Snape's Rose (Severus Snape Love Story (originally on Wattpad))


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Chapter One

 My name is Rose Kettle. This is the story of how my life changed drastically. It all started with a little red wax seal and a long silver bearded headmaster. This is the story of how I became Snapes Rose. 


I ran down the spiral staircase as graceful as a hippopotamus walking on eggshells. I made my way out of the school I attended for the last four years of my life and swiftly walked to my red minicooper and got in before beginning the short journey home. 

I was driving down the winding country roads when it happened. I looked down for just a moment, and when I looked back, there was a majestic doe standing in the middle of the road. It was too late for me to react and I hit the deer. 

I swung my door open and stepped out to see if the deer was okay even though I knew it wasnt. The deer wasn't dead, just badly injured. I felt a strange vibration in my hand and unintentionally raised it over the deer. A peculiar glow transferred from my hands to the injured doe. The wounds slowly started to heal and then the deer slowly got up and ran off. Totally unharmed. 

I sat in shock for a few minutes thinking to myself, "how the hell is this real" before eventually getting back in my car and finishing the journey home. As soon as I got home, I ran inside to tell my mother what happened, but she stopped me before I could say anything. 

"Happy birthday!  You have mail!" She handed me a stack of envelopes before going back to making dinner. 

I went through each envelope carefully reading what it said. All of them seemed normal to me... except for one. It was a cream colored envelope with a red wax seal. 

I quietly opened it and as I was reading it, my jaw dropped. My mother saw my reaction and quickly grabbed the envelope from my hands before reading it aloud. 

Dear Ms. Rose Kettle,

I, Albus Dumbledore,  am pleased to announce that you have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. Most 1st years are 10, some 11. You however obtained your magic a little late in the game. 

I know you have great potential so please join us at the loveliest school for witches and wizards alike. Your flight to England will be tonight.  I know its a long way from Virginia. As school has already started, I will have one of my trusted teachers come pick you up and take you shopping for your materials. 

See you soon,

                       Albus Dumbledore.

This is a book I started on Wattpad and the original has over 17k reads on it. <3 enjoy. I will update once a week however I will be publishing several chapters at first to get started.laters ❤️

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Chapter Two

 "What's a hogwarts?" I asked my mom still very confused about the whole situation. I obviously wasn't paying much attention to anything but my thoughts at this point. 

"Hogwarts is a school of magic. You go and learn spells, potions, how to ride a broom. It's amazing. Your father, Charles Kettle attended Hogwarts. He used to tell me all sorts of stories about it. It sounds fascinating.  You must go! Let's go pack."

My mother ushered me to my room. She threw a big suitcase on my bed and started throwing my clothes in it. She ordered me to go pack all of my things from the bathroom which is what I did. 

Makeup, hair products, toothbrush, toothpaste, lady things, perfume, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, everything. We managed to fit everything into a suitcase and a backpack which would act as a carry-on.  

Before I knew it my mother was driving me to the airport. I had my passport in my backpack and ticket in hand. I had never been overseas but my mother made me get a passport when I was around the age of 10 "just in case". 

I had never been on a plane before, much less on a plane by myself flying to a foreign country so I can go to school to learn magic. I must be dreaming. 

I checked into the airport and went through customs. I made it to the terminal with seconds to spare as they were loading the last of the passengers onto the plane. I ran to make it on time which thankfully I did. I sighed, out of breath as I made my way onto the plane and into my seat. It was first class which was absolutely incredible. Dumbledore really didn't mess around. 

It wasn't long after the plane was in the sky that I fell asleep. I was way too tired to keep my eyes open any longer. I had a very bizarre dream.  

I wandered down the narrow moonlit path. The trees had shed their leaves which left a crunch under my feet. Through the leaves I could faintly see a series of light. Like the light at the end of a tunnel. It took me a while to realize the ebony haired man walking hand in hand beside me. His skin was like paper, so fair and white. His hand felt slightly rough yet warm and inviting in mine. 

I felt safe despite being in the woods at night with this mysterious man next to me.

I was woken up from this peculiar dream by the pilot notifying us that the plane would be landing soon,  and to buckle our seat belts. 

I looked out at the soft morning light that covered the whole of the city of London below me. I was here. This was the beginning of an era.

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Chapter Three

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