Love at First Bite


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 Maia was having an important talk with Simon Lewis.

Maia Roberts and Simon Lewis were currently a couple, but will that last forever. 

 "You have messed up this time, Simon," said Maia, irritated. 

 "It was a mistake!" shouted Simon. Maia and Simon were sitting in two wooden chairs, both across from each other. They were in hotel DuMort. Simon had invited Maia because Maia wanted to talk.

 "How is it a mistake to freaking ask someone if they were single, and then say fine let's go on a date!" argued Maia. Simon narrowed his eyebrows, he was speechless. 

"See no answer," said Maia, smiling angrily at Simon. Maia stood up from the seat, and quickly walked out of Simon's room. Simon wanted to say "Come back!" but she and already walked away by the time he opened his mouth to speak.

He was lonely again, wait, but Maia didn't tell the words "it's over!" so was it over?

 Maia came back and peeked her head into the room. "By the way, it's over!" she said, frustrated.

 Simon sighed as he heard the sound of Maia going down the stairs and put the door. 

 "Why the help am I so messed up!?" Simon asked himself, putting his face into his hands, in frustration. "My first girlfriend breaks up with me!"

 "I bit my sister, and she's in the hospital!" continued Simon. "And I killed Clary!"

 Simon regretted that he had said "I killed Clary" because he misses her dearly. Ever since that day Simon's been scarred. 

 "I'm lonely. No girlfriend or best friend."


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