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AOL Desktop is an email client software installed on your computer through which you can easily send and receive emails. It is highly creative and powerful in terms of its features. In simpler terms, AOL Desktop is a central tool for accessing all email services. It makes our tasks easy in day to day life. But with the passage of time or with new versions coming up, the users of this software face some technical obstructions in their way of using it. Among other common issues, most of the time users, especially those who use Windows 10 face desktop not responding issue. If you are also among the same issue facers, then try to Download AOL Desktop Gold again on your device.

Common issues with AOL Desktop

  • Software suddenly stops responding
  • The occurrence of error messages
  • Freeze
  • Slow processing
  • Problem accessing tabs
  • Changing layout and themes

Apart from some of the above-mentioned issues, the users of this software often face some other problems like installation, playing games, updating, entering/ resetting/recovering password, printing issue and many others as well. But you can solve them with the undermentioned methods.

Solution: Fixing the slow processing of AOL Desktop

  • Restart the computer

You can simply fix the issue by restarting your device. If you have been working on the computer since long and facing the issue of slow processing then try restarting your computer. This will help in clearing the internal memory (RAM), through which almost issues are resolved.

  • Enable only essential startup programs

There may be settings does on your computer that automatically sets to start certain programs when the device is turned on. As these programs might be the reason behind slow processing. It must be kept in mind that not all programs are essential for the proper functioning of a computer.

If any of the above methods don’t work your way in resolving the issue, then try to Install AOL Desktop Gold once again so that it may not misbehave in terms of slow processing.


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