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I wake up to my phone buzzing loudly. I get up and see Amy sitting on her bed making a 

 Hello. My name is Connie Jackson. I live in a surprisingly big apartment in the city of Boston,Massachusetts with my sister, Amy Jackson. 

We have both graduated from college but I'm a year older so I have to have a job most of the time. I work in this small little shop called "Lily's" where thy sell Italian food. They own this big black book where the customers can draw or write something. It is surprisingly a very busy shop and now I have to get up so I can go work there.

I look over at Amy's bed across the room, she is now sitting there and staring at the cealing. I jump out of my completely brown colored bed and jump into Amy's bed. She jumps up, falling from her bed onto the floor.


"Good morning Connie"she says pressing her face into the rug. I smile and pick her up, plopping her onto the bed next to me. I get up and head to the bathroom and do my makeup. After I'm done with the makeup I walk over to our little walk in closet. I walk to the right side, ( my side) and look trough the choices I have. At Lily's you dot have to wear a certain kind of clothes so I get to choose what I wear.

I choose a baggy light pink sweater with my favorite white cotton tank-top under it. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and slipped them on after the sweater. I grab my peach vans and slide them ontop of my white socks.

I put my long black hair in a bun at the top of my head and put on my glasses. I walk over to the kitchen and grab my ID card for work. I clip it onto my shirt and head to the gloriosness that is my completely stocked pantry. I yell with the loudest voice ever,"WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR BREAKFAST?!"

"whatever make it easy for you" she says while walking into the kitchen. " You know you didn't have to yell, you could have just looked to see where I was" she mentioned.

She put on a White t-shirt and light blue jeans. She topped it off with a grey jacket with black sleeves. She had her glorious medium length black hair gown with a white beanie and her black round glasses that made her look like Harry Potter. He ST down at the table while I grabbed a box of Kellogs strawberry cereal because I was too lazy to make anything. 

"So, why are you dressed so nicely?" I asked Amy, putting down her bowl of cereal. 

"I got a job" she mumbled with her mouth full.

"OMG!what kind of job? Does it pay well?" I asked  Amy excitedly. Finally! I don't have to be the only one to work my butt off on trying to get money for us!

"I jut got hired to work at this little bakery on the corner of this street. It just opened so it was easy or me to get a job there. It pays 15 dollars a day so technically that's ok compare to what you get payed. You are lucky that they pay you 25 dollars a day!" She said, putting her plate in the sink. 

I smile at we and whisper in her ear,"Just because I make 10 more bucks than you do doesn't mean you can't wash your dishes."

He rolls her eyes at me and dyed scrubbing. I wash my fish and finish before she does, she stares at me after I'm done. I wink and walk to the bedroom. I make bed and grab my phone. I hug Amy goodbye and wish her goodluck on her first day. I put on my earphones after plugging them into my phone and start listening to some Hamilton Musical Playlist.

I walk a couple blocks, to be specific it's was 4, and walk right in to work. "Good morning everybody" I say walking in through the glass door. Everyone says "hey" and I grab my black apron. I walk over to the manager and ask him what I have to do today since he changes our jobs every week.

"Connie, I'll think  of something for you to do in a little bit. For now, why don't you just look through he black book and see what people have written," he says blankly.

I walk to the table and bring the black book with me. I start flipping pages and reading the nice stuff people write. Heb I notice something strange written at the bottom of he fifth page. It says...

Hey Connie, I know who you are, my name is Michael, I went to your college. I know your sister Amy because I hired her to work at a bakery on the corner of  your street. I know his might sound stalkerish but  just you wait. I have hidden some items in your restaurant. All you have to do is start looking for the color Red.🔴

I slam he book shut and startle the manager. "What happened Connie?" He says.

"Nothing, I just need to look for something I forgot yesterday," I tell him. I open the little hate and walk into the kitchen. I start opening and closing cabinets. I garb every red item I can find and place them on the table where I put the black book.

I have found a total of 13 items hat are it include red. I examine every inh of everyone of them. I find something on the fourth item. It was a small red ball made of plastick. I turn over and see writing in black pen all over the back of it. I start reading the message...

Hello Connie, you found the ball. I will be hiding things of one color in different places in the city where I know no one will take them. The next items are the color Orange. They are in the lounge area of your apartments. Take care, and also, remember the rainbow. 

I guess I'm going to have a little adventure aren't I?


hello beautiful readers, thank you so much for reading and I will try to write chapters as much as I can

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