ClawMaster, A Short Coming Of Age Story Of Horror


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 ClawMaster A Short Story

"Ma All I Need Is fifty-cents for two tokens to play one claw machine!" "Finish your plate first then go, okay honey?" "Yes Mom!" Those kids loved those claw-machines she thought. Waste of money, but at least he had fun. Todd speedily finished his two slices of CiCi's Pizza and ran to the arcade which was by the bathroom. This was 2012. Todd Oren was a tourist from Reeves, Ohio this was his first visit to Orlando and of course they went to Disney. The Oren family was eating at a CiCi's Pizza 

Buffet which had many loud tourists in it. Todd thought, these Brazilian people sure are loud!   

The arcade was small and had a few machines. Two claw machines, one Dino-Catcher, a Terminator rail-shooter, Street Fighter Arcade, basketball, and a candy play-till-u-win machine. Todd ran over to the token machine and inserted his two quarters, out fell two tokens. He ran to the one claw machine which was like no other he had seen before, it was called ClawMaster and had fantastic prizes in it.  Full-sized toys! Beanie Babies! Star Wars figures! Video games! Consoles! DVDs! Books! Movie Theater Tickets! Then strange plush animals that looked like children. Creepily realistic plushes of children. Todd was seven and stuffed easily creeped him out, even though he liked ghost stories, but these plushes were just wrong. He inserted his two tokens and grabbed the joystick. A very interesting tune and jingle played. "Bum Boop Bio Come Win A Prize Be Like The OtHEr Guys!" It was in this garbled voice that sounded slightly evil. Todd went over to a high-quality stuffed cat. He pressed the button and it clamped it, but it just dropped. Todd was disappointed to say the least. So disappointed that he decided to stick his head and hands into the ClawMaster to try and get a prize. Hoisting himself on the dirty tile floor he saw the strange futuristic lights of the arcade once again, and he pushed his head in. He could see clearly the cat which he had wanted, but he also saw a terrified human plush, it looked like it was muttering run! He grabbed the cat plush and tried to pull his head out but he couldn't. It just wouldn't budge, before he could cry Mom, ClawMaster grabbed him by the face. "WHAT THE HECK?!" ClawMaster threw him where the prizes sat and begun to study him. It probed him everywhere. That's when it decided it would drill his face like the others. It became very, very close to him. The spinning claw was stupid, yet scary and that's when he realized that those plushes were real people. This claw had killed them and supplied himself with plushes. He looked at the Luke Skywalker figure and realized it looked nothing like Mark Hamill. He then looked at a Barbie doll who's face was too realistic to be a doll, then he looked at a giant Imaginext Playset, every little part of it resembled faces. He also realized little arms and legs and other body parts made up the toys too. The claw scratched his face a little bit and it hurt bad, but he grabbed the claw and jerked it with all his might. He jerked it back and forth and back and forth. It fought back though, it dug it's now sharp prongs into his arms which was a pain so bad no little boy should ever feel, blood spattered, but he kept fighting. That's when the MasterClaw's Claw snapped, it's main tool and brain. He grabbed the cat and somehow fit into the prize shoot. He still couldn't get his head out. That's when his parents ran up to him and he was finally able to get out. "What were you doing?" "Why ARE YOU BLEEDING?" "WTF?" "I tried to get a stuffed animal when I lost but the claw was trying to kill me and make me into one of it's toys, see the toys have faces!" His mom and dad stared at the Lego set and realized the bricks looked like faces, so did everything else up close. That's when the plush cat turned into a real cat, orange. He was later called Carny, because of his arcade game origins. That's when they knew. MasterClaw isn't dead though. 

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