arm.
"Weapon option" I utter
"What weapon do you want ma'am" the program asked.
"Japanese Sword, Crossbow, Dagger, Gun and Boomerang." I pronounce.
"Ok the weapon are all complete and are filled with 100 power each weapon."
"Ok, Ability option."
"What ability do you want ma'am?"
"Strategic, Strength, Speed, Agility and Flexibility."
"Ok ma'am, the ability are all complete and are filled with 100 power each ability."
I sighed in relief then s guilt swirling around my vein. I know the rules and I intended to play alone but they said that I should bring one person or else I won't be able to play. Worst of all I said some rudely word to her and it making the guilt even heavier. I have to be rude or else she will be keep asking.
I tilted my head when I hear a snap. I look around carefully and suspiciously. I easily ducked out when an arrow shot at me. I turn around to see a blondie girl which tied in pony and those sapphire eyes that staring at her likes some meat.
Well sorry dude I ain't interest in you I thought sarcastically and I was gasped when she throw a dagger at me and then run fast to me.
"Gun" I said while avoiding her attack. I shoot her feet making her hissed in pain then I kicked her so hard in the head making her gasped and steeped back away from me.
"Bitch!!" She shouted angrily. Then reckless run toward me.
"Dagger increasing to 75 percent." She stated. "Speed increasing to 100 percent."
She moved faster than I blinked my eyes that she was in front of me and slash her dagger through me making me hiss in pain, blood spilled through my mouth. Geez her dagger was so power. I shot her right shoulder making shout in pain then she moved fast to get away.
Shit I need to increased my ability I thought in agony but she didn't give me a chance as she to strike me. I managed to shoot her right hand and she yell in agony. She threw her dagger at me and it shot right through my left foot. I choked on blood and the girl make her entrance and she was making her way through me.
"Dagger" I mutter under my breath so she won't hear and place it behind my back.
When she was in front of me I slash her stomach making her fell and choked in pain enough time for me to increase my ability.
"Strength increased to 75 percent and speed to 50 percent."
Then I picked the dagger in my foot and put it out making me screech in pain. I throw the dagger away and shot her head three times to make sure she was dead.
"Ok ma'am, she have 500 white diamond what do you want to do about it?" the program asked.
I snored rudely. 500 white diamond well that mean she is new but she act like she was professional.
"100 to each ability." I said after a while.
"Ok transfer complete."
I was breathing hard and resting when I realized that make gasped in horror.
Shit! I need to found Akira she doesn't know how to play this game and every player in this game is violent and cruel.
Akira POV)
I keep looking around to find Alice but she was nowhere to be found. I nearly yelp when I was smacked into a broad muscles. I held my head up to stare at the old guy, he look like 40 year and he have those dark brown eyes and those black leather jacket and even though he old he still look attractive.
"Excuse me, I'm Akira I'm lose did you find my friend Alice?" I asked hopefully.
But my hope faltered when he shook his head.
"No, you new here aren't you?" He asked and I nodded. "Well that odd, because you have to bring accompany to get play here and you should knew the rule."
I wanted to blame Alice for not telling me about this, for bringing me here but it was no used.
"I was... betray, how about your ally? Where is he?" I asked instead to avoid the topic.
"Well he died." He stated and I felt my stomach churned at that.
"So it true that if you died here you also died in reality." I asked hopefully I'm wrong but he nodded grimly at me.
"No it true."
I sighed miserable.
"So you don't know everything?" he asked and I frown in confusion then nodded.
"Ok, here catch." Then he throw me a card and I stare at it.
Invisible it said.
"Just said activated and it will work." He inform and I nodded following his order and I was shocked when I'm became invisible and try to called the old man but he didn't seemed to hear me.
"Just stay away from me, just because you invisible doesn't mean that you are not physically here."
I nodded at him although there are many question in my head that I wanted to asked but decided to ask after this.
"Axe." He mumbled and I frown in confused until I saw the axe in his hand making my eyes widen.
