Drowning In Love


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 I look at you as my eyes peel from the world.

My thoughts wither away upon a glance into your eyes.

A returned, silent stare may creep along my spine.

As eyes shone in a ray of brown incandescence, my stomach becomes swirled.


I feel the soft, perfectness of your skin.

Miles and miles of skin to which I know not the extent.

Tough like leather yet not easily pierced.

Among your touch my head, my world spins. 


 Your characterization, so gentle and tough, yet sensitive at the same time.

I can see right through that armor we call skin.

Like saran wrap that twists endlessly around your body.

You may not know but I can see you, all of you. Even in all of your crime.


The length of your kindness extends to great measure.

What I have for you engulfs my entirety.

Like a small grain of sand planted in an ocean of reasons. 

These magnificent feelings called love I have for you are a treasure.


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Laraine Ann Smith

This poem made me feel better after a rough day! Thanks for writing it!


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