Cool I though in awed. Then a five people were come out, the first one was a scarlet hair girl, she have those jade eyes and she was wearing a purple jacket and I can't see what she wearing inside she wear a mini skirt and then a buckled boots, the second was guy and his hair is dark brown, the third was a guy too and he have a black hair with those dark purple bangs that oddly suit him, the fourth was a girl and I know instantly that she is a sister of the first because of the color of the hair and the eyes and finally the last guy have a blondie hair and golden-brown eyes and he is so sexy and hot.
I think the old guy knew them because he didn't attack them.
"Jane, Xiao, John, Janna, Lulu." He stated making everyone eyes widen.
"Ni-hao Dallan." The second guy called Xiao greet him.
"What a surprised to see you here." Jane said and was about to hug him when their linkage right arm beef
"Ugh another mission." Janna grumbled and Jane give her a scolding look.
"Don't be a spoiled-brat big sister." She mocked her sister and Janna just rolled her eyes.
"The mission said that we have to five until one of us are alive." John articulated making everyone stiff and fell into a chilling long silence.
"Well I'm ain't gonna lose here, not after what I been through even if it you my little sister." Janna said scornfully to her little sister who sneered at her in disgust.
"Same here." Jane sneered at her.
"Damn to all of you I will not simplify just letting myself died in this game, no I will fucking kill you if you get in my way" Lulu snarled at them making the sisters look at her defiantly. John just fell silent but I can see in his eyes that he ready to murder everyone who will get in his way.
Dallan make his first moves, jumping to Lulu and cut his head making the sisters yelp and gasped in horror.
"Well I'm standing to argue and wait until one of you makes a move, you bitches," he taunt making the sisters eyes flickering in angry and John snarled at him animalistic making Dallan smirked.
"What doggy, do you want to play with your mother and daddy oh I forget they are dead." He said sarcastically and even I winced at his cruel statement.
John launch an attack on Dallan but he jumped.
"Crossbow." He drone. "Increase power to 55 percent."
Then an axe suddenly become a crossbow and he shoot it at John right shoulder.
I screamed in horror as John right shoulder was cut because of the intense power of arrow. The arrow attached to the tree with the right shoulder hanging on it. John breathed in pain. I notice the way Dallan flinched as if he the one who being shot.
He didn't want it. I realized but he still doing it because he need to do it. I gasped as Jane cut the half body of John through the axe.
These persons are Psychotic I realized in horror. Then Janna summoned a dagger and try to cut the right shoulder of Jane but Jane easily ducked it.
"Power increased to 40 percent." Jane stated and I felt my mouth dropped open as she heaved the big tree and threw it at her big sister.
"Speed increased to 50 percent." Dallan murmured and he ran faster than I could see. He kicked Jane so hard that she was fly through the other tree making Jane hiss in pain. I was shocked when blood spilled through his lip.
"That for hurting my sister you bastard." Janna said to her.
I turned around to see Janna on the top of the tree holding a silence gun making my eyes widened in horror.
I hear Dallan gives a breathless laugh.
"I thought you want to kill her." Dallan spat at her.
"Yeah only by me and not everyone." She sneered at him then a smirk tugging at the corner of Dallan lip. He summoned a gun and shot Jane until she was dead but look like Dallan didn't satisfied about that as he summoned axe and threw at the middle of Jane face making the face torn by half. Janna make an agonized sound and jumped on Dallan and shoot her gun to Dallan stomach. He stepped a few step and fell on ground and I was about to help him when I saw Janna moved out of my eyes. I went still against my will.
Janna was coming toward to him and I was shocked when Dallan jumped high and summoned a bomb and threw at Janna who didn't have time to register what happening until she saw a bomb on the ground before she could make a move the bomb already exploded.
He was breathing hard and he full of blood.
"There a 1000 diamond in all of them and 500 red diamond, what do you want to do about it?"
"Ah 200 each to my ability and 150 to sword, the red diamond is 200 percent to bomb, 250 to axe and 200 to crossbow."
"Transfer complete." The program stated.
Then suddenly a book come out and he took a one card.
I went still as I watched every part of him slowly healed.
"Deactivate." Then the healing stop.
I did what he said to deactivate the power of the card.
Then I was become visible again.
"So now do you know how to play?" he asked.
"Pretty much." I said unnerving.
***A\N **
***Finally I managed to finish a chapter one, geez it was incredibly hard hope you like it. ***
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Chapter two

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Chapter three

